26 December 2011



Without going into details, I got a little bit careless in real life.  There was a chance of being outed, so I wiped out all my posts.  I shall delete this blog in the near future.  Thanks, guys...



Daybreaker said...

Thanks for what you were able to do.

Long life and good health to you, MarkyMark.

Stay safe.

Ray Manta said...

I'm going to miss your posts MarkyMark. I understand how you need to look out for #1 though.

Anonymous said...

Best of luck and stay safe

Ken said...

You have to take care of yourself. I need to add that you were the first person of note in the manosphere that I found. I am in debt to you and am a wiser man due to your blog. Your insight will be missed. Keep the faith, MarkyMark, and live long, and prosper. Since you have wisely stayed the lifelong bachelor (unlike myself), your ability to do the aforementioned is far greater. Godspeed my friend.

spocksdisciple said...

This feels like 100AD and you're a "secret" Christan follower in the time of the Romans.
It's too bad that we cannot openly state our beliefs about the current injustices going on but like the Christian's of that time you can count on severe punishments if the feminazi opposition get a hold of your real identity.

It's too bad that the blog had to end this way, there were some high quality posts here and I'll miss reading them.

Anonymous said...

You're just becoming paranoid and egocentric which what happens to a lot of men who are socially isolated. Even if you were to go into work and tell everybody you had a blog and where it was no one would give a damn or pay any attention to it. In real life most normal people have their own life and things to think about that they don't even care or notice what other people are doing. Even if everyone you knew at work read your blog they'd just shrug it off in a minute and forget it as insignificant. What you think is important or the centre of your life means nothing to others. You and your readers remind me of a teenager with a pimple on his forehead who thinks everyone is looking at it and it's the only thing on earth. lol

TaxExile said...

My thoughts are with you, comrade. For you newbies.......never write a check your ass can't cash.

BroCode said...

Peace out, brother ... gonna miss your commentary.

Anonymous said...


It is with great sadness that I read this (last) post of yours. I want to thank you for all the work you've done over the years, yours was one of the first "men's" blog that I started reading, due to a friend's suggestion. You will be missed...
Merry (belated) Christmas, Happy New Year, and I wish you all the best as you go ghost.

Steve C

Carnivore said...

Sorry to hear. Take care.

Anonymous said...

Though I seldom comment on your blog, I have thoroughly enjoyed reading it over the past couple of years and can't thank you enough for all the wisdom you've shared with us. With the exception of a handful of idiots like Anon 12:24, I've enjoyed reading all the insightful comments from your other readers and have learned much from them as well.

As much as I will miss your posts, I can understand why you are terminating your blog. Sadly, freedom of speech only applies to those whose thoughts, ideas, and beliefs fit nicely into the feminist/leftist/police state agenda of today's America.

I hope you consider archiving your old posts make them available to those guys who are questioning the status-quo but feel alone in their beliefs....just as I was a few years back.

Best of luck in all your present and future endeavors, MarkyMark!!

Ferdinand Bardamu said...

This is depressing. You were one of the bloggers who's significantly influenced my thinking; I've been reading you for god knows how long.

Good luck and thanks for the memories.

Anonymous said...

From a fellow New Jersey guy, I hate to see you go

CS said...

Sorry to hear it Mark. I'll miss this blog. Thanks for everything.

tiredofitall said...

Damn. Hate to see you go, but I understand the concerns. Thanks for helping to shine a positive light on the MRM for as long as you did.

Good luck and I hope you can return in some form to blogging, you did a damn fine job of it.

Anonymous said...

I am not so critical of 12:24 as others are. I am not sure he is right, but he does make a valid point, that sometimes we are more afraid then necessary.

On the other hand, I do think Mark knows his work environment. And, if he thinks the blog could get him fired, he had better dump it. He has given enough. Under MGTOW principles, he MUST first take care of himself.

And, in Mark's place, he has commented on fellow workers, females, and that will cook your goose if found out.

Mark, consider posting on a message board, under another name. Something more mature, such as DGM-4. There is an open thread.

Anonymous age 69

Anonymous said...

