29 January 2012

Even Nice Girls Are Sluts These Days


I forget who made this point at Mancoat, but it was an astute one nonetheless.  The poster in question posited that even nice girls are sluts.  Here's why...

First, let's take a look at your typical slut; this is your typical woman.  She becomes sexually active at 13-at the latest!  She has 4-6 short term relationships per year lasting 2-3 months each.  Between these relationships, she has a couple of one night stands worked in between.  By the time your typical woman is 25, she will have been sexually active for 12 years.  When we take her yearly partner count (4 relationships + 4 ONS per year)*12, we get 96 partners by the time she's 25; that's being conservative, because we only allowed for ONE ONS in between her short term relationships.  If we assume two ONS in between STRs, then we get (4 STRs + 8 ONS)*12=144; that's 144 dicks by the time she's reached 25!  That's slutting it up-er, being an empowered, liberated woman...

Now, let us look at what passes for a nice girl these days, shall we?  A nice girl doesn't lose her virginity until turning 16.  This nice girl has two boyfriends a year; she has two LTRs lasting about six months each per year.  Now, if we assume that said nice girl continues this pattern until 25, she'll have slept with 18 men by the time she reaches 25; by the time she's hit 25, our modern day nice girl will have had 18 penises in her birth canal.  Since 18<<96 or 144, that passes as a virtuous woman these days.

However, today's nice girl will have no doubt had a couple of one night stands along the way too; what, you think she didn't do the nasty with someone during her spring breaks?!  Come on!  At the very least, she will have had a couple of short term flings amongst her LTRs.  That brings the notch count of today's 'nice girl' (or what PASSES for a nice girl today, I should say) up to 20, minimum-all by the time she reaches 25.  BTW, the health text books of a generation ago said that any woman who'd had more than six or seven partners during her lifetime was promiscuous.  Therefore, even a 'nice girl' of today is a slut.  As Chris in Oregon would say, ICK!  Until next time...



P Ray said...

I remember that. That was poster "Black Sea". It's true too, the way "so-called" nice women flare up when you bring out the mathematics that can't be denied.
Then comes the shaming, with the saying "good men never ask women about their sex lives" and "only bad women have sex before marriage".
If the guy doesn't ask, he won't know, right?
"Oh, you're just bitter you can't get laid. I'll tell all my other girlfriends about what a creep you are!"
is how the conversation usually goes.
With most women so insane to take offense to easily, it's probably better for men to avoid them until they can buy what they need.

Burton said...

Something I have seen personally is the "Nice Girl" waking up one morning and deciding she is tired of being "nice." This may come after ditching her good religious husband, or simply because she reaches age 27 and decides she's tired of waiting for Mr Rite.

So she latches onto the first BadBoy (tm) (or even perceived BadBoy(tm)) she meets. And turns super-slutty: Abbreviated outfits. Over the edge sexual practices. Requests to be taken to sex clubs.

She has an orgy. Then wakes up one morning and decides she wants to go back into "Nice Girl" mode. She turns her nose up at the BadBoys(tm) she was once going down on. She looks for a new faithful hubbie. And is a "Nice Girl" once more.

At least for a while...

The point I want to make here is (actually, two points):

1) If you think you have met a "Nice Girl," she may have had a full sexual history and is covering it up.

2) Even if you do meet that virginal female you have been promised, don't think that her fidelity will last forever.

Anonymous said...

I must move in different circles or something. I know plenty of nice girls who really are NOT sluts. They are almost like a different creature entirely...it's very pleasant, actually, to be around them.

But, I will hand it to you, I can hardly blame most men these days for being suspicious...all. the. time. They've been burned too many times.


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, but this post is fucking disgusting.

The main thing I'm beefing with is, "she becomes sexually active at 13-at the latest!"


Have you ever met a thirteen year old girl before?

