01 January 2012

Happy New Year to All Bachelors!


Happy New Year to all of you! Let's continue being happy, single, and free! Let's continue giving American women the husband they deserve-NONE. Let's continue enjoying the main fruit of feminism-our freedom. Feminism did more for men than it did for women; don't forget that, Fellas. Long live the marriage strike!

With that in mind, here's an article about how it's working. Women are getting the husband that they deserve-none-and I'm glad to see that! Listen to these old, man-hating, feminazi hags cry like stuck pigs that they can't find any 'good men', and remember how good life is WITHOUT one of them. Let's all cry for them-not!

Avoid them if you can; life is simpler and better without a woman in it to make you miserable. If you still get sexual needs that cannot be fulfilled via self-stimulation, then hump & dump these chicks if you must; goodness knows that they spurned good, decent gentlemen who wanted them in their prime; she spurned them in favor of bad boys who treated her badly and got her panties wet when everyone wanted her in her 20s; so I see nothing wrong with returning the favor they've no doubt dished out to countless guys over the years. Whatever you do, do NOT have a relationshit with one of these bitches, let alone MARRY one. That would be a fate worse than death!

Anyway, I'll post the article below, and I'll intersperse my biting thoughts as always. Hope you like those bicycles, ladies-ha! You don't need no stinkin' man, right? Well, we don't need no stinkin' bitch, either. I know I like my freedom from bitches like you; that alone makes life good and worth living... :)


Why do successful women settle for lazy lumps?
Monday December 29 2008

'He doesn't have a penny, he lives with his mother. He takes my car and uses all the damn petrol. He got drunk at my company party and bored the whole table with his thoughts on what we were doing wrong. He's a dropout; doesn't even have a degree. He's doing my head in."

Awwwww, let's all cry for poor, little Veronica-not! Anyway, I have a few pointed questions for you, my dear. One, how many guys did YOU use when you were young, hot, and desirable, hmmm? How many guys did you go out with years ago, guys in whom you had NO INTEREST WHATSOEVER, yet you used them for free dinners and movies, hmmm? How many guys did you string along over the years? How many guys' heads have you 'done in', as you put it? Looks to me like karma is biting you in the ass, Darlin'...

So goes the latest lament of Veronica (not her real name), a senior purchaser for a large firm -- financially secure, glamorous and owner of two houses.

She no doubt achieved her financial security at the expense of more deserving men over the years, truth be told. She got the good jobs that guys SHOULD have gotten, yet thanks to the pussy pass/penis exclusion, they did not. I remember how, when I worked for a certain, Fortune 500 company, I was told as a new employee that, if I didn't have indoor plumbing (read a vagina), then I could FORGET about being promoted; one of my female colleagues told me this, BTW...

And WTF is this snobbery about not having a degree, Darlin'? Who the hell do you think you are?! You think you're special because you have a sheepskin (no doubt a worthless one like women's studies or some similar such fluff)? Did you know that many blue collar guys earn MORE than you do? I'm serious. Just check out what automotive technicians make; hint, it's a lot more than many of us who hold degrees...

She's dating a man she knew from college years ago, when she wouldn't even have coffee with him. So why is she seeing him now?

Why is she seeing this former, college classmate now? I'll tell you why: because all the bad boys she banged when she was young & hot no longer want her, that's why! The bad boys she banged back when have moved on to younger, hotter chicks, who like you, enjoy being treated like crap. But, that's another rant for another day...

"Ah, look, it's better than being alone," she sighs. "What good is my success if I have nobody to talk to at night? A Prada handbag can't give you a cuddle."

Uh, Veronica, I thought a woman needed a man like a fish needed a bicycle! I thought you strong, independent, empowered women didn't NEED no stinkin' man! I thought you were happier having a cat. You telling me that you lied?! Wow, a woman lying-like that's a shocker...

Veronica is part of an ever-growing number of career- driven Irish women who have worked hard, achieved material success, and yet allowed their otherwise exacting standards to lapse when it comes to love.