Good luck and God bless you. I did post a few times under anonymous and will miss your blog. Do post on other forums under a different name. NS

P Ray said...

Sorry to hear you will be closing this blog! Was good reading it and thanks for the wisdom!

Rmaxd said...

What's DGM-4?

& has anyone got an archive of markymarks website they can send me?


Anonymous said...

You are a good writer, with keen social insights. Your man's perspective will be missed.

Hopefully, someone has a back up.

Lee Raconteur

Rmaxd said...

Whats dgm-4?

& can someone send me a copy of markymarks site archive?

its savantroox@yahoo.co.uk


Anonymous said...

Mark, I will assist in any way that I can to get you back up in running and keep you anonymous. You can email me the articles, I publish, I don't know. Anything because I'd really hate to see go.

You can hit me up on Twitter @HR_Hughes anytime. Take care, brother.

MarkyMark said...


One, I know that someone, somewhere made an archive of my blog. Perhaps you all could get it to me? Two, I have found my posts on Google reader, and I'm in the process of saving them now. This was a huge mistake, and I'd like to resurrect the blog, though perhaps under a different name and/or different URL (e.g. Wordpress).


MarkyMark said...


I don't know where it is, but there IS an archive of my blog out there; I've seen it. I'd like to have a copy myself...


Anonymous said...

In other news, mgtowforums.com has been down since this morning. All I see is an Apache CentOS page.

I Google searched 'Nacho Vidal' and 'MGTOW' and this was that I found:


Clearly, there are enemies out there.

Take care Markymark. You may want to make a fresh blog for the new year. Let's hope you manage to archive your older posts.

Thanks for everything.

Jesse said...


Very sorry to hear of your close call. As it has done for many others, your blog introduced me to the manosphere and gave me some much-needed education and encouragement. I'm better off for having found this site. So I hope your writing remains available to us in some way; the world would sorely miss your openness and honesty--and trademark biting commentary.

Regardless, all the best!

Anonymous said...

As a long time reader from dear old blighty, just wanted to wish you well.

I have enjoyed the blog and benefitted greatly from the knowledge gleaned. Plus having a laugh along the way.

Enjoy your life and good luck in your future endeavours.

Anonymous said...

I see you have changed your mind, thus giving some credence to Anon 12:24.

However, I do think it might be a good idea to get rid of those postings about women you work with, assuming you find them all. If discovered, those are career limiting.

If you don't find an archive, not to worry. You can build a new blog just as good as what you wiped out. Especially using more caution.

My guess is it involved panic when you feared being outed. I told my son when he was young that panic is nature's best survival tool in emergencies.

Anonymous age 69

Anonymous said...

Regarding 12:24's comment:

Sometimes, we MRA folks have to be extra vigilant. Yes, it seems like paranoia at times, but there have been well-documented cases in the past to justify this.

Case in point: the ProBoards screwjob, wiping out several forums for 'hate-speech'. Our enemies are plenty and very real. They define modern society's orthodoxy. We are the heretics.

Also, it is quite futile to delete anything that has been published online: they're like leaked homemade porn videos, no cease-and-desist legal orders will stop its distribution.

Think twice before you publish anything, and avoid real names or precise geographical locations.

spocksdisciple said...


I would suggest contacting the Blogger admins to see if they back up blogs on a regular basis. They should be able to restore your blog up to their last backup period.
I cannot believe that Blogger would not backup their data somewhere.

MarkyMark said...


I poked around Blogger's Help pages, and I found that the posts are ARCHIVED on Google Reader. It looks like almost all of them have been saved, so I'm in the process of saving them to disk. I did some great writing (if I say so myself), and it would be a pity for that to go to waste. Also, this will open the door for reposting in the future.

This is an ENORMOUS undertaking though, because I have hundreds of posts out there; the last time I checked, I had something like 975. I won't repost all of them because: 1) some of those were short announcements; and 2) others were repeats. Even so, I have hundreds of posts to back up, a task that I expect to take weeks to finish. Ergo, if I repost (and I'm looking to do that), it'll be weeks, if not months, before I'm back up.


Eman said...


