03 January 2012

Men Didn't Agree to Feminism, by Eternal Bachelor


I'm rerunning another oldie but goodie from Eternal Bachelor. It's his outstanding post on how men didn't agree to feminism, and how it's biting women in the ass. Can you say schadenfreude?! I can! Boys, don't get involved with American women; they're sluts, skanks, and disease ridden whores. Besides, if you marry an American woman, she'll just divorce you and screw you over anyway. Why bother with the bullshit?! Instead, hoist up a cold one, and enjoy the show as these bitter, angry, old slatterns crash and burn-yeah, Baby!

In fact, the next time you hear some bitter, angry, thirtysomething woman complain about being unable to find a man, laugh in her face! Rub the salt in their wounds till they scream bloody murder! Remind them that they wanted their 'empowerment; remind them that a woman needs a man like a fish needs bicycle; remind them that they don't need no stinkin' man. Remind these hags that they got what they said they wanted, so they ought to be happy, right? Or, you could do what EB suggested, and quietly tell them it's not your problem, then walk away.

But, whatever you do, do NOT give them a shoulder to cry on; do not say, "Oh, you poor thing...", because you're just enabling them. These stupid bitches need to be reminded that they made their beds; now they can lie in them and like it. Now, enjoy another EB classic...



11 July 2006

When the feminists urged women to shrug off modesty and virtue, when they encouraged women to sneer at the concept of being a traditional stay-at-home woman and to storm forth into the workplace, and when they insisted that having kids out of wedlock was fine because kids don’t need dads, women were so busy agreeing with these things, vowing to live this “liberated” lifestyle and celebrating with bra-burning and lesbian poetry workshops, that they seemed to sort of not notice a distinct lack of men agreeing with any of this nonsense.

There may have been a few manginas around to agree with this just in the hope of getting a shag, but there were no vast numbers of normal men declaring, on behalf of all men, present and future, that us guys will still want to marry women when they’re past thirty, have fucked a dozen or more guys and perhaps have a tattoo for good measure. There were no resounding motions put forth by large meetings of men declaring that they believed that they would like nothing more than to marry a woman who has an illegitimate bastard or three. There were no ground-breaking surveys (except, perhaps, any that the feminists got round to forging) showing how most men hate being lumbered with the house, furniture, the kids and all of their cumbersome salaries after a divorce and how we would dearly love to have them all stripped from them after a divorce.

No, there was none of that.

Instead, us men are still wanting to marry traditional women. We still want virtuous and feminine women. We still want to raise our children, not some other guy’s cast-off bastard, or some child that might be ours, mummy isn’t quite sure. We still have the responsibilities of being the head of the family in terms of being financially responsible for a wife and children, so naturally we’ll only accept this if we have the benefits of it as well, namely the authority in the family.

Us men are also perceptive enough to see the endless double-standards of this so-called “modern gender roles”, namely that us guys have to be traditional when it suits women (pay for dates, open doors, be the primary breadwinner, etc) and be modern when it suits women (accept their whoring around, helping with the housework even when we’ve been at work all day, not give a shit that “our” child might actually be some biker thug’s that wifey banged when we were away on business, etc.)

Additionally, curiously enough, the idea that a wife can take most or all of our assets and also a big chunk of our future earnings makes us want to avoid marriage. Similar arrangements for co-habiting makes us want to avoid co-habiting as well. It seems obvious really, but it’s something women and governments can’t get their heads around; “Well gee, if a guy gets married there’s about a 50% chance he’ll end up divorced and stripped of his assets and maybe paying most of his future income to his wife and kids he can’t see, but I can’t understand why men are avoiding marriage in such vast numbers! Duh!”

A lot of women’s failure to comprehend how badly they’ve wrecked their chances of marriage by following feminist principles is down to the way the mass media so often presents men as being eager to date single mothers and sluts. This is because the makers of movies, soap operas and adverts need to cater to their main target demographic, women - including many single 30+ career girls and single mothers - so have to show them as having happy endings.