Having *been* a thirteen year old girl not so long ago and currently having a sister near that age, I can tell you that most of them have not even so much as kissed a boy at that age (at least, in Ohio and in Illinois. Okay, I didn't talk to all the 13-year-olds in those states, but I sure did know quite a lot when I was in school). It's just...don't you realize that it's totally gross to talk about prepubescent and barely pubescent girls having sex like crazy when they aren't? I know it happens sometimes, but it's usually isolated and as a result of abuse or of growing up in an unusual situation that made them think it was okay to prematurely have sex in the first place. Or something else equally anomalistic.

When I was 13 (six years ago), all we were interested in was largely the same stuff the boys were interested in: video games, our extra curricular activities, Green Day, South Park, and maybe paintballing if our parents allowed us to. A few of us were experimenting with makeup and having "boyfriends", which entailed sitting with the boy at lunch and maybe kissing...for all of two or three weeks.

If my testimony isn't enough, look at the damn facts. The Guttmacher Institute states that young people (which applies to young men and women) mostly tend to have sex for the first time around age 17, and that teens are putting off sex a lot longer than they used to, in the early '90's. The studies actually even claim that teenage boys are more likely to blithely engage in sexuality than girls. "Among sexually experienced teens, 70% of females and 56% of males report that their first sexual experience was with a steady partner, while 16% of females and 28% of males report first having sex with someone they had just met or who was just a friend."

Come on, people. A lot of you have such important things to say about meaningful issues that deeply impact men and their quality of life. But when you suggest that 12-13 year-old girls are all a bunch of promiscuous sluts (and imply that teenage boys represent some sort of beacon of purity), it makes you look like you don't know what you're talking about. Particularly when you aren't backing up your claims with any form of statistics, and the most reputable ones don't even come close to agreeing with you.

I really hate it when you guys don't seem to know what you're talking about, because I keep getting hopeful about the MRA movement. That you'll be able to make things more equal for men, and that all these bumps and hiccups you have on the way are to be expected, similar to the hatespew that is associated with the early feminist movement. But if you keep up with the way you're going, the rest of the world is going to ignore the good points you have and hone in on all the bad. That's how Manboobz is able to make you look bad, and that's the sad level of intellect the average person operates on. Do you really want to be The Little Movement That Couldn't?

MarkyMark said...


I don't know if you looked at my profile, but I'm from NJ, which is on the East Coast. It's no secret that the coastal states are FAR more liberal than those in the Midwest. That colors my perspective.

Secondly, my mother is a retired teacher; she retired like 12-15 years ago now. She taught mainly sixth grade, but she also taught seventh and eighth towards the end of her career. IOW, she taught kids who were 12-14 years of age, the same demographic I discussed in my post here. Anyway, my mom, who was on the ground dealing with early teenage kids, said that sexual activity was far from uncommon amongst kids that age.

Thirdly, why do I keep hearing on the radio and TV how oral sex is like a good night kiss used to be? I hear these stories on a semi-regular basis. Why would these stories be told if there wasn't some truth to them?

In any case, I'd be interested in your response...


Anonymous said...

I really hate it when you guys don't seem to know what you're talking about,

None of them have any idea what they're talking about. Marky had sex once 20 years ago and knows nothing about females or does his butt buddy Chris, some 50 yo old loser living in some cabin in Podunk

Nobody wants these poor dumb losers in the men's movement.

Masculist Man said...

Anonymous 31 January, 2012 19:56,

Like the shirt says "shut up,bitch".

Manboobz? You think anyone takes that neutered pit yorkie seriously? You look at manboobz and think the onion and why not? They are both just as factual. I noticed Fooltrelle doesn't link to my blog. Why is that? If he has the guts then he shold and if he doesn't it will just confirm what we've always said about him.

MarkyMark said...


I know enough about women to remain a BACHELOR-ha! Check it out: H.L. Menken, that prolific American writer and philosopher, said that bachelors know MORE about women than married men; if they didn't, then they'd be married too...


P Ray said...

If there are all these "nice girls" out there, why is marriage declining?
Maybe the nice girls,
don't know how to select for the nice men - in which case:
being a nice man doesn't have any value
or the nice girls WANT the bad boys - in which case:
being a nice man doesn't have any value

The idea that girls are "tricked" into being with a player absolves girls of the responsibility of BEING with that player, despite knowing what he is.
Girls who complain about cheaters are ignoring the simple fact that if they don't want to be cheated on or want to be treated well ...
they need to either:
"settle for less"
"be single".
Are girls brave enough to do either?
I'm waiting for that strong and independent one myself, it's already proven to be a long wait.

teens sex said...

yep. All sluts, ALL

Anonymous said...