I don't blame you, man...I understand that you have to protect yourself from the sleaze called 'censorship'...overall--you've had a very respectable run. Whatever endeavor you choose to go with, I wish you all the best. Thanks for everything...

MGTOW forever! \m/


Anonymous said...

Sorry to see you go. I enjoyed many of your stories. Hope to see you under some other guise. Minus the self-identifying stuff of course.

Let it be a lesson to other bloggers, keep a backup of your posts on your own system. And back that up too!

Anonymous said...

Marky Mark:
I was an undergrad in college when i stumbled onto your blog; since that day, i can say that i don't put women on a pedestal but treat them like fallable humans. They'll get over it--i did. The only regret i have is that i didn't find it earlier--would have saved me some grief. In any case, do what you have to do to watch your back. And thanks for all you have done for men...and fair winds to you.

Anonymous said...

I'm anon @12.24
Marky, how is someone going to know you? Unless you went out of your way to tell people at work that you had a blog and where it was located and that Marky was you. Even then they probably wouldn't even bother to find it or read it.
Even on the 1 in a billion chance that someoe just happened to read all of your blog they still wouldn't associate it with you.

MarkyMark said...


How could someone tie the blog to me? Here's how...

I was reading the recent discussion about Susan Walsh over @ Black Pill, formerly Omega Virgin Revolt. I'd scrolled down to a comment just below the one I'd left early that morning. As I did, a coworker walked up behind me. He saw the 'MarkyMark' handle, and made a smart comment about wanting to read what I'd said. I simply told him that I was following an online discussion, nothing more. After all, you know what Shakespeare said about protesting too much, right?

I don't know how convincing my casual denial was. I do know this though: I left my URL when leaving my comments @ Black Pill. When you fill out the comment form, it asks for three things, two of which are required, one of which is optional. The two required fields are name & e-mail; the optional field is your website URL. I entered all three elements. If you fill out the URL, then your name becomes a hot link; that hot link goes back to the site you entered-in this case, my blog.

Well, since my coworker saw the comment; since he saw my name; did he not know who to look for if he logged on to BP's discussion about Susan Walsh? Could he not also click on my name, and find himself @ my blog? If he found himself at my blog, could he not read everything I've ever written? Given the non-PC nature of my writings (e.g. saying women shouldn't vote, among other things), couldn't that get me into trouble if the wrong people saw that?

Now, you might be saying that only applies if he TELLS someone. How do I know that that won't happen? Even if Don (not his real name) had no problems with what I said, what if he told someone else about the blog? What if they read it? What if they have a problem with what I wrote? Even if Don didn't tell anyone out of malice; even if he weren't trying to hurt me; could he not tell someone in passing that I have a blog online? Could he not say that I have a website without really THINKING about it? Isn't it possible that the person he told would ask him how to find my website? Isn't it possible that Don could tell him to go to Black Pill, read the Susan Walsh post, then find my comments? Isn't it possible that the person(s) he told could go to BP, find MarkyMark's comments, click my name (which again is a HOT link!), and find my blog? I think so. Ergo, I was careless; I exposed myself unnecessarily.

Now, what I could have done is simply delete the blog, but I didn't look up how to do that at first; I simply started deleting posts. Had I deleted the blog: 1) my posts would have been preserved; and 2) I'd have had 90 days to 'undelete', or restore the blog before it and its contents were lost for good.

Having said all that, my posts ARE still available; they're just harder to find. I've found them, and I'm in the process of backing them up on my hard drive. At this time, I'm inclined to save everything, then repost it as time permits. I hope that this answers your questions.


Twenty said...

This is why I never ever ever read anything more controversial than National Review Online at work, and reserve this alias exclusively for manosphere related postings.

For now, stealth is our weapon.

Anonymous said...

It looks like Outcast Superstar Archived one of your writings over on his blog.

You wrote a kick ass piece called "How to Handle the Why You Aren't Married Question at work"


That is one of your finest pieces you have written and you may want to repost that one back on your blog.

MarkyMark said...


As I said, I got a bit too careless-my bad. I know better than that...


Anonymous said...

"The price of freedom is eternal vigilance."

