29 January 2012

The Ring, by JackofClubs


Here's yet ANOTHER tale of horror from a young, Canadian bachelor.  Here's yet another lucky guy who dodged a bullet!  JackofClubs is a member of Happy Bachelors, and his story is must read material.  Read this story, 'The Ring', by JackofClubs, Fellas!  Read it and weep; or I should say read it and rejoice, because he dodged the bullet of marriage to a modern skank.  Without any further ado, here's 'The Ring', by JackofClubs...


Hey guys,

My name is Brian. I'm a 31 year old, self proclaimed jack-of-all-trades IT guy from Ontario, Canada.

I'm sure I mirror a good number of folks when I say the following: I once bought into the great lie that women could do no wrong, and that men should be made to perpetually made to suffer for anything possible, imagined or real. I opened my eyes when I started to notice a trend: The deceit, lack of accountability and decadence that the 'fairer' sex seems to thrive on at other peoples expense, and the agenda to allow it to continue.

The above really started to resonate with me during a downturn in a once happy relationship with my last girlfriend. The downturn consisting of the final three months where I would endure discussions about 'the ring'. I suppose named as such because 'fancy shackle for two months pay' wasn't as catchy sounding. Of course, at the time, I would have happily obliged that request, if it was allowed to be done on my terms (i.e. make it a surprise) rather than make it seem like it was out of servitude. That decision alone saved me from marriage; because she never gave me enough time to make it a surprise. 'The ring' discussion came up constantly, and I soon grew resentful that it wasn't the 'I want to spend the rest of my life with you' discussion or 'I am madly in love with you discussion'. Nope, just an endless loop of her talking about a golden loop. It wasn't long before my eyes flew open and I realized the painful truth: I had become a walking wallet.

Then my eyes opened up to some other painful realities: Divorce and how it can absolutely jeopardize the livelihood and good health of someone completely not at fault.

Needless to say I had enough. One messy breakup later and I still consider myself one lucky bachelor who dodged a bullet. It's been well over one year since then and I feel like i'm seeing the world through different eyes now. I've since sworn off investing anything of significance in the opposite sex. Not out of hatred, mind you, but out of necessity. Society has engineered a situation that propagates the ruination of any man who buys into 'ideal love' (ie marriage). With that knowledge, marriage has become nothing more than a divorce from logic... ...and so, that brings me here.

Hope you have room for one more.

- B


That was a good warning, Fellas.  Read it and heed it.  Until next time...



Carnivore said...

Yeah - bit warning flag. If she wants the big diamond ring, and to spend tens of thousands on a wedding - not good.

ScareCrow said...

Yes - I have heard many of these stories.

They all make me sick.

Anonymous said...

What do you honestly expect?

Modern Western Women are trained by society and media to seek career, fashion (consumption and celebrity worship), and of course: the wedding day...What they aren't informed is the realities of married life. (Hence, the reason for the high divorce numbers.)

Here in Australia, my friend also dodged a bullet. His girlfriend of 3 years began behaving like a spoilt child at a toy shop...She was screaming in the car for marriage.

At first he didn't know what to do because he was scared. (She never behaved like that before). After talking to friends and family, he left her...Its been three months since, but you can see that his face is no longer pale or depressed. It really looks like he got his life back!

It just goes to show that you have to be picky with women. Any women won't do...Because it'll cost you in the long run!

Carnivore said...

It just goes to show that you have to be picky with women. Any women won't do...Because it'll cost you in the long run!

Sorry to sound like a broken record, but young men these days set their standards for a wife WAY too low and think almost exclusively with the wrong "head".

Burton said...

It says something about the decadence of Western society that the rational decision for men is avoiding marriage at all costs (come to think of it, the cost of avoiding marriage is far less than the cost of getting married!).

Now at this point someone will say, "But isn't marriage the foundation of society?" Yep, but what society is that? A society in which men are, as this fellow notes, "walking wallets."

And you have to figure it is the more intelligent, rational fellow who will be avoiding marriage, or going abroad to find a wife in a more civilized society.

In the long run, this bodes ill for Western society, but then again, it has been that Western society which has pushed men to the limit.

Anonymous said...

"I've since sworn off investing anything of significance in the opposite sex. Not out of hatred, mind you, but out of necessity."

A sad but true commentary of our times. I pray hard for my own son.


djc said...

I've sworn them off also. To me they are just a pain in the ass. And not anywhere near worth the trouble.

Masculist Man said...


How are things at Happy Bachelor's? Is recluse still giving blowjobs on demand? You can go ahead and tell him I said that but he can rest assure I meant no respect by it.

Masculist Man said...

Do men ever protest the injustices done to them or do they just whine on blogs like this one hoping someone will deliever them from their pain without any effort on their part? Or do men feel that activism will fuck up their pity party? You tell me.

Anonymous said...

Western society has become no place for men...Especially for this so-called "Marriage 2.0"

* You're a walking wallet.

=> That's the first thing that is gauged in her pretty little head. (Ignore all the excuses about love and other nonsense they will use to dance around the issue. If you don't have financial resources or the potential to create one; they won't waste their time on you.)

* You're a portable sperm supply cache.

=> How else is she going to satisfy her biological need to have children? That bio clock of hers gets louder and louder in her 30s. Besides, its far less embarrassing than spending $20,000 on IVF! (Bare in mind, some countries like Australia subsidises IVF. eg: Taxpayer absorbs the cost!)

* If you don't learn to master your sexual urges, you will lose out in the long term.

=> Short term sexual gratification is used against males in order for females to attain long term benefits. Like Jack Bauer in the TV Show "24"; its all about "leverage". Society is heavily sexualised in order to keep you numb and thinking with your nuts.

So I guess the talk of self mastery in those Asian philosophical texts from thousands of years ago still apply in the 21st century. Think with your little snake, and you'll end up in serious trouble!

There's one big weakness with women, and its rarely emphasized in mainstream media: Men can decide to turn their backs on women.

There is nothing a woman can do if you just simply stop paying attention. If you do not initiate anything romantic, she's absolutely powerless! (Keep work related conversation minimal and relevant to the job.)

Really, what is the point of sex when it leads to high risk consequences?

=> STDs
(Condoms don't protect you from herpes!)

=> Unwanted Pregnancies.
(Condoms are 85% effective in the real world. Its 90%+ effective when tested under controlled lab testing. Do you really want to risk bringing an unplanned 20+ year commitment into your life?)

=> False Rape Allegations.
(This is one that any woman can pull to publicly destroy a man...They often wield this weapon with little empathy until they realise the damage it causes. Some will ask for forgiveness after they've destroyed your life!)

...It just gets worse as time goes on. There's fewer and fewer reasons to even get married. (Especially with the new domestic violence clauses that some Governments have added...Which allow them to take away your right to see your kids via false allegation.)

Its probably safer just to stick to porn, masturbation, and reputable establishments of adult services. (If you really can't control your urges.) ...I guess its harmless if you have no plans in becoming a politician or famous person of character/integrity.

Really, its safest to pay attention to what your doing in life, and not do anything stupid. It always bites you back in the butt in the future!

djc said...

Pain? Pain was being married. I'm having a great time now.

Burton said...

You have to look at it this way: you are living your life in the Underground. Once you understand this, you can survive and prosper. Above all, do not buy into the system.

Live your life to the fullest on your own terms. And use the internet to stay networked with others in the Underground. An insurgency is growing...