17 January 2012

The Cost of Marriage, by Christopher in Oregon


Here's yet another MASTERPIECE by Christopher in Oregon. Though he still doesn't have his own blog yet, he does share his thoughts on the Happy Bachelors forum. This is yet another masterpiece by my biking buddy, Christopher in Oregon...



I think I've mentioned a friend of mine in the past. His name is Tom. We've known each other since we were small children, but parted company when he got married the first time. His wife was a slut of the first order. She cheated on him, even hit on me, and the marriage ended after about ten years. Lost his house. One kid who has been brainwashed by the mother to hate him. Never talks to him.

Married again, second wife cheated on him with a sixteen-year-old, and again, the marriage ended and he lost another house. Two kids; reasonable relationship with both of them although the mother has tried to destroy that.

Ten years ago, he married a CPA he met when he was visiting relatives in Austria. He brought her here, certain that this devout Catholic from the old country would be more traditional. Nope. She cheated on him, and they divorced. Lost another house that he's renting back from the people he sold it to.

He now has three renters occupying the spare bedrooms in order to help pay the rent on what was once his own house.

This formerly robust fellow, who was always athletic, at only 49, is falling apart. The stress has given him severe ulcer problems. He can't eat. He is losing weight like I've never seen before. The stress of his ex-wives, and the problems with his children, are slowly wasting him away. One of his son's is about to marry a tramp, and it's killing my friend.

I warned him each time he got married to not do it. The first time we were nineteen, and each subsequent time I tried to reason with him. He quietly ignored me, and now he is paying the price.

This man's life is effectively ruined. His health is is deteriorating rapidly. Stress is killing him.

All because of women and his inability to see them for what they are and say "NO" to himself.

Such an insane price to pay, and what a vantage point to sit by and watch over a period of thirty years a friend being ruined by women.

Christopher in Oregon


So, what did we learn from this? Don't get married! The life (not to mention money) that you save may be your own! Until next time...



sestamibi said...

Been married almost fifteen years and my life is far better for it.

BUT!! I realize how incredibly lucky I am and how I beat the odds (so far! I may yet have to eat my words, but since I'm in my 60s I don't have all that long to go).

I agree with CIO. Especially if you are older, say over 40, DO NOT get married. There is simply nothing to be gained and everything to lose.

Anonymous said...

These modern women are like the Terminator robot, with a compliant court system.

Relentless and merciless.

Anonymous said...

The only thing you'll learn from Chris is that the lower classes are like a different breed.

Anonymous said...

Yikes! I think that I will opt out and say no to marriage!

Burton said...

I warned him each time he got married to not do it.

Right, but the dilemma is, many men get stars in their eyes the moment that the topic of women comes up. They have this idealized image of what females input into one's life. Whether this image comes from internal biological processes, media agitprop, or self-delusion--who cares?

The reality is that men go marching to their doom as if they were part of the first wave at the Somme or Gallipoli.

djc said...

Unfortunately most men never learn. One woman was enough for me. I don't want another one.

P Ray said...

Why did he have to get married in his own country?
Just get a ceremony done in her country, then go to live in his country.
Notice I said ceremony ... not something legally binding.
After all ... love isn't about being married in a legally-binding rite that invites the court into both peoples' lives.
If that's the case, since the guy is the one taking the risks, he should be allowed to invite women into his marriage ...
after all, the woman has the government on her side, amirite?