Better to be safe than sorry despite the inconvenience. I would have done the same. If I discovered my shoes were caught in quicksand, I would have jumped out of them immediately and let the shoes sink into oblivion rather than risk sinking with them. The shoes could be recovered later from a point of safety once the danger has passed.

The indoctrinated masses of sheeple clamor for "freedom of speech," but when that freedom speaks the truth, upholds true justice, and exposes the lies of feminism, then it must be silenced. Since real punishments exist, the truth speakers who visit your fine blog must hide like cowards within the catacombs of the Internet as the early Christians once did simply to protect their lives, livelihoods, and reputations. How ironic for those living in the "land of the free and the home of the brave."

Vigilance is a necessity, not an option even for posting blog comments. For myself, I absolutely must use an anonymizing proxy when posting comments and never under the same name. When you know your IP address and packets are being logged, you tend to think differently and take precautions. This becomes a habit over time. It is tempting to build a name for myself and become an Internet celebrity for the purpose of brand recognition, but protecting my well-being comes first.

After all, for example, a retroactive law could be passed in the near future that could require a site to reveal the IP addresses of posts that feminists deem offensive to their cause under the guise of "hate speech." A revealed IP could be traced to a physical location, and that spells trouble if it leads a SWAT van to a home address. (Yes, this sounds extreme now, but at the pace America is traveling along the path of socialism, this is not an unlikely future scenerio.)

Many other possibilities abound, so it is better to err on the side of caution than make the error of thinking, "That'll never happen here. This is America! We are free! We have a Constitution to protect us!" Uh-huh. Sure.

Anyway, great blog, and thanks for making it happen. Your blog is one of the first MGTOW blogs that opened my eyes and helped me realize that I am not alone in my observations about Marriage 2.0, feminism, political correctness, and a multiple of other double standards plaguing this once-great nation that heavily despises God, righteous, and traditional Christian morality.

Please lace your shoes or find a new pair to keep running the race! You are not alone in the marathon of life and survival in the USSA.

MarkyMark said...


Thanks for your comment-good stuff! I like the shoes analogy, BTW. At the very least, when I leave future comments, I'll either do so using another name; or I'll leave my URL out, so no one can follow the hot link back here.

Fortunately, I found where my posts were archived, and I'm in the slow, laborious process of backing them up. So far, I've recovered 125. That said, it'll take a while to recover them all, because I had 975 posts! Since many of those were brief announcements or repeats, the actual number is lower. I've been trimming that fat as I've backed up my posts to my hard drive.

As for what I'll do in the future, I haven't quite figured that out yet; I need to back up everything and save it to my HDD first. Once I have that figured out, I'll figure out what to do in the future, i.e. how to repost the material.


Anonymous said...

Ann @10.10-your're letting your paranoia run away with you.Marky has ever written anything that is illegal and is just his opinion. If by chance some poster did, a blog owner cannot be held liable either criminally or in a civil lawsuit. That is the Law.
As far as being tracked by IP you would first have to get an IP and then get a warrant to see which ISP customer was posting with that IP at that time. Most ISP's use dynamic IP's from a pool because no
t all custmers are not online at once and there are not enough to go around. Sure, the FBI with their manpower and resources can find you but the average person couldn't even if he knew someone in security at the ISP because those IP logs esp. when there may be an ISP with millions of customers are not easy to figure out. Also, in a criminal case they would have to prove that you were the actual person using the pc at that time and I think we're all smart enough to never talk to cops(or at least I hope so) And then of course there's wireless and someone may be using your IP unknown to you.
None of this has anything to do with Marky anyway which was more a matter of just protecting his identity for personal reasons.

And btw, you may want to adopt more of the attitude of Lester in the film American Beauty, a film I just watched :o)

Anonymous said...

Good blog you have going. Other great MGTOW blogs exist, but yours attracts comments worth reading.

Just a suggestion when restoring your posts, please include the "Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader?" dumb blond clip because of how the host speaks the truth about "being a woman" and how the audience boos at him for doing so. I believe you had some good comments about this.

And please BE SURE to repost the Montavit water commercial along with your insightful comments. Reality explained in 45 seconds.




MarkyMark said...


