18 January 2012

Costa Concordia: Initial Observations


You've no doubt heard that the Italian cruise ship, the Costa Concordia, ran aground recently.  While I have to wait to do a proper rendering of this event, I have a couple of things to say.  One, the comments to the recent Daily Mail article on this show that men are wising up-yes!  There were many men who rightfully questioned why women should be first in an age of equality.  Secondly, women don't like this turn of events, but they cannot see the cause and effect of THEIR role in killing chivalry.  I'll have more to say this weekend, so stay tuned...



Kathy Farrelly said...

I have read quite a few accounts of what occured on this ship and I believe what happened had nothing to do with feminism but rather more to do with panic, mass hysteria chaos, miscommunication and confusion. It was obvious the crew were ill prepared to deal with such a situation and panicked. Many other staff on the ship, cooks, waiters, dancers etc were helping passengers.

I have read many articles about this Mark.. I won't reprint what I said over at Patriactionary.. Will post a link to comments for you. :)


Off the Coast of Utopia said...

No surprise in that situation. As an expat living here in Italy it is depressing to see how much Italian culture has changed in one generation. From large families with many children to a dangerously low birth rate, Italy personifies the problems encountered by the West in general. My once married friends live the familiar problem of wife betrayal with subsequent payment (financially and spiritually) by the husband. One thing for sure is most Italian men don't take shit and so for the most part the single guys stay single. Nice to see a public proclamation of this fact. Maybe this is a wake up call to women?...Nahhh...

Anonymous said...

I recently went on a cruise. We did the lifeboard drill just as soon as we left port. We were told that that we board in order of where our rooms were located. No mention of preference for disabled, children or women or for passengers before crew. We were told that there was plenty of room for everyone. Thus, this was not the Titanic and the men should have had a natural expectation to board lifeboats in their assigned areas. The crew had preregistered elderly and disabled people who might need assistance and would visit their cabins personally. Crew was also assigned to go room by room to clear the ship of passengers to ensure no one was left behind.

This isn't 1910.

Anonymous said...

Good points.

Two things come to mind:

1) Why does the article only mention stories of females and attempt to portray them as helpless victims? I thought today's females were liberated, independent, empowered, and equal with men. They appear so...useless... during a disaster. Also, why not give equal news coverage to that other gender? Is the author female?

2) This incident points out the 301-pound gorilla nobody will mention on the mainstream media: Females consider themselves equal with men, but when a disaster occurs, females wonder why few men care to aid the damsels in distress.

It must be the man's fault...

By the way, the dark theme for your blog is appropriate for today (January 18, 2012) as many other web sites blackout their sites in protest against the proposed SOPA and PROTECT IP legislation in the USSA. Nicely done.

You are a man with insights (and a blog theme) ahead of his time.

Looking forward to your thoughts.

Anonymous said...

The husband who gave his lifejacket to his wife demonstrated a noble endeavor because she is his responsibility and that is his family. But he and his wife are from a bygone era.

The vast majority of women in today's liberated, politically-correct era of equality are simply not worth saving.

Skanky, immoral lifestyles and single motherhood is now accepted as normal. Husband? That is so....oppressive for today's liberated "Grrrls."

From kindergarten to college and beyond the message that boys and girls are equal is reinforced into facts that should never be questioned. And if a man does verbalize his thoughts against this, he stands to suffer real penalties for doing so.

We see it everywhere in today's media. Commercials and sitcoms portray men as bumbling, bigoted idiots where the woman is always in control and knows just the right phrase to put him in his place.

Books, movies, college classes, politically-correct English grammar, and laws that favor females drive home the "You Go Girl, Girl Power" message. "You've come a long way, Baby."

Laws and family courts reward bad behavior on the part of females and encourage their skanky lifestyles yet punish men for their good behavior.

And then we see reality. Reality like this. When a crisis occurs, women somehow expect men to forget their mistreatment and lay down their lives for them.

Then, they wonder why men are reluctant to be chivalrous. Is it no wonder? Men are constantly belittled and told that women are equal when times are good, so when times are bad, what are men to think?

If women are equal, let them demonstrate with actions in addition to words (and laws).

Females are no longer the virtuous, dainty creatures men feel stirred to protect because feminism and political correctness have inhibited and destroyed the traditional values of protection women expect from men in times of need.