Congratulations! I liked the way you answered Anonymous. I think people in MRA movement should as many times as possible answer women with ellegance and serenity, discussing only arguments and ideas and not delivering ad hominen attacks as I've seen on other MRA websites and forums. That's the only way to discover the truth. I am a woman and I feel very very intimidated to show my views and opinions because of the way most men react to women reactions. I have my own experiences to share and it would be great to me if I could meet a nice guy to help me to find the truth that can set me free. And I must feel free and at ease to expose my experiences, views, opinions and to ask all the questions that need to be answered.

Brazilian Woman.

Anonymous said...

I just came across this post a little late but wanted to put in my two cents. I was a teenager in the late 1970's. I graduated high school in 1980 at 18 years old. I was a normal, popular guy at my school and liked by most the other students. Now to my point. I had a long term girlfriend from the 9th grade until the start of 11th grade, a little over two years. We did have sex. It was our first time and we did it freshman year and we were both 14. During that time I didn't even touch another girl.

Now why did we break up at the beginning of our Junior year? Two days into the school year a rumor came to my attention that she had been sneaking around with some guys on the football team that were seniors the previous year. I confront her and she admits it. Not just a couple but she had let over 10 of them have sex with her. I broke it off with her.

I went out with a few of the girls at my school that year and had sex with ONE of them for about a month. I had a one night stand at a party my friend I had at his house during that time. O.K. my count is up to 3 girls at the end of Junior year. My ex girlfriend is already up to 11 (or more).

The funny thing is after the summer when school started again I was being branded by all the girls at my school as a "WHORE HOPPER". My good girl little ex was still miss popular and no one was calling her a WHORE even though she had then been with over 20 guys and I was still at the low count of 3 girls.

Guys girls are being more slutty today, they have always been sluts but could hide it easier back in the 70's and 80's because there was no social media and the internet like today. Nothing has changed. Finding a woman that will stick with one guy and be faithful seems to be impossible these days but it wasn't that easy back in those days either.

One last example. After graduation I couple of years later I met that NICE GIRL! Wow she was so pure and nice and loved puppies and dressed conservative but with a little edge. She didn't have guys that were her "friends" that called all the time etc.

I ended up with her for 8 years. Now my count is up to 4 girls and I 28 years old. (That's right I didn't have sex for over two years after graduation.) My NICE GIRL was a virgin when we had sex. Trust me on this, she was...

Well 8 years later I ask her to marry me and then. People came out of the woodwork like maggots, warning me that she wasn't who I thought she was. ? ? !?

After some inquiry on my part and a little investigative work I find out for me was the most pure white puppy loving girlfriend you could want. For some other guys she snuck around with she would get drunk and let 10 guys gangbang her on a pool table in front of a whole party.....

I left her. That ended the hunt for me. There are no NICE GIRLS. They don't exist.

MarkyMark said...


Wow, I don't know WHAT to say! That is indeed powerful stuff. I may have to post that it's go good. Thanks for sharing...


Anonymous said...

Unless all these girls are having sex with our girls there are just as many boys having multiple partners and one night stands.

As someone who married at 25, never had sex prior to that, and monogamous to the core I think you are a woman hating bastard.

Anonymous said...

Hey- there.

I'm 20, a female, I live on the east coast, and have only had one sexual partner...and our LTR has lasted a year and a half so far, and we intend to keep it that way. I have many girlfriends, and none of them have the copious one night stands, short term and long term relationships you seem to think 'infect' my sex. Frankly, we're not having all that much casual sex, and definitely not 4-6 relationships a year- I have seen a few girls that operate in that way, but they are usually undereducated, and, interestingly enough, come from families that reduce them to their gender.

MarkyMark said...

