01 March 2012

Interesting Info from an Unlikely Source


There's an interesting divorce article from a VERY unlikely source: Seattle Weekly.  Here's mainstream (read liberal, socialist, and PC) publication dissecting the divorce industry with depth and precision; they lay out the reality of marriage in America better than most bloggers do, myself included.  It's worth taking time to check out.  Thanks to Dalrock for featuring the link to this article.

Normally, I'd reproduce the article in question here, then proceed to render commentary and analysis.  I haven't done so for two reasons.  One, the piece is too long; it's six pages long with photos & inserts, making it difficult to copy & paste.  Secondly, there really isn't anything I can add to this absolutely DEVASTATING piece; there's nothing left for me to say.  Now go check out this kick ass article...


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hey Mark, greetings from England.... You're, the article you link to here lays out the bigoted machinations of the Divorce Industrial Complex in all its ugliness.

Respect to you, mate ... and best wishes. Alan.