10 March 2012

Empirical & Prima Facie Evidence Women Should NOT Vote


If you remember Genesis 3 in the Bible, you'll remember that God gave men & women their respective curses after The Fall. For men, it was to "labor by the sweat of their brow all the days of their lives"; IOW, men were cursed with work. Women were cursed "with pain in childbearing"; IOW, for women, the curse would be pain during labor and child birth. After The Fall, men and women were given their respective curses from God.

Now, what feminism sought to do was, in ADDITION to having their own curse, was secure for women the curse of men too. And women FELL for it-real smart, Ladies! Not only did you swallow the feminist bullshit hook, line, and sinker; it looks like you ate the rod & reel too! Only women could do something so foolish, idiotic, and STUPID. I don't know about anyone else, but I have enough problems of my own; I damn sure don't need to VOLUNTARILY ASSUME those of others-sheesh!

Though many arguments could be made against women's suffrage, though many arguments could be made against giving women the right to vote, this situation right here provides both empirical and prima facie evidence that women are NOT smart enough to vote; they do not have the mental wherewithal to vote. I mean, come on! How stupid do you have to be to DOUBLE your cursings from God?! I thought that enduring pain during childbirth would be enough for you; I know it would have been for men! But no, in addition to having your own curse, you have to have MEN'S curse from God too-smart! Ok, sarcasm is off.

Seriously, men do NOT go around seeking to add to their curses in life. Have you ever seen men CLAMORING to experience child birth, and all the pain that goes along with it?! No, you have not. Work is bad enough, thank you-especially when work is responsible for killing and maiming men on a wide scale; 95% of workplace fatalities are men. No, being cursed with working till we die is enough for us, thank you very much.

In closing, though many arguments could be made against women's suffrage, we don't need many arguments; we only need one: women, not men, chose to DOUBLE their divine curse; women, not men sought to ADD to whatever pain child birth brought into their lives; finally, women did this eagerly, accepting men's divine curse with gusto as they STAMPEDED into the world of work. That alone shows us that women cannot think causally, linearly, logically, or for the good of others. Therefore, women should not be allowed to vote-end of story.



Zorro said...

I agree that the 19th Amendment was the stupidest thing we ever did (second only to slavery). But the reason is that women form social networks. This is very good because women are far better at close relationships than men are. Men form dominance hierarchies. This is also good, because it is within this social construct that men operate best...and the political arena is a dominance hierarchy. Read The Woman Racket by Steve Moxon.

A dominance hierarchy is an arena in which problems are solved by fighting over the ebst solutions. Teams are constructed and arguments are made. Men achieve status (thus getting hypergamous females to mate with them) by victoriously achieving success.

Imagine this scenario: 100 men band to solve a social problem and 100 women band to solve the same problem. You can bank on the following to happen in 98% of the time: the women will emerge from the room with their solution wildly faster than the men...and their solution will--in all liklihood--SUCK! Women are all about harmony and congruency.

The men will take longer because they are made to fight over their agendas. But they will far and away be more likely to come up with the right solution!

That's why women should not vote. They will instinctively migrate to whatever appears to serve their interests best, regardless of the long-term consequences or impact on people who do not share their personal interests (i.e., the men).

Remember Prohibition? Chicks did that!

How many chess grandmasters are women? Get it?

Strategy and long-term implications are vital. Women are one-move players. They have no grasp of mathematical game theory. Why do you think they suck at STEM courses?

Women should be utterly excluded from the political arena. Men might be rather bone-headed about making sure women's interests are served, but women don't give a FUCK about what their agendas will do to men and boys. They only care about themselves.

Feminism in a nutshell: ME! ME! ME! ME! ME!

Here endeth the lesson.

MarkyMark said...

Good comment, Zorro...

Anonymous said...

How stupid to you have to be to still believe in sky fairy stories?

Howard Beale said...

Allowing females to vote is akin to allowing children to vote.

Anonymous said...

Wow, typical dumb-fuck misogynistic comment that women are like children, back to the days of Aristotle and castrating boys so they'd always sing high notes. Such intelligent times.

Zorro, you should have better sense than that, dumbass.

This whole "work is a curse" thing is utterly stupid. The curse was not in working anymore than it was in childbirth; it's the PAIN that now comes with it. And it's especially stupid to imagine that men would consider work as a WHOLE to be a curse, when they base their lives on their careers, businesses, names, and success. Angry Harry said he could use the "boredom" rich women historically felt; bull. Shit. Men would go stark raving mad if they didn't have work and the purpose people find in work, and for damn good reason. That "boredom" those women felt, and the same kind of boredom men would go crazy with, would be more like a feeling of perpetual inconsequence than mere boredom, a rust to the soul. So the idea that men in general consider all work a curse, and would prefer to switch places with women or whatnot, is simply bullshit.

Anonymous said...

So if a woman doesn't have kids, can she still vote?

Anonymous said...

You really can't think of some reasons why women shouldn't vote beyond...the bible? Seriously?

Horsemachine said...

I hate to say it, but pretty much every woman I hang out with (very much including the one I'm married to) appears to be a darn sight more intelligent than the creator of this blog.

At the very least, they're capable of recognizing a patently illogical and unsustainable argument when they see one.

Mrs. Pilgrim said...

Marky Mark, I have a fair amount of disagreement with you about some of your notions, but this one is spot-on.

However, to be fair, male pregnancy has been a fascination, if not an outright kink, for several decades. (It even has a term, "m-preg", in fanfiction and fetish circles. Don't ask how I know this.) There -are- males who desire to experience pregnancy, and are actively seeking ways to make it happen.

Of course, the liberals' propaganda machines are schizophrenic about whether pregnancy is good or bad, whereas more people being chained to a desk and taxed is "naturally" a good thing, so they've necessarily focused more on pushing the idea of women working than men giving birth. (That, and women are easier targets given our desire for acceptance and validation. And, that whole "physically impossible" thing...)

Anonymous said...

women should vote - however their conservative father or husband does i.e. not for a dem/libtard/leftist/commie