21 January 2012

A Defense of MGTOW Values, by Spock's Disciple


I was chillin' here reading Happy Bachelors before attending the motorcycle show later.  As I was reading, I found this gem by Spock's Disciple...


Some of these posts from "outsiders" are respectful and therefore merit a respectful response; many of them are typical trolls throwing shaming language around, and are therefore to be banned and ignored.

The only point I have to make about those saying that the men here need to "try harder" and to "get out in the real world"; they've seen the real world, they've been burned at the stake in the real world, sometimes more then once.  But these are also men who learn from their experiences, learn from their mistakes, and mistakes of others.

And these are men who've made the choice to live their lives for themselves and only themselves. They are not the property of society; they are not slaves; they are not indentured servants; they are absolutely not obligated to serve anyone, especially not today's modern "woman".

Only an idiot who puts their hand in the fire and gets burned, puts his hand in the fire again because the fools around him telling him he might not get burned twice.

MGTOWs are not losers, they're not winners, they're not players; they are men who have decided their lives are their first priority and nobody else's, especially not today's "empowered" women takes precedence over this; they are not sacrificial lambs to be used to appease a corrupt society's appetites.

Going our own way means the pathetic morals, values and ethics of this rotting society no longer apply to us.

We DO NOT choose to honor traditional roles.
We DO NOT choose to follow the script written by others for the benefit of themselves and not us.
We DO NOT choose to be victims or allow ourselves to be victimized any longer.
We are NOT bitter losers, uptight and frightened men or anything else.
We are men who have declared our independence from this illusion you call a society where our value is determined by others, we don't not allow our self image to be defined by others.

This is what is most frightening to the manginas and the white knights and the feminist trolls here is that some of the slaves have risen up, and decided they've had enough; they aren't going to play by someone else's rules any longer. We are men whose message must be discredited, suppressed and ignored; we are men who are intrinsically disruptive to their illusions of what a society should be, one where authority, whether secular or religious, must be obeyed.

This isn't about female game characters when you come down to it; it's about a man looking into his mirror in the morning after waking up and telling himself, "I am a human being; I value myself; I deserve to live with pride, and be treated with dignity." These men here have come to this realization, and they're not going back to the plantation to be good little slaves.

Self esteem, self respect, self determination...the cornerstones of Going Your Own Way.  The men here know this, and don't care what the heck others think and are not looking for their approval.


Hear, hear!  Preach it, Spock!  That was good stuff, stuff my readers need...



Eric said...

Can you please provide a link to Spock's Disciple? I can't find it.

Anonymous said...

I am a woman who found this blog recently and have enjoyed gaining some male perspective. I am curious to hear male opinions on what a "Woman going her own way" would look like...

Burton said...

I am curious to hear male opinions on what a "Woman going her own way" would look like...

Fair enough. Here are some answers:

A woman who did not expect a man to pick up the check when dating, hold the door open for her, or surrender his position in a lifeboat.

A woman who did not rely on affirmative action in her career.

A woman who did not expect a man to pay alimony or spousal support.

A woman who did not hide behind "sexual harassment" or VAWA laws.

A woman who did not think the answer to violence was in monologues on her vagina.

A woman who did not expect a man to pay child support for children she chose to produce out of wedlock, or via lying about using birth control.

A woman who did not expect what MRAs term "manginas" to protect her (e.g., White Ribbon "male" feminists).

A woman who did not demand that the criminal justice system give her a reduced sentence or amnesty for committing a violent crime.

I am sure the other men on this site could come up with many more...

Anonymous said...

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Michael said...

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