Take, for example, the movie The Forty-Year-Old Virgin; I’ve not seen the movie but many have informed me that it basically consists of a merry bachelor who is bullied and shamed in to getting hitched to some old slag single mum. Let’s not forget the BT adverts I get so worked up about, whereby a charming young man ends up hitched to an aging slapper and her snot-nosed bastards.

Another example is East Enders. I don’t watch it but a lot of women waffle on about it at work so I inadvertantly end up knowing some of the basics. There’s a character called Mo who used to be married to a wife-beater (she smacked his head in with an iron on a Christmas episode; good old BBC, proving a nice Christmas pressie to men by showing us being a bunch of violent bastards who deserve a good clobbering.) Mo divorced him, married another guy, ended up divorced from him when she was pregnant and so is now a single mother. Anyway, I was unfortunate enough to catch an episode whilst round a mate’s house (his sister lives with him and watches East Enders and every other trashy soap.) In it, a dishy doctor (well, I don’t think he’s dishy, but that’s how I imagine TV Guides would describe him as) was taking Mo out to dinner and he was chatting her up with plenty of flattering remarks. He soon ended up proposing to her whilst she shyly accepted.

The reason I mention this is because many women take Soap Operas incredibly seriously, as if they are an accurate reflection of real life. This is why many women happily sleep around, whelp bastards and generally ruin themselves and yet still think it realistic to expect to be happily married some day; many seem to believe that, in real life, just as in soap operas and chick-flicks, dishy and wealthy bachelors are just falling over themselves to marry neurotic twice-divorced thirty-something single mothers.

On behalf of all eligible bachelors, I can say that we most certainly are not!

It’s quite insane to witness, but there are so many women ruining themselves in their youths, thinking that just because there are quite a few younger men willing to jump through hoops to get a shag, then that means these guys will still be there when the women are older, saggier, used up and bitter. Furthermore, if any guy who is still willing to get married wants a wife, not a whore, and many women cannot tell the difference, or foolishly think they can suddenly switch from being a cum-leaking slut to a nice traditional lady. They can’t. A woman who spends her 20s sleeping around, boozing away and maybe getting a tattoo or an abortion, or maybe whelping a bastard, cannot declare she’s a respectable lady her 30s. There’s no such thing as a born again virgin.

Yet on and on women go, ruining themselves, spending their younger years whoring around, getting tattoos, drinking and partying, and are rather surprised when they discover that no guys want them anymore. And then we have to listen to the endless whining and complaints that men are “intimidated” or “scared of commitment”, when really us men, quite simply, just didn’t agree to all this liberated slut-fest revolution women kicked off, and we would like a traditional woman.

It’s not that difficult.

Now it’s pretty much too late. Most women have ruined themselves, and more young women do so every day and will only regret it when they get old and lonely and realise a dozen one-night-stands makes them a slut, and once a slut, always a slut. Furthermore, women’s entry into the workplace, and the economies adaption to a dual-income family, not to mention the bloated welfare state to fund single-mothers and childcare, has left it impossible for a woman married to an average guy to be a stay-at-home mother. And the divorce and Child Support laws have chased most men away from marriage and parenthood for good anyway.

Silly women.

Still, us men didn’t agree to it. We tried to warn them, but hey, what did we know, we’re only men. Sexist Neanderthal pigs, I believe the term was, to describe any guy who tried to speak out against this feminist rubbish at the outset. Oh well, at least us men are stoic and resourceful enough to make the best of things, to largely cut ourselves off from mainstream society or perhaps move abroad and find a traditional woman.

Britain and other Western nations can fall apart like all matriarchies do, crumbling bankrupted wrecks full of bitter spinsters, whining neo-Marxist politicians, slutbag single mums, their loser thug boyfriends and rampant illegitimate bastards.

Poetic justice for a matriarchy? Now that’s something I can agree with.

posted by Duncan Idaho @ 5:35 PM

At 8:03 AM, Anonymous said…

“Most women have ruined themselves, and more young women do so every day.”