That's because the guys who meet those standards have other options-duh! Why would they settle for some bitter, angry, used up, over the hill whore carrying more baggage than Samsonite? Why would he do that when he can have someone younger, hotter, fresher, and isn't angry, bitter, used up, and hating men yet? You see, the thing you stupid bitches never, ever seem to get through your thick skulls is that men who even meet a FRACTION of your unreasonably long lists have other options-duh!

Take a look around any bar and you'll see stunning women, coiffed and groomed, seated with noticeably shabbier men who are reticent when it comes to their round and who have to be helped off their stools at the end of the night.

I don't know if these women are stunning or not, but I'll play along with this generous assumption and probable lie. If that is true, then what does that tell us about the women, hmmm? Can we not infer that men that they'd deem worthy (read rich, tall, dark, handsome, and successful) do not WANT these aging career bitches? It certainly looks like that to me. That leads to yet another question: WHY do more suitable men not want these aging, used up career slags? It couldn't be that they're not WORTH having, could it?! Nah, that would imply that the women are less than perfect; saying that a woman might not be perfect is a crime against humanity! We can't have that now...

How did such odd pairings come about, and why do the resigned-looking girlfriends of such losers put up with it?

Uh, it could be that these purportedly wonderful women aren't so wonderful. It could also be that, after having been banged & clanged by countless bad boys, these chicks are out of options. This is the best that they can hope to get, as any guy they'd truly be interested in would be smart enough to AVOID them...

And why are they giving the time of day to blokes they wouldn't have spat on 10 years ago?

Because they have no one else to whom they can GIVE the time of day, that's why!

"All the good ones are gay or married", sighs Jill (33) and single. "I went straight from college to a very cutthroat job, travelled a lot, and wanted to settle down. I was ready, but the pickings are slim. They're called the dregs for a reason; they're all that's left".

Not all the good guys are taken or married, Jill. Some of us are just smart enough to AVOID THE LIKES OF YOU! I'm serious; I do NOT want a woman in my life. I find the likes of you so disgusting that I don't even want to BANG you anymore!! Even the thought of having sex with some over the hill, disease ridden, misandric career bitch turns my stomach. I think I'd rather masturbate, thank you very much! Not only will the experience be better; I don't have to worry about knocking you up, nor do I have to worry about catching one of your diseases in that petri dish of a vagina you have! Oh, gag a maggot! That's what taking of whiff of your vagina would do too-gag a maggot...

Now, assuming that what you say is true, assuming that you DID want to settle down, let me ask you a few more pointed questions. One, why did you take a job that had you playing Road Warrior, huh? Wouldn't that obviously take you away from meeting men where you lived? I mean, if you're not THERE to meet them, how can you hope to meet them, Darlin'? Don't your actions contradict your stated intentions? Isn't it true that your words do not agree with your actions? I think so.

Here's what I think happened. Back in college and immediately thereafter, you were still in your 20s; you were still young, hot, and desirable. Why guys were coming down the tracks like rush hour trains! So what if you blew one off? You knew that there'd be 100 other swingin' dicks to take his place, right? You young girls have it so DAMN EASY when it comes to meeting someone of the opposite sex-so easy! Men are so plentiful that you can and do reject them for the most innocuous and perplexing of reasons.

Oh, that guy's hair is a shade or two too light in brown-out with him! That guy's not wearing wing tip shoes; reject him! That guy's an inch too short-next! That guy only drives a Ford; I want someone with a BMW, damn it! Out he goes! And, this other guy actually treats me nicely; I can't have that! Give me a real man; give me someone who'll treat me like crap, so I can fall in love with him. I could go on, but you get my point.

The problem arises from the fact that you deluded career bitches think that this sort of thing will continue your whole life long; you think that, since men are coming down the tracks like rush hour trains, that this will always be the case. You think that, because all the boys want you now, that they'll always want you. Sorry, but life doesn't work like that, girls. Only when it's too late do you realize that, as you get older, there are fewer men around. The men you flocked to when you were young & hot have other options; they're going for the NEXT group of twentysomething chicks who think that they'll smash the glass cieling. Why would they want your old, shriveled up hide, when they can have someone young, hot, perky, and sans the baggage you have? Can't think of a good reason why a man would do that...