To the anon 25 y/o wife,

You might want to read Roissy (aka Chateau Heartiste) and Rational Male. Due to women's hypergamous nature, a vast majority of women are sexing up a small minority of men. This is reflected in CDC stats on STDs; for example, THREE TIMES AS MANY women have chlamydia as do men. Or we can look at Karen Owen, author of the infamous Duke University Fuck List; you can Google it and read it for yourself. Anyway, NONE of the men Karen Owen bedded down was an average guy; no, she bedded down ALL Alpha males. This minority of men is having most of the sex. IOW, most women are consenting to be part of soft harems. So, it is possible for women to slut it up, while most men don't get the time of day from women.

MarkyMark said...

20 y/o anon,

If you READ my post, you note that I made a distinction between nice girls and sluts. You're only focusing on what I said about the sluts.

What do you mean that families reduce sluts to their gender? What did you mean by that?


Anonymous said...

You are a mysongist PIG!
Who the hell slapped you around to hate women so much.. do you have a MOTHER and sisters? Friends that are girls? Disgusting! Do they agree with the words you are using? you say your mom was a teacher? at WHAT kind of school? wow!

bet you have never even been with a girl!

And what about "nice boys" why dont guys who have had multiple partners ever get shit upon

OH and BTW MARKY MARK... HAve you ever heard of Mark Whalberg? you know part of Marky Mark and the funky bunch who did a Sexy music video called good vibrations..

maybe you should change your name!

oh and BTW you will NEVER EVER get a woman with a blog like this or talk like you do. I'm sure the women will be coming out in DROVES to get in your pants, with the wonderful things you have to say about women *rolls eyes*

Anonymous said...

I am a guy and I have to laugh at this butthurt bullshirley. Its just unimaginable on how f uped your logic is. Seriously 13 year old girls sluts??? You got to be kidding me and your "calculations" are laughable. Instead of being bitter and pitying yourself, why dont you actually do something usefull, that will build your character, maybe you will attract other type of people, not downright, sex crazed no lifes.

Seriously women are more prudish than you can actually think, many, I mean MANY had about 1-3 partners until they hit 25.Some are even still virgins. People lie, people cheat get used to it. Some guys or women boast or lie about anything, you would be surprised that your so called "players" in reality are virgins. And many so called "whores" are actually NORMAL, INTELLIGENT women. Because some uptight b**** who is jelaous or some guy whom she rejected tells this, than it MUST be truth. And you would be surprised on the truth with the beautifull gorgeous ones, the truth is they either had no experience, or they only had with LTR. You know why? Because they dont NEED to prove anyone anything, many whores do it because of low self esteem, they want to feel beautifull, loved, they dont do it because they like it, they do it because it makes them feel more worthy and cool.
You aim for the ugly ones, they are the REAL sluts ussually, because they want to feel beautifull. Well there are some women who are slutty because they like it, but that is called being a nymph. Do you even tried to get laid with NORMAL, beautiful intelligent, interesting woman? AINT GONNA HAPPEN, believe me, happened TOO many times, she was horny, she wanted me, but she wouldnt give the goodies, because she is NOT dumb enough to sleep with total stranger, to get STD or have unwanted pregnancy. And she has a thing called self respect. Seriously because one girl who is slut burns you, it doesnt mean every girl is a slut. She was with you in short amount of time, because she was a slut. Believe me, when you actually meet high quality women, but with this attitude, you WONT stand a chance, it will take ALOT of time, until you actually get to her. There are tons of whores and not many good women. But those good are ussually taken or single because they study or work on themselves. And believe me, being with a slut, is something that is disgusting, its too easy to identify a slut, but you are TOO butthurt to recognize it.

MarkyMark said...


As personally as you took my statement; as sensitive as you were; you HAVE to be a chick! No guy would react this way. That's number one.

Number two, since you are a chick, all I can say is this: truth hurts, huh?


Anonymous said...

Amen brother

Anonymous said...

This is coming from the perspective of a so called ALPHA male. During high school I got laid fairly frequently....Not always sex but at least a tug in the locker room.....I had girlfriends and non-girlfriends at my will.....and looking back on it I have NO IDEA WHY???

