31 December 2011

Cripling the Matriarchy, by Mirror of the Soul


Here's another classic from Mirror of the Soul, and it's about shutting down the Matriarchy. Click the link, scroll about halfway down, and you'll see it. While you're at it, read the other wisdom on that page. Let's do it, Fellas (cripple the Matriarchy and increase our knowledge & wisdom)!


Shutting Down The Matriarchy

It is pretty easy to shutdown the matriarchy, however, most men are too addicted to pussy to actually shut it down, and because of this, they keep the matriarchy going - chivalrous males are the worst offenders. However, for those of you that want to know how to shutdown the matriarchy, or even just your little section of the matriarchy here is how:

1. Drop out of society. Just disappear. It is easy to do. You engage minimally as possible with society, particularly women. The less visible men are and contributing to society the more women have to take up the slack and will soon burn themselves out, contributing in part to a matriarchal shutdown.

2. Focus on you. Work for you. Become YOU, INC. Your well being is just as important as anybody else's, particularly women's. Can't decide between reading a good book or going a date? Read the book instead, it is much more benefical than spending money on a date, even if you are paying just half of the date. The more dateless women, the more discontent the matriarchy becomes for women, the better. Let women know, it is over for them - remember they don't need men anymore, so let them do without. Plus, and more importantly, you could get accused falsely of rape if you both find each other attractive and sparks fly, and later on she feels gulity for the one night stand, and decides to absolve herself of being a "ho" by accusing you falsely of rape.

3. Support pop and mom stores. Avoid big corporations in buying your products and services, which employ and promote women that can't even do their jobs which further funds the matriarchy with your money.

4. Don't be sucked into that "real man" crap, I have heard it over and over, "A real man would be responsible and get married" or "A real man would support a woman". All this "real man" crap is a ploy by women to trap you into marriage and make you a matriarchal wage slave that keeps the matriarchy going- voluntary by her using you with traditional marriage to get you to support her and the matriarchy, and involuntary through divorce, with the courts forcing you by police arrest and jail to support her and the matriarchy via alimony, child support, etc. Women have access to education and jobs better than men do these days, let women support themselves and their cats. As mentioned in point (1) above, this will contribute to more burned out women and discontent to shut down the matriarchy.

5. Legally minimize your tax burden. Less taxes going to the government will be less money supporting the matriarchy.


That's good stuff that we ALL need to be implementing in our lives, Gentlemen! If we all do what the Mirror suggested, then we can CRIPPLE this Matriarchy of ours real quick like-not to mention pay back all the ungrateful bitches in America while we're at it...


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TaxExile said...

not yet 2012, but another lost soul is now laying down in my hallway with multiple bottles screaming at the door of my shemale neighbor. Peace be with all during these end times.