She siphoned off what she thought was the best of a bad lot in the form of a vertically challenged, badly-dressed misogynist.

You KNOW it's getting bad when a short, ugly misogynist is all that's left-ha!!

"I ironed his shirts, made him dinner, wore sexy lingerie, and alphabetised his porn collection.

"We went to a friend's wedding and I got a bit weepy and asked him if we were ever going to tie the knot.

"He dumped me -- by text -- then had the nerve to ask me to wash the stuff he left in the laundry basket before he collected it."

Good for him! WTF do you think any guy with any brains is going to do when you even SUGGEST tying the knot? Why would a man say 'yes' to a proposition that offers nothing to him whatsoever, hmmm?

Men would appear to have cottoned on to the fact that girls, who may have previously turned up their noses at them, are now making a beeline for them like the last seat in a game of musical chairs.

Ah, the worm has turned-yes! You gals had all the power before 30; it's only right that we get it afterwards. I know you all don't like that, because your whore powers are all you have; that's all you have to offer, so when your whore powers fade, you must panic, huh?

Not surprisingly, they're taking full advantage.

After chicks took full advantage of their early, superior position in the dating world, why wouldn't we men do likewise? Why wouldn't we return the favor, hmmm? Now that the tables have turned, the chickies have their panties all wadded up. Too freakin' bad, ladies! You used and abused us when you were in demand; now, you get to EXPERIENCE what you dished out to us when every swingin' dick wanted you.

"The tables have turned in a big way," laughs Aidan, a 32- year-old man who takes time out of his drinking and computer games schedule to visit the dole office and make vague feints at job seeking.

Ah, a guy taking it easy-yes! That's what Eternal Bachelor suggested we do, hehehe...

"These chicks all get a bit desperate after 30: all they want is to be in a relationship and are dying to get someone down the aisle. I'm seeing two of them at the moment."

Do they know about each other?

"They have an idea that I'm in demand, so they try extra hard. If one of them annoys me, I just disappear for a while with the other one. A bit of competition doesn't do any harm."

Good, if a woman knows that she can easily be replaced, she's more likely to-gasp-treat you decently! That's got to stick in her craw, but too bad. They should have treated us better when everyone wanted them, huh? Now that we can play them against one another, they have one of two choices: shape up, or ship out, bitch! There are plenty more where you and your kind came from. If you give me too much shit, I'll just find someone else, thank you...

According to available census figures, the number of single people (aged 15 to 38) in this country has increased by 140,000 between 2002 and 2006, and at least half of those are female.

Ah, this news warms the cockles of my heart! It fills me with much schadenfreude to see more women getting the husband they deserve-none.... :)

There is a tendency to get married later in life, but it would seem that once women reach a certain age, it's viewed as the point of no return.

Hint: it's called the 'expiration date' for a reason-duh! Once women pass 30, their looks, bodies, and along with them, their whore powers, start to fade. They can no longer cast a spell on men like they used to in their 20s.

Once a guy reaches his late 20s to earlly 30s, here's what happens. One, his sex drive dies down, so he isn't so easily blinded by the 'hormone goggles'. Two, men start seeing male friends and family members get burned in divorce. Three, since they've had DECADES of abuse and mistreatment from women, they're deciding that maybe they don't need, let alone want, one of them. A guy starts to realize that he has something precious: his freedom, and he's not going to surrender it to some bitch...

Deborah is recently divorced from a wealthy businessman, who kept her in Louboutin shoes but bored her senseless.

Aw, a gold digging whore got bored with the rich businessman keeping her well-what a surprise-not!

She cut him loose in a show of inner strength, kissing her five-star lifestyle goodbye, and made many "I don't neeeeeed a man" noises.

Silly girl-the only chicks who make these noises are those whose whore powers have faded; the only women who make these noises can't GET a man to begin with! Rather than admit the obvious (that no one wants their sorry, used up, diseased hides), they pretend that they don't want men anyway. Nice try ladies, but we're on to your bullshit...

Her married friends, supportive initially, soon stopped inviting her to dinner and she found herself ostracised with nobody to play with.