I was nice to girls but my reputation as womanizer was well known....why did this not turn off potential mates???

A female answer would be great.

Anonymous said...

Women think that by giving sex, the guys will like them. Wrong!
We guys will move along and write off the little tramp.
It's as true today as it was at the dawn of time, that all men of sound mind would like to marry a virgin.
Sex is a sacred spiritual union that alters brain chemistry to unite each other in a way thats unique to only you two.
To all you religous haters, I'm not religous, but I am a man, so hate on.
If your going to devote your life to a lady who is to be the mother of your children, then she best only have had sex with you, or it probably won't work out.
We guys will test women to have sex with us but secretly, we are hoping she will say no, so that we know she has self respect, and devotion to the purity for her future family.The ones who can remain the virgins are the ones worth pursuing for marriage.
Ive had ltr's and a couple one night stands,and I'm not proud of any of it. It was all pretty pointless really.
I'll probably remain a bachelor, as I doubt I'll ever find a sweet virgin lady worth marrying.
In spite what the media likes to peddle, I believe most men are monogomous if they find the right lady.
Back in the fifties over 90% of young men wanted to get married, because more than 90% of the brides were virgins, and wore white, and loved nurturing men and children, as wives. Today only 27% of young men 25-29 want to get married, as there are few virgins(less than 10%).
I remember hearing about young men complaining about distinguishing a hooker from a nice girl, as so many girls are dressing like hookers these days.
I asked a guy in gr.12 last year what girls at high school were like these days, and his answer was most of them were whores. I asked even the gr.8's, and he said yes they're even worse. So yes even the 13 year olds are being or acting like whores or whore wannabees.
Not too surprising, as most of the students come from broken homes even in this small mellow west coast town.
Lets just hope the pendulum swings backwards soon, or our civilization is done. Rome all over again.

Sophia said...

Not speaking for anyone else, I can honestly say that I am not part of this strange subculture of promiscuity. As I've noted in previous comments, I am 28 and have a boyfriend of 8 years. What I've not yet stated is that he is the only man I've ever been with. I shared my virginity with him when I was 21, after we'd known each other for a year. This is only *my* personal experience though...I will say that I don't approve of either men or women having more than 10 sexual partners in their lifetime. There is simply no need for it, for either sex.

Anonymous said...

Roughly, 90% of women are being sluts with 12% of men, whereas 88% of men want to bang 90% of women.

What these leads to is: a small group of men having most of the women, while the majority of men are ignored and called ugly/losers/creeps.

More STDs among straight/bi women than straight men.

And the small percentage of men who women sleep with, being so in demand that they don't give a damn about these women. All while most men, who may actually love the women for more than their vaginas, get nothing. Simple facts.

And I know this, because I've been both an a-hole of top percent and a nice guy at the bottom.

Solution for men: stop caring about these sluts who don't appreciate you.

Solution for women: keep giving yourself to men who don't really care about you. Idiots.

MarkyMark said...

Alpha Male,

While this isn't a female answer, I can give you the answer the PUAs would give: preselection. Women want what other women want; the fact that other women want a particular man means that he is more 'valuable', a better catch, than a guy who is single and available. Women are herd creatures, and they want what the other girls think is cool.

As men, if we see a girl who is single, we'll think, ok cool, she's available; I can ask her out. Women, however, do not think this; if you're single and available, they'll think, OMG, what a LOSER! See the difference?


Anonymous said...

Jussayin. Im 18 and when i was 14 (freshman year) finding a 5+ girl (not age) who was still a virgin was like finding a black guy at an alman brothers band concert. That goes for guy too though. Well the "popular" guys. Hell i was considered one of the last virgins among my friends when i lost mine at the end of my freshman year. So i guess my case supports his argument. But markymark dont be surprised when bitches flip over this shit man. Its one of those thing one out of ten women shit a golden brick about and the rest dont say nuthin cuz its them your talkin about and will lie to friends/family and take their secret to the grave. And btw everyone he never said 13 yo sluts he said thats when they become sexually active, dumbasses. But from what i know about high school his numbers arent wrong.