You cannot destroy traditional responsibilities and expect the traditional rewards to remain.

Freed Mind said...

This goes to show how women will have to learn the hard way that "equality" is not a box of chocolates in which you can cherry-pick the little pieces you desire while avoiding the ones you want nothing to do with.

I have no problem with children, the elderly, and disabled first. Women, no way!

After skimming through many of the comments on the link, it is very heartening to see so many men seeing right through women's self-serving hypocrisy and double-standards.

Anonymous said...

I used to think that the MRA was a relatively isolated phenomenon dwarfed by the day-to-day misandry I hear from BOTH men and women. This article's comments are a must read because it gives a keen sense of how much discontent is building up over the current lopsided state of affairs. I think comments made from the safety of the keyboard reflect greater honesty than a lot of pro-female comments and actions that I encounter from men daily. This is a breath of fresh air!

Anonymous said...

Marky Mark:

Google and you can find other comment sections which have similar responses.






Burton said...

believe what happened had nothing to do with feminism but rather more to do with panic, mass hysteria chaos, miscommunication and confusion.

Maybe, but don't forget, back in the old days of "patriarchy," men were socialized to act with courage and rationality. "Panic, mass hysteria, etc.," were considered to be feminine qualities, which no decent man would adopt (and let us note, qualities which many women strove to overcome).

Today, we have a generation of feminized men who have been socialized to disdain traditional vale virtues. One result is what you see in this incident.

You can also look at the bigger societal picture. You remove male virtues from the equation, and you get a country which is increasingly dysfunctional: mounting debt, crumbling infrastructure, politics devolving into bread & circuses, an explosion of bureaucracy and repressive regs, gang violence turning into quasi-insurgencies, endless wars which are neither won nor terminated, et alia.

The ship is sinking, folks...

Anonymous said...

A man on a UK news board made an interesting comment. He said the women who think it should be women and children first, state this because they think men are bigger and stronger, and more able to survive without preference. Then, he asked if we really care about the kids why do we give them to the fragile, inferior, helpless women who can't even save themselves without preference and deference? The tough dads should be sent in front to make sure the kids survive.

Anonymous age 69

Alek Novy said...

>A man on a UK news board made an >interesting comment. He said the >women who think it should be >women and children first, state >this because they think men are >bigger and stronger, and more >able to survive without >preference. Then, he asked if we >really care about the kids why do >we give them to the fragile, >inferior, helpless women who >can't even save themselves >without preference and deference? >The tough dads should be sent in >front to make sure the kids >survive.

Let me guess they didn't know what to answer that? OMG that guy is a genius ahahah, love it.

I love when people do that - take the contradictions in some manipulator's claims, and use the contradictions against them.


Anonymous said...

"Panic, mass hysteria, etc.," were considered to be feminine qualities, which no decent man would adopt (and let us note, qualities which many women strove to overcome).

That's right. And in the old films if a female got hysterical the guy would slap her for her own good :)
I'm sure that Bogey had to slap Bacall a lot for her own good.

MarkyMark said...

That's right. And in the old films if a female got hysterical the guy would slap her for her own good :)
I'm sure that Bogey had to slap Bacall a lot for her own good.

Yeah, but that's OPPRESSIVE now-waaaahhh!

Anonymous said...

There's no point in commenting on this because all the average person has to go on is what they read in newspapers. Nothing you read in papers is accurate or unbiased.
And @Utopia- what makes you believe that Italian families were ever large? Even in the Roman Empire they had low birth rates.I've noticed that Americans have very distorted ideas about countries and the world. It may be because the people they see in the US from various countries are not typical of their country and are almost always from the ignorant lower classes who couldn't make in it their homeland. You see the same sort of stereotyping by northerners when referring to southerners in the US. Even today many northerners think the south is filled with rednecks right out of Lil Abner and Tobacco Road.

P Ray said...

Psychopath in charge, what else do you expect?
It's said that the guy was trying to impress a girl ...
I'm guessing she has left her share of human wreckage behind her too.
Companies and people which hire on the basis of looks are likely cesspits of corruption and treachery. I am wondering how many senior staff the company had to teach proper seaworthy procedures, or were all the good people let go by management in the interests of them squeezing more pay for themselves.

peternolan9 said...

try reading this article...the comments are MUCH more harsh.