08 January 2012

Ten Signs That Happy Women Populate Planet Earth


As I was going through my old posts, I found this.  It's one of Marc Rudov's articles.  It lists the ten signs that happy women are on Earth. As if women could EVER be happy...


Ten Signs Happy Women Populate Planet Earth
1. Divorce rate plummets to 10%; custody fights are relics of the past.
2. Most women's magazines cease operations.
3. Women publicly praise men and fatherhood.
4. Marriage rate increases to 90%.
5. Divorce courts treat men and women equally.
6. Unmarried pregnant women who unilaterally choose to give birth are solely responsible for supporting their children, ending paternity suits.
7. Men respect women and no longer wine & dine or objectify them.
8. Plastic surgery is a marginal industry.
9. National Organization for Women (NOW), whose victimhood propaganda now falls on deaf ears, is extinct.
10. Congress scraps the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA), and all states remove anti-male biases in domestic-violence laws.


Hell will freeze over and the Chicago Cubs will win the World Series before ANY of the above happen, let alone all of the above! Happy women-isn't that an oxymoron? Until next time...


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