29 December 2011

Men Harassed @ Work Have NO Recourse


Those who have the misfortune of working with women know that women get away with murder in the workplace. We also know that they get the pussy pass for everything that they do. They can say the most wretched, mean spirited things about men, and it's okay; if a man were to say ONE THING about women though, he's out on his ear. How dare that male chauvinist pig say something like that! Ah, but it's okay if a woman does it.

Here's an article from the Telegraph that confirms what we men already knew: that reporting sexual harassment won't be taken seriously by our employer. You can read the facts for yourselves. As always, you have my biting commentary amongst the article text...


Most men are harassed by women at work

Four out of five men are sexually harassed by women at work - but are too afraid to complain to their employers - according to researchers.

By Rupert Neate
Last Updated: 12:24PM BST 02 Jul 2008

A study by the law firm Peninsula found 85 per cent of employers admit they take a complaints of sexual harassment from a male employees less seriously.

Naw, you don't say?! IOW, if you're a man and report sexual harassment, kiss off! That begs the question: why is this the case? One, such matters are reported to the human resources office (used to be called Personnel back in the day). Two, HR is known as a 'pink collar ghetto'; i.e. it's staffed mostly by feminazi bitches. The female HR staffers will assume that the man is lying; that the woman is telling the truth; and, they'll stick up for their fellow sisters no matter what.

Here, you have an admission STRAIGHT FROM THE HORSE'S MOUTH that they do not take men's complaints as seriously. Finally, we have a mainstream media organization (albeit a British one) admitting the freakin' obvious! And they wonder why men don't report sexual harassment...

Two-thirds of the 2,300 men questioned also said sexual banter was inappropriate at work.

I'd call it more than inappropriate; I'd call it garbage. Did you ever hear what women talk about at work?! Sheesh, women today talk worse than sailors, for cryin' out loud!

David Price of Peninsula said: "The balance has shifted and it is now women who are aiming sexual banter at male workers.

Damn right the balance has shifted! Women know that the government, their employer, the law, the courts, and the police are all on their side. They know that they have the pussy pass, and they make use of it. They know that they can get away with anything, up to and including murder-just so long as the act is against a man...

"Many workers are under the opinion that sexual banter is an acceptable norm in the work place.

Some banter WAS acceptable in the workplace, and it went both ways. The gals gave as good as they got too.
But, the respondent above is right; sexual banter IS acceptable in the workplace-just so long as women do it! If a man does it, why that's another matter...

"But not everyone is happy with these types of jokes and the situation is a consistently growing problem for employers.

"The majority of men don't feel that gender discrimination applies to them, and tend to just accept any banter aimed at them.

"Male employees should not feel they can't report incidents to their employer. It is an employer's responsibility to investigate harassment claims, whatever the employee's gender."

You're right; male employees SHOULDN'T feel that they can't report incidents to their employer! This begs the question as to WHY they feel that way. They feel that way because men are second class citizens in the workplace, and they're treated accordingly, that's why! They also know that HR, to whom they'd have to report any incidents, is populated with women. Like most modern women, the women in HR hate men, so they're not inclined to believe them, let alone give benefit of the doubt; they also believe that women are superior to men, and that women couldn't sexually harass a man; finally women always stick together when it comes to screwing over men. Even if another woman MURDERED a man, you can bet your bippy that other women will JUSTIFY the act. So, men know that they cannot go seeking justice from HR. In fact, if they complain about sexual harassment, they're the ones likely to be fired! So much for equality and all that crap...

Earlier this month girls at a further education college were reprimanded for wolf-whistling at builders.

Though it's nice to see the shoe on the other foot for a change, though it's nice to see women getting into trouble for the same things that men do, this political correctness has gone way too far! WTF is wrong with giving a comely woman or handsome man a good whistle, huh?

Officials at West Kent College in Tonbridge, Kent, warned pupils the behaviour was "totally unacceptable," and said any student caught harassing the contractors would face disciplinary action.

Imagine that-women getting in trouble for the same thing that can get men in trouble. Who would have thought?!

Again, this is PC run amok though. This crap has gone way too far! Whistling at someone is NOT sexual harassment, damn it! I know sexual harassment when I see it, and this ain't it...

I guess the only way this PC crap will change is because women are now being affected by it too. When men complained about it, we were told that we were insenstive brutes; that we didn't know what we were talking about; to suck it up; and to shut up. Now that women are getting bitten in the ass by the same laws, policies, and regulations for which they clamoured, I wonder how long THEY will still think that these are all reasonable? It's a different story when the shoe's on the other foot, isn't it Little Missy?

I view this with a mix of schadenfreude and frustration. I feel schadenfreude because now women are getting a taste of their own medicine; now that they are, they're making the same COMPLAINTS that we did years ago when these policies were put in place. Ah, but now that this PC garbage affects them, that's different, huh?

I'm also frustrated because everything is against the law now; shoot, it's getting to the point that a guy can't even rip a good fart anymore without being chastised by the EPA or DEP! A guy can't do guy things; this has been true for a while now. What's wrong with a little banter and a little kidding around? Man, I gotta get out of this wretched world, the sooner the better...



Opus said...

If you can't wolf-whistle at builders - who can you whistle at? Since when was letting someone else know that you find them attractive morally culpable?

I once had a client who was being investigated by the local police for wolf-whistling at a young woman. I told the police - in writing - exactly what I thought, to their shocked amazement. PC gone mad, but I did not back down and my client retained his liberty.

As for sexual harrasemnt by women at work - groping, exposing, etc it never stops.

Anonymous said...

(NB: I am a guy who doesn't consider himself all that good looking. Just putting that out there for the record.)

It's even worse for me when it's the customers. We can at least get the semblance of people doing something about it if we speak up, but when it's the customers, forget about it...

I've had an african american women tell me, to my face: "Damn! You're a good lookin' guy! I bet you get that all the time! What on Earth are you doing here?! You should be modeling! If I weren't married...!!! Mmm-Hmm!" I couldn't get a word in edge-wise. Just reading about it, one might not think much of it, but it was in no way appropriate.

I've also had the experience of, while cleaning up, having a pair of young women (fairly attractive women I must admit) say rather loudly so that I could hear: "That's what I love about [my place of employment], they have the best men!"

I've had another woman tell me that I had very kind eyes, then asked me if I was single, and before I could respond in any way, she told me that her sister had just gotten out of a bad relationship...

Now, I'm more than willing to let those comments go in one ear, and out the other -- I don't consider any of them bad enough to warrant reporting, if a female customer grabs my butt, then we'll talk. But just reverse the genders, and you can imagine the $H!†-storm that would have happened.

Imagine a young, 20-something woman, getting those kinds of comments, there'd be hell to pay for the guy(s) who let those words pass through his lips.

Carnivore said...

Opus said...
"If you can't wolf-whistle at builders - who can you whistle at? Since when was letting someone else know that you find them attractive morally culpable?"


Justin said...

I will confirm this post with multiple personal experiences. Women make the most obnoxious, sexual comments at work about men, AND sometimes engage in blatant sexual harrassment of a man who is physically present, if they find him attractive. But like you said, they are a protected class, I sure as hell didn't say anything about it, because I know I would somehow come out looking like the bad guy.