"It's a whole new thing, being a divorcee in Ireland" she says.

It's a whole new thing, because you're not 20 anymore, Darlin'! Men aren't falling all over themselves to be with you. THAT is what's new...

"I'm 40, have a bit of cash, but don't have any kids and it seems that getting rid of my husband was throwing away my social credential.

You do have a social credential, only your married friends haven't let you in on the secret: you are damaged goods!

"I never get asked anywhere any more, unless I'm the token single chick, and people that I thought were mates get uncomfortable when I chat to their husbands.

Well, your friends have seen how you did NOT honor your marriage vows; they've already seen that you don't view marriage as precious and sacrosanct. They rightfully fear and suspect that your lack of respect for marriage will carry over to their husbands-duh!

"It seems I've gone from being part of a group to being a pariah, and am regarded as a threat."

That's because you ARE a threat, Darlin'! See my above comment...

She recently banged into a fortysomething former television presenter she knew years ago and had rejected. He's broke, unmarried and adamant about staying that way.

That man is no fool! He's no fool about marriage and the avoidance thereof; neither is he a fool about her feelings for him. Deborah didn't want this man when he wanted her; it says that she rejected him. Well, this man also knows that she really, truly doesn't want him now, either; the only difference is that she's run out of options, and she's willing to settle for him. Oh, I bet he's flattered; he gets to be her consolation prize-wow! That's a position every guy aspires to-not! Hey, if the kitten didn't want me, then I don't want the cat-end of story.

Desperate for a partner so she could re-establish a social life, she's put her reservations aside and embarked on a relationship, but has discovered his single status may not be self-imposed.

He uses nappy rash powder on his privates because "he likes the way it feels"; refuses to eat 'foreign muck', and is "awful in bed". And he's bald.

Yet she persists, convinced she has a shot at 'fixing' him. She's hoping she can change his mind on marriage.

What a shocker-a chick thinking that she can fix a man! Where have we seen THAT movie before?

She is aware that if she fancies a holiday she'll have to pay for his ticket and the most she can hope for is a grudging hand with taking the bins out.

Ah, now SHE'S doing the keeping, huh? How do you like being the 'man' in the relationship, Sweet Pee? Isn't so much fun now, is it?

This has got to stick in her craw. One, like every woman, she no doubt harbored her princess fantasies as a young girl. Two, she was used to having men come down the tracks like rush hour trains, and she thought that this would continue. Silly girl!

She's left The Joy of Sex in his bathroom, where she's sure he'll flick through it.

Oh, I'm sure he's flicked through it. He might even practice the techniques on you. But, what he's really wanting to do is learn these techniques, so he can land someone better than you, my dear.

There are women who have thrown their hands in the air, choosing solitude over compromise.

Oh, now I KNOW that this has to be written by a woman! Only a woman would tell such a bald faced lie like this! No woman wants solitude-none! If there's one thing that drives cold, nightmarish fear into women, it is the fear of being alone. Why do you ALWAYS see them out and about in groups, huh? Because they can't stand the thought of being alone, that's why! Women have GOT to be with someone, or else they can't go out for the evening. Women want solitude like fish want bicycles-what a freakin' lie...

Vivian (38) is a spa manager whose days are long and whose fuse is short.

"Listen: I've been out on so many blind dates I should have my own guide dog.

"I'm sick of having to spend evenings listening to losers, paying for a meal I didn't enjoy.

How does it feel, Darlin'? How do YOU like listening to some loser, and paying for a meal you don't enjoy? WTF did you think men have done for their whole lives?! Ah, but that's different; that's okay when you're taking advantage of the man, isn't it? Now that the shoe is on the other foot (yours), you don't like it so much, do you?

This is living proof that women aren't empathetic like we're always told in the Lamestream Media. If women had any empathy whatsoever, then they'd know that this is what men put up with to be with their sorry asses!

"My nights off are now spent in the bath with a good book and I'm fine with that."

You'll have to be fine with that, because that's as good as it'll ever get for you and your sister over the hill, bitter, angry, used up, misandrist career bitches...