Anonymous said...

hey everyone! im a girl (in the uk) and have just turned 18. I've never had sex :0 and neither have any of my friends. The only girl I know who has lost her V lost it at 16 in a LTR. Most of my friends have never done more than kiss. If you want to meet a girl that isn't a **** then stop holding out for the supermodel fantasy chick. There are thousands of slightly chubby, or not stunning, or shy girls that are perfectly sweet funny or nice when you get to know them. i know peoples responses will be that I'm probably ugly or stupid or fat but.... the truth is that the reason you cant find virgins because they are saving themselves for decent men who don't just care whether they are virgins.

MarkyMark said...



Most of us learned long ago that we cannot and will not get the super model fantasy chick, as you put it. Most of us cannot even get chicks of equivalent SMP value, because they're too used to banging alphas. Alphas can't always get the supermodel fantasy chicks, so they go slumming and settle for chicks 2-4 points below their SMP value; they pump & dump these more average girls, who are then used to having alphas. Roissy says and bears repeating: a woman would rather have five minutes of alpha vs. five YEARS of beta. What ends up happening is that 80% of women are chasing the same 20% of the top men, the alphas if you please. What this means is that even if guys set their sights lower, they still can't get a woman.

Secondly, I find it hard to believe that you and your friends are so virtuous. Most of your friends have never done more than kissed?! Come on! You expect me to believe that fairy tale?! When your country has shows glorifying debauchery like Geordie Shore (the UK's answer to the hit showJersey Shore here), that tells me ALL I need to know...


Anonymous said...

oh please. It's anon 0850 again. If you believe the uk is as it appears in Geordie Shore then you are sadly mistaken! yes there are sluts but they are in the minority... why do you find this so hard to believe? don't believe everything you see on tv :) oh and girls don't always go for Alphas... they go for nice guys. (despite what the media tells you)

MarkyMark said...


I believe what I SEE, and I see chicks slutting it up and going for the alphas of the world. IOW, I see Geordie Shore being more indicative of reality than I wish it were; I see it being more indicative of our cultural rot that I wish didn't exist. However, wishing something were so will not MAKE it so.


MarkyMark said...


I hope that what you say is true; perhaps there is a rejection of the hookup culture amongst younger people such as yourself? I hope so. However, from where I sit, I find it hard to believe. Then again, at 51, I'm hopelessly far removed from people in your age group, so even if a return to more traditional mores were underway amongst you, I wouldn't see it.

WIth that, I shall wish you a nice day. I have to get lunch, then go to the bank for an appointment. Good day now...


Anonymous said...

well im not going to argue the main issue one way or the other, because ive seen evidence to support both sides, but what i will say is that my younger bro is not ALPHA at all, he's also very unhygenic. hes a nice dude, but he gets tons of chicks. he's really really good at it. from emo chicks to preppy girls. i dont understand it. but anyways he says you dont have to be "alpha" or anything like that and he gets so many chicks its fucking absurd, and it pisses me off, its not fair...

Heidi Lupprian said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
MarkyMark said...

Hi Heidi,

Thanks for stopping by! It's a relief to know that not all young women sleep around. BTW, I have found a nice woman; I met her online. We have a great connection, lots in common, everything. The only problem is that she's from Peru. We spend two hours last night on the phone trying to figure out how to make things work, because we like one another a lot. IOW, you're right; nice gals ARE out there though... :)


Priya saxena said...

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Anonymous said...

If you are stupid enough to believe a woman and be captivated by their beauty If is you WHO deserve. To be. Victom of their. Pernicious ways WOMEN are whores but I am open to be proven wrong

Anonymous said...

I can't believe it's 2013 and there are still people out here perpetuating the double standard stereotype. Want to go on about sluts? How about you leave us alone for once? How about you stop and take track of your own inventory?
How about you take a good look in the mirror first before you knock out others? How about you stop spewing your male insecure bullshit all over the other sex for once? Please. Go back to that last century or two. Women are human BEINGS not notches on a bedpost.

MarkyMark said...


If you don't want to be a notch on some guy's bed post, then DON'T spread your legs for him-duh! As my late mother always used to say, it takes TWO TO TANGO.

