14 January 2012

Wise Words from a 38 Year Old Bachelor


Outcast Superstar had this comment left on his now defunct blog. He thankfully put it up on Happy Bachelors also. These are wise words from a Christian man; these are words to LIVE by, Fellas...


You will find as you get older that you were indeed saved from a trap. I am 38 and was raised a Christian and believed marriage was my calling only to find out that all the girls I observed were too screwed up to make suitable wives/mothers.

Isn't that the truth!  Not all women are too screwed up to be suitable wives and mothers, but they're in a distinct minority.  To put it another way, there aren't enough decent women to go around.   The number of women who would make decent wives and mothers is asymptotically close to zero; finding a woman like that in modern Amerika would be akin to hitting the lottery...

I know the feelings you describe and know I too could have made a lucky young lady VERY happy if she would have just fought off her natural instict to be a rotten bitch at least until I married her, lol.

Modern, American women are too 'empowered' to be nice to men at all these days!  That works in our favor though, because we see the rotten bitch from the get-go; we see her soon enough to bail out when we have nothing invested in her or a relationship with her.

With the feminist movement "liberating" women (men) what you are seeing in modern times are females in their true natural form, warts and all, and as you have found out they are not so pretty and far removed from what we pictured in our childhood dreams as ideal mates.

Zenpriest said it best: feminism liberated us men far more than it ever liberated women.

Girls in generations past were taught to use their youthful looks, virginity and charm and act "lady like" until they landed a lifelong supportive, respectful husband because single females had little means of self support and being an old maid stuck on Mom and Dads' farm was considered a fate worse than death. Although some girls may have secretly lusted after trashy badboys from the wrong side of the tracks they were usually smart enough to know to avoid them or pay the price with a lifetime of abandonment,poverty and abuse.

With inventions like the electric car starter, birth control pill, welfare and telecommunications girls are no longer stuck on Dads' farm or have to rely on a husband for support or even to make babies for that matter. The shitty attitude towards good men and love of assholes was always there, where once it was kept hidden out of necessity of survival, with modern feminism it now is out in the open for all to see.



I'll be back again soon, Fellas.  Until next time...


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Anonymous said...

thing is though, women remain financially dependent. Where they were once dependent on the father of their children, today they are dependent on the corporate structure- something far worse.

Without a doubt the most willing servants of the international money/military machine are Feminists, and as such they pose the greatest threat to freedom.