Glad you like the blog! Yeah, the past comments are all gone, unfortunately. As for the Montavit water commercial, that WILL be going back up; that was one of the BEST posts I ever did! For whatever reason though, it didn't garner many comments. I saw the Montavit post in there though, so you WILL see it again... :)


Alek Novy said...

This is why you need to do exports regularily. Blogspot offers an "export" function that exports the entire blog into a single file. You can just do it once a week or so.

MarkyMark said...


Yeah, I learned about the export feature AFTER the fact. The blog posts are still on Google Reader; they're all there. The hard part is digging them out, particularly the older ones.

What sucks even more is that I OVERREACTED! I returned from vacation yesterday, and nothing was said to me. All I needed to do was deactivate the link over @ BP's site, so no one could click back to the blog here.


Anonymous said...

Given the events concerning Internet censorship this past week (SOPA/PIPA bills, SOPA/PIPA protests, the takedown of Megaupload, the recording industry's response), it seems as if the Internet's days of free speech as we know it are numbered.

For this reason, it may be a good idea to start protecting our online identities now. Here's why...

When you look around, the Internet is the last unregulated frontier of free speech for many. Many other countries already have some form of control over the Internet in the name of "protecting its citizens," and it looks like America may follow suit in the future.

Even though SOPA/PIPA has been delayed for now, it will try again. The end result may be an Internet more regulated than that of China in the name of protecting corporate interests, hate speech, safety, and protecting the children.

The real danger lies in how the laws of today are written in vague, all-encompassing terms that can be interpreted in any way a skillful lawyer chooses to support an agenda.

While, on the surface, SOPA/PIPA sounds like a crime-fighting law, what is to stop it from expanding to special interest groups? Laws rarely remain stagnant. Women's rights groups will no doubt expand something like SOPA/PIPA to shut down MGTOW blogs such as this and might even demand that blog sites reveal the IP addresses of the posters and commenters for further prosecution. All done in the name of "safety," "protecting the children," or "suppressing hate speech." The power is too tempting.

The Constitution no longer protects. There are too many regulations, court rulings, bureaucracy, and social pressures that supersede the Constitution.

The right to free speech? Sure. Just try praying in the Name of Jesus in a public school and see how far that gets you (court rulings). Or, try discussing MGTOW topics (such as anti-male court practices and feminism) in a female-dominated workplace and watch what happens (social pressure and corporate policy).

Returning to the original post, I think that you (MarkyMark) chose wisely in deleting your blog when felt threatened. As for those who comment and enjoy using the Internet, by all means, continue speaking because the truth must be spoken. People need to know the ugly realities of "family court" and the lies of feminism.

However, it might be wise to use caution when posting comments because laws of these nature often carry unjust, overboard punishments. This means the State will track you down.

Here is my point: These laws stand a good chance of becoming a reality in the future. So, start thinking about how you can protect yourself now. As an example, think about how blog comments can be traced back to your home address. If you post something on a blog - no matter how truthful or legal it might be at the time - if laws exist that prohibit that truth, then you can be traced through your IP address and timestamps. Can you do so anonymously? Can your posts be chained together into an online profile about yourself?

The State can deem anything illegal (including MGTOW blogs and sites) for whatever reason. If that ever happens, then you do not want an online trail of yourself. Remember, the Constitution will not (likely) protect you.

The Megaupload takedown, for one example, has demonstrated how much power the USSA has over the Internet and the rest of the world, and it was done in absence of the SOPA/PIPA laws.

This is why individuals need to think about their privacy now even though SOPA/PIPA might not be related to MGTOW at the moment. Once the State gets its foot in the door in one area, the State will no doubt open the door further into other areas including MGTOW issues that speak the truth.

The truth about the unjust family laws and feminism needs to be spoken. At the same time, we need to be more cautious.

It is dangerous to be right when the government is wrong, and taking some precaution is better than taking none at all.

Evelin Olívia said...

May God protect us... Politically Correctness is the worst form of censorship.
I'm glad and blessed I got to arrive here before the blog is totally deleted.
Hey MarkyMark, before you decide to delete it for real, please can you send me as many posts as possible to my email?
Thank you in advance,

Brazilian Woman.