Yep. Like lemmings over the cliff; and the beauty of it is, we don’t even have to push them off, just watch them march to their doom - old, alone except for their cats, and wondering what the fuck happened.

And I will hoist a beer and laugh at them.


At 4:09 PM, Anonymous said…

I am glad you’re against tattoos, but what do you think of belly button piercings that are so common? Because they make me feel sick, there is a hole in her skin with a piece of cheap metal sticking out!! How is that attractive, its the opposite with me.

And I quite literally pass out when I see on a tongue.


At 1:24 AM, baldtires said…

Unless a woman spends the best 20 years of her life bonding with a man, he won’t stick around for the worst 40.

And no, the “best 20″ are NOT from 38 to 58.

’twas ever thus - except those “worst” years historically didn’t drag on quite so long. You’d think that would INCREASE the importance of forming a strong bond of mutual trust and respect.


At 4:31 AM, Anonymous said…

Outstanding essay!

Yes women are apparently empty vessels. They need constantly to be told what to think and do. Hence the endless talking with other females, looking to advice columnists and TV talk show personalities, magazines on how to act this way or that way, terrified when left alone and hear a noise at night, etc… They are amoral, mental children.

What’s the scariest thing for a child?

Abandonment. Being left on the side of the road. Marriage/Dating Strike/Ostracism = Worst Nightmare for Women (nuclear bomb).
Like children they crave attention. Ignore them and they become apoplectic.


Ah, there's nothing like rereading a classic from The Man, Eternal Bachelor! I'm glad someone archived his stuff; I really am. Ladies, I hope you enjoy your toys and your cats, because us men are too smart to marry you-ha! And to my boys, I wish you all a good day...



ZorroPrimo said...

It's the reason I'm learning Brazilian Portuguese, and I am soon to say goodbye to the Ameriskank for good (Empowerdus Sluttisae).

Tudo bem!

Anonymous said...

It was more than manginas; even now, numerous men are enjoying the sexual whoring that goes on thanks to "liberation". Many have explored the fact that lower men (and even more level men) profit from the numerous liberal movements that have occured since the early last century, including the fact that many men support abortions, and others even perform them.

Anonymous said...

To ZorroPrimo: Don't deceive yourself into thinking that Brazilians do not behave like Americans. They do. In fact, you can have one night stands with Brazluts in the same place you can have sex with Ameriskanks: the nightclub's bathroom. Unfortunately, feminism is a global epidemic. So sit back, relax, and enjoy watching, in slow motion, how our interconnected societies become less complex until they finally revert into simpler neolithic arrangements.

Alek Novy said...

I think Fidelbogen has the best phrasing for describing this phenomenon, he says "the social contract has been made void".

Basically, male and female gender roles were nothing more than a social contract that was made and maintained over millenia.

Women broke and modified the social contract without asking us to sign the new draft... They just changed it without the consent of men.

What is happening right now is that men on some collectively-subconcious level are no longer following the contract, since they instinctively know that it's void.

Women are like "heeeeeeey, why you not following the contract" lol... when it's them who broke it.

They keep trying to shame men back into the old male roles by using shaming language, but there's nothing to go back to, the.contract.is.void.

P Ray said...

Women didn't agree to feminism either ...
BUT they saw no problem taking men for a ride and getting the jobs.
Until they were required to do the actual work. HOW UNFAIR.
Right now there is an explosion in the care sector. Many women who cannot even have a good man in their life,
are going to be taking care of your aged parents or young children.
Many of them are going to care for disabled people, or sick people.
These "educated" women with their Masters' in Social Science or Organisational Psychology, happen to be great rationalisers, many have Narcissistic Personality Disorder.
Going by what I have seen of them, I am not confident -- too many alcoholics and insane people among them.
Oh well, "Sisterhood is powerful" ... and the day of reckoning draws near for them to pay the piper of their student loans, expired eggs and fruition of their STDs. Men should be careful and keep their distance, because the white knight will definitely be traded in for the bigger better deal too ...