Secondly, the double standard, as you call it, is largely supported and embraced by women-yeah, I said it! How so? Because women, due to their hypergamous instincts, prefer men who are successful with women; that is to say that, the more women or conquests a man has, the more popular with women he will be; hence, it'll be easier for him to have even more conquests still. Women want what other women want, thus perpetuating the double standard. IOW, if you don't want the double standard to exist, then don't REWARD & SUPPORT it-again, duh!

Thirdly and finally, as a practical matter, a woman's purity and virtue matters much more than a man's. Why? Because, as a woman, you have NO DOUBT WHATSOEVER that any child you have is yours; a man has no such reassurance. The pithy, little saying, "Mommy's baby, daddy's maybe", applies here. Well, the only way to get men to invest in women and children is to limit women's sexual choices; only by doing so will a man be assured that any child she has is his, and thus worthy of his investment. Why would a man invest in a child that is not his? Why would he do something that's so contrary to his interests and desires? Why would he partake in what is a genetic dead-end?


Anonymous said...

Emma, you're a moron. No man will ever want you and your diseased cunt.

Anonymous said...

The math might not be very accurate, but the logic in this formula is dead on. You see, a guy cannot have more sexual partners than a woman, at any given moment in his life, for several reasons:

- Women are what is being sold and what is "desired" to society, not men.

- Men which have many sexual relationships eventually get one of them pregnant (which she can and almost always make his life miserable if she desires and play him); women can avoid pregnancy altogether just by making up their minds about what life means to them at whatever stage (plus so many precautions out there to take like pills and condoms etc!). Men can not and will not think twice when it comes down to it. We just really can't think with two heads at the same time if you get me, we simply come to an agreement quickly lol.

- Women strongly attach too many feelings and emotions with and when sex happens, that inevitably makes them crave for more. Even if this means trying to do so with as many men it may take. They MUST fulfill their insane fantasies, by nature they all have this programming in them. (guys read some literotica you'll go insane with that $#!+) Men simply can not unless its some faggoty poet or romantic thats actually just in love with his mom secretly. Men finish, then think about the universe and the meaning of life and scratch our balls for a bit. Gotta love it.

Now, those are just a few and by the way no, the OP isnt saying 13 year old girls are already supreme sluts (you dumb ass's learn to read slowly and pay attention), rather they are in "the process" got it? and just for shits n giggles in the country I currently live in (which is NOT third world) yes, girls here start at around 13... by the time they hit 15 you no longer have anything you can teach them... they will teach YOU what f ing sex is all about. You will fall in the love like some black kid I saw posting that all he wanted in life was some clean, tight kitkat cuz he knows wtf is up (if you are a minor your good to go if you are adult if she wishes she may send you to jail which in that case your only option to bail is to marry her which think of it is not so bad punish her for several years take away her youth lmao) (ofcourse no one goes through this never do 17- always + and girls are not stupid here they are smart sluts <3) why 17+? because if you both (mostly you) play it smart, you are not too far from 18 xDD

Ok F this im out guys stop wasting your time with these "women" they dont want to be happy they just want to Fk with your heads and manipulate you because TV and Internet and some books told them they can LOL good luck with that dear NOT xDDD

p.s. I hear russian/ukranian beautiful woman just wish to find a "good man to make family and love" are just dying to ship away? idk go for it you need to marry and live with her for some years and how much "money" could she really milk from you? play it smart its business not wow might I truly find love? F that it is 2014 wake the F up :D peace <3

Anonymous said...

Look not all women r sluts (still virgin) yes there are still good girls who never done it till after marrige there age is when they done it is 28 - 30 they married when they were 26-28. Or at least all the people i know. still i agree that the number of sluts are getting higher and younger. The reason the media. i mean look at niki minaj and miley Cyrus.plus+ the rappers like two chains, tyga and pitbull.

Anonymous said...

Most women are very Horrible these days.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Most women nowadays are very Pathetic.

Anonymous said...

Well then again just look how they're dressing these days which makes them very Pathetic altogether.