Her milk of human kindness has clearly soured. But for women like divorcee Deborah, still resolute in dating her feckless and fiscally unsound man, hope springs eternal. Now Deborah has no choice but to eternally spring -- for everything.

"Her (Vivian's) milk of human kindness has soured." Translation: she's been used and abused by bad boys for decades. Now that they've gotten tired of her, she hates men.

Isn't it funny how the Lamestream Media paints US as being fiscially irresponsible? Which sex owns hundreds of pair of shoes?! Which sex will blow hundreds of dollars on a sack made of leather, aka a handbag? I know, and I rest my case!

Is it better to be alone than to compromise?

For a guy, it most definitely is better to be alone than compromise with some bitch! You know what compromise means to women, don't you? Women will tell you that it means give & take: you do all the giving, while they do all the taking-ha! That's a woman's definition of compromise. In that light, it is better to be alone than compromise-at least from a man's point of view, anyway...

Dumbing down ultimately leads to disappointment and frustration, but it gets cold and lonely on the lofty peak of high moral ground. Perhaps we could meet somewhere in the middle.

I'm not interested in meeting women in the middle. They heaped hatred, scorn, abuse, derision, etc. on us for over 40 years; they made their beds; now, I think that these women should sleep in them, know what I mean? Furthermore, I'm not interested in surrendering my balls, my freedom, my life, and my thoughts to someone who hates me and everything about me. No, I'll keep my freedom, thank you very much. Meanwhile, I'll do my part to give women the husband they deserve-none! Let's all do likewise, Fellas. If you think women are screaming now, you haven't seen ANYTHING yet! Let's enjoy the show, Fellas, while we take it easy, and enjoy our lives apart from women... :)



CS said...

Good writeup. Once the sex drive ends it's over for women. Aside from friendship they're of little value to men.

Anonymous said...

Find the Plankton blog. Hee, hee.


Anonymous age 69

Jesse said...

Yup, another good post.

"A guy starts to realize that he has something precious: his freedom"

True, and I think you could've expanded some on the opening of men's eyes as they get older. I offer the following to insert just before the above sentence:

"Fourth, bachelors entering their middle-age years have adjusted to their lifestyle and have come to appreciate it in ways they didn't before. In their earlier years they likely were lonely more often and longed for time and attention from women, but now those quiet evenings and open weekends would be very hard to trade for the heaps of stress and expectations that come standard with any relationship with a modern woman. The down-time that used to be seen as a curse is instead counted as a blessing."

That's been the case for me...I figure the older I get the harder that will become to give up. Not impossible, granted, but a woman would have to bring a whole lot to the table to make up for what I'd lose. Needless to say, I don't see that happening...

Jesse said...

Compromise isn't a big deal if the terms and conditions are already defined in your favor. It'd be like me going to my boss and saying I want 10 weeks of paid leave every year but I'd be willing to "compromise" and settle for 8 weeks. Or I need half a mil annual salary but could live with $450k. It only counts as compromise if the outcome is reasonable to both sides.

As we've all learned, a woman's idea of compromising generally starts and ends with what she has decided are "good" outcomes, with no regard for what a man is already giving up or what he might consider reasonable middle ground.

Anonymous said...

you really need to meet a nice single mother and adopt all her bastard children and assume her college loan debt.

After all, you could be having mediocre sex 3 times month.

No scratch that, once a month as she already has a thug on the side..-

Peter said...

Happy New Year to all you lucky bachelors. I wish I were one of you.

Anonymous said...

Have a good year Mark. Rush Limbaugh once said, buy a woman you don't like a house. Good idea. Buy her one in certain areas of Detroit and give her the title. It will be a white elephant and in a neighbourhood crawling with thugs. She will feel right at home. Homes start at around $100.

Anonymous said...

oh look a giant wall of text.

nope. not reading all that.

Ping Jockey said...

Another great post, but undoubtedly the privileged princesses don't want to hear the OTHER side of the story (as usual).
The idea of "compromise" being mentioned is at once both ludicrous and laughable, as Modern Womyns' idea of "compromise" is best expressed as "I get what I want, and you get what I want".