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting one of the all-time classics from Eternal Bachelor! His was one of the first Manosphere blogs I started following regularly. I do miss his witty and insightful commentary as well as the descriptive imagery which often got me falling out of my chair laughing.

I hope that you continue to forward some of his best stuff every now and then.

TaxExile said...

but we can still enjoy the sluts, right?

Anonymous said...

To Alek Novy: It would be great if people could comment on your website.

Anonymous said...

Brazil sucketh. a few years ago, a bachelor from there had a blog, and he described pretty much what is happening in the USA.

I live in rural Mexico, and it is a different world. The feminists and the Marxist party keep trying to pass feminist laws, and nothing happens, because the government does not give welfare benefits of any consequence to ho's, unwed mothers, and women who left their husband for another man who dumps them next week. It cannot happen without that government check as a back-up.

There are other poor countries in Central American and the north end of South America.

Anonymous age 69

MarkyMark said...


Thanks for reminding us of Brazilian Bachelor, whose blog was truly a treat! I just loved the way he used to phrase things...


American Woman said...

Hi :) I'm a thirty-something American female. I'm not a slut, skank or disease ridden whore. I've not spent my twenties ruining myself, sleeping around, etc. I'm educated with a recently procured Masters degree. Arts-related.

Feminism is a complex thing to dissect - at least for me - because as the blogger points out we (society) have been brainwashed by mass media. I am and always will be feminist in so far as it pertains to human rights. I'm talking about societies/countries (I don't think naming them is necessary) where women are truly oppressed, have no human rights, no autonomy, no government that protects them, and are basically property. None of this really applies to Western societies, though it did to some extent a mere 100 years ago.

Beyond that, I do feel that feminism is actually very anti-female - because it really boils down to telling me that I have no worth unless I'm a man. But I'm not a man. I do believe in traditional roles, though that was not always the case...it's difficult to think for oneself when society demands adherence to popular mores. Having said that, it is a scary prospect for a woman to give up control and I would not hand that control over to just any man. Thus, I've never been married. At least not yet.

Don't take offense (I mean this genuinely) but I've honestly always thought it was actually men who started feminism… maybe not the equal rights part of it; but the slut gear and mandatory girl-on-girl at clubs for male amusement part of it. (I don't own slut gear and I don't go to clubs btw ;)

I'm curious to know if the blogger is American or British or what? I'm also curious to know if his thoughts, ideas and anger are in the minority? Or do most men secretly feel this way (even those who have been socialized to ignore their instincts and deny their manhood)? I'm not being pejorative; I'm genuinely asking. Thank you.

Rmaxd said...

"I'm educated with a recently procured Masters degree. Arts-related. "

lol Red flag ...

Alek Novy said...

> To Alek Novy: It would be great if
> people could comment on your
> website.

Unfortunately I'm working 15 hour days right now, and will for a few months (starting two new ventures). Except for checking out marky's blog, omega's and AVfM and eating, sleeping and taking a piss, I do nothing else in the day, every minute counts... Moderating and responding to comments took way too much time, and it was doubling every week.

I never actually meant to be a blogger. I originally started the blog as a "tumblog", just like tumblr, where you just use it to keep fun links, photos, resources... I only meant to use it as a personal clipboard, but it spread virally and it's now read by thousands, which I never intended.

So until I'm back to 4-hour-workdays, my involvement with aleknovy.com will be minimal.

Alek Novy said...

>Or do most men secretly feel this
>way (even those who have been
>socialized to ignore their
>instincts and deny their manhood)?
>I'm not being pejorative; I'm
>genuinely asking. Thank you.

Most men think and feel this way, but will never ever mention it in female company... as long as there's a female present, most never even bring it up.

This is because too many women just get hysterically defensive any time a man says anything about gender or male-female relations that implies women are anything less than perfect, so most men have learned to keep their mouths shut in female presence.

Anonymous said...

In fact, the next time you hear some bitter, angry, thirtysomething woman complain about being unable to find a man, laugh in her face!

