19 August 2018

Latin Women in South America


I've been away from here for far TOO LONG! I'm glad I can still log in here, read, and post my thoughts.

To make a long story short, I've had a relationship with a woman from South America. I met her while she was in the US, but she returned here to care for her elderly father. I've spent most of the summer here to get a taste of what life in the country would be like; I also did it to get a taste of what life with the woman would be like.

I like the country and the people well enough. Though my Spanish could use some improvement, I know enough to do whatever I need to do out and about in town. There is more freedom here than in the US. For example, medications that would require a prescription can be bought over the counter down here. That's right; as long as you know what you need, you can just go in to the pharmacy and buy whatever you need.

Having said all that, women are women. Though foreign women are better than AW, they're still women. They still think like women, and they still have the same priorities. As I read on another site, though women may have a different operating systems, they all share the same BIOS. A case in point is that, like AW, they view you as a beast of burden. Unlike AW, they at least treat you better; my woman at least makes breakfast for me every morning.

Anyway, one night this week, the handyman was sitting having dinner with us. He'd just gotten off the phone with his wife, and was saying to my GF that she was wanting money for this and that. The man works hard; he'll show up to a job before lunch, and he doesn't go home until at least 7 PM local time; sometimes, he doesn't leave till after 10 PM. My Latin GF, in a frank admission, said that whatever the woman wants, the man has to give it to her; if she needs money, it's for a good reason. She also said that the woman is always right, etc. I was surprised to hear this from her, but I kept my astonishment to myself.

My GF used to do taxes while she was in the US, and she's heard a thousand stories about how men got divorce raped back home. That is to say she understands why American men don't want to marry, because the laws and the system are so stacked against them. Even so, she still thinks like a woman; she still views men as beasts of burden. I came to the belated epiphany that all women view men as beasts of burden. Intellectually speaking, I knew this truth long ago; now, I had this lesson banged home, as I heard it straight from the horse's mouth this week.

Though she doesn't know it yet, I've decided NO MORE! When I get back home next week, I'm going to go my own way for good. I was thinking of moving to her country and marrying her too. Thank goodness I dodged a bullet! While I won't rule out fun and good times with a woman, I won't have a relationship again-no way, Jose.

Fellas, though FW are better than AW, they're still women; they still have the same thoughts, feelings, and priorities of women. They all have the same BIOS! Women want men for their resources-period. Sorry to put it so bluntly, but that's the TRUTH. Have a great day, guys! It's good to be back... :)



Passing By said...

Good reminder, bro, I needed that too

Anonymous said...

I hear what you guys are saying. The only problem with that is if lived like you guys I wouldn't have my kids. I wouldn't trade them for all the money in the world. Its a bummer for a guy that wants to have a kid... But that is how the modern feminist world is. Enjoy the life guys!

MarkyMark said...

Anon 1342,

If you've found a way to make it work for you, great! As for me, I'm too old to have kids now; I'm practically old enough to be a grandfather now. Secondly, I'm averse to taking foolish risks, such as marrying in the Anglospehere. I'm not averse to all risks; I mean, I own and ride two motorcycles. That said, I don't take a foolish gamble where the odds are hopelessly tilted against me.


gaikokumaniakku said...

Congratulations on dodging that bullet! I hope your life is going well.

Letting Go said...

Welcome back! It's great to see one of the legendary "manosphere" voices posting again!

Speaking of which, have you heard from Christopher in Oregon lately? Is he still riding around the PNW on his motorcycle? I miss reading his based, no-fucks-given opinions on women.

My experiences match yours when it comes to women overseas. The cultural plagues of feminism + slut culture have spread rapidly throughout the globe in recent years with the help of technology. Young women have been corrupted everywhere and there's no hope of ever turning back the clocks. Might as well just focus on one's hobbies and contribute as little as possible to this sick system of ours.

MarkyMark said...

Letting Go,

Yeah, women HAVE been corrupted worldwide; the only difference is that, outside of the English speaking world, they aren't quite as BADLY corrupted. However, corrupted is corrupted. It doesn't matter whether an apple is a little rotten or totally rotten; it's still a BAD apple.

As for CiO, no one has heard from him in years. Just the other day, I was reading his posts on the Happy Bachelors Forum and laughing my ASS off! That man could write! Though can't remember or find every site where he posted, CiO's most recent post on HB was from 2013 or so. Since he was around 50; since he worked for a gov't agency; he may very well be retired now. Plus, he was debt free; even his house was paid for. Since he didn't have a woman, he's sitting pretty financially, I imagine. Someone on HB posited that he's retired and living the good life, cruising here, there, and everywhere on his beloved Harley beasties...