That is only effective when coming from a man like myself. Females don't even care or notice what you losers think.

Anonymous said...

Hey, if you're a loser in the US you'll be a loser in Brazil too. Some of you nerds seem to believe that going to another country is going to improve your status and nothing could be further from the truth. If you a short, fat , bald poor guy in the US you'll be a loser in Mexico too. That's why guys like 69 went to live in some backwater village there rather than a more sophisticated place. An old guy living on SS gets a 50 something female there just like he'd get in the US. It's just a little cheaper for losers to live there but everything else is the same.

Gary from Jersey said...

American Woman,

You've put your finger on the matter when you write, Or do most men secretly feel this way (even those who have been socialized to ignore their instincts and deny their manhood)?

We live in a self-leveling culture that's guided by political elites. Among the formost is the education system which in the US is dominated by women. There are endless studies of what this has done to men when they were boys that show an organized female perspective of what males should be: feminized and/or neutered.

The result has been, as Christina Hoff Summers wrote in "The War Against Boys" declaring boys mentally ill for acting like boys and force feeding them massive amounts of drugs.

Boys's needs have been systematically ignored or denegrated for two generations, but there are still enough of them who want no part of that "leveled" culture. The blog you're reading now is evidence of it.

The saddest part is that everyone has suffered to the point where maintaining such a society is an open question.

Anonymous said...

Jesus Christ, I come across shit like this on the Internet, and I think, no wonder women have become whores given the fact that men who voice opinions like these are their only partnering options. Why would any woman ever want to be faithful to men who brag about just wanting to sleep around and go about verbally degrading women on blog posts? I am an American 25-year-old woman, who, quite frankly, is pretty damn attractive. Guess when that last time I've had sex was... 1.5 years ago. You know why? Because that was the last time that I was lucky enough to be involved with a guy who didn't think that "all American women are whores" and, accordingly, he had the confidence and self-decency to treat me with respect... And not after he made me jump through numerous hoops to "earn" it (I'll tell you what, the men who have done that with me, always increased the difficulty of the hoop he wanted me to jump through, and every time I would "prove myself" to him, he would subsequently come up with some new insecurity to take out on me, until, exhausted, I would move on... not to another man, but to another year of celibacy, and time and TIME AGAIN, they would always come back and cry about how they wish they hadn't tested me so much, blah blah blah). Instead, this man approached me like a fucking grown ass man, with the attitude that if I did something to betray his trust, then he could move on AT THAT POINT KNOWING I'M A WHORE. My point is this: YES, most women these days are whiney little bitches who act just as irresponsibly as men, and then blame men for being heartless... But, SOME WOMEN, are still around, who are attractive, and SMART (this is a biggie), and really care about their fellow men as a sister cares for her brother... in some Fruedian way. In other words, real women treat their men as their COMPLIMENTARY COMPANION (NOT THEIR EQUAL COMPANION... women and men are different - they're not meant to be "equal"; they're meant to complete each other - thus, complimentary). So, find a woman who is your best friend, with whom you also want to have sex... And you're not going to find a true friend by starting off the relationship by calling them names, degrading them, or constantly "testing" them. Women who feed into that sort of behavior are enabling you, and at some point they will either realize that and move on (the smart ones, who you'll miss the most), or they'll stick around and you two will only fall further and further down the rabbit hole into a codependent relationship that will make you both miserable forever. Instead, have faith that you're strong enough to survive all of your encounters with whores, until you finally come across the real deal some day; it takes a strong man to approach things with self-confidence... And if your dealings with women continue to be ruled by your insecurities, aren't you just as bad as the nasty whores you so claim to hate? Just remember, it takes one to know one... Oh, and guess what: the reason why my ex and I broke-up? He cheated on me... But he came clean to me without me having to first hear about it from a third party... And even though that was tough for him, and certainly hard for me to hear, eventually I forgave him, and now we're friendly... But just because I've been hurt, doesn't mean that I have to go around whoring it up, nor does it mean that I think all men are assholes.