07 March 2012

A Giant Has Departed This Life...


Yesterday, a reader posted a comment asking if Khankrumthebulgar had passed. This reader also asked me if I was going to do a post on this. I logged into NiceGuy's forum to find out. The following post confirmed that yes, we have indeed lost a giant among us. Khan is no longer with us. I didn't really know what to say after losing such a giant. Then, I saw this, a eulogy by his nephew, Dan. I didn't know what to say, so I asked Dan if I could use his eulogy; he agreed. Khan, here's a memorial to you, Sir...


Gentlemen, although I've never posted here, I've been a member of Nice Guy's for several years, and I am the nephew of the man known here as Khankrumthebulgar, otherwise known as Randall Shake to the real world.

It's my sad duty to report to you that Uncle Randy died this morning of a heart attack in Dallas, Texas. He was only 55 years old. He is survived by his parents, his two sisters, and his five children.

Randy had a rough time the last seventeen years of his life. Although I called him my uncle, and indeed he was, it was through marriage. He married my aunt when I was four years old, and when they divorced in 1993, he left the state and moved to Texas, where his family lived. I lost track of him for fifteen years, until I reconnected with him on the Don't Marry Forum in 2008. By pure happenstance, I had been unknowingly reading his MRM writings online for a couple of years, and had no idea it was Randy until he posted his real name on a post and I recognized it.

For the last four years or so, I've had the pleasure of talking to him at least once a week, for an hour or two at a time. He was a real character, both as a young man, and even more as he got older. Just an example for you, when I was a teenager, I once watched him get thrown out of a movie theater after threatening to beat two punks to death for trying to light the seats on fire with a cigarette lighter. His kids were with us, and you didn't mess with the safety of his family. The cops asked him if he had actually threatened to kill them, and he said, "Damn straight, and I'll do it again. You don't set fires where my kids are!"

The cops escorted him out of the theater, and he was banned for life, but they understood where he was coming from and didn't arrest him. If he done something like that today, they likely would have shackled him and thrown him in a cage.

He was a hell of a big guy. 6' 4", and lanky like an old-time cowboy, although he'd gained a few pounds as he got older, apparently. He had a loud voice and a speaking ability tuned by years in the Toastmasters and being a professional salesmen. There are few people I've ever spoken to who were as eloquent as he was. He could get his point across better than anyone I've ever known. His writing style was a bit weird, with lots of periods and capital letters in odd places, but if you knew him in person, you'd know that he wrote just like he spoke. You could practically hear him pronouncing the capital letters.

And he never backed down. Not ever. He wouldn't sugarcoat the truth, and he told you exactly what he thought. There was no guessing where he stood on anything. To a lot of people, including my mother and my aunts, he was abrasive and sometimes obnoxious. But that was only because he refused to put up with their shit. He called it like he saw it, and that was something women can't usually handle. That not only went for my aunt, his first wife, but for his second wife as well.

Last year he got divorced for a second time from his troubled second wife. He was like a new man. He finally felt free, and it showed.

After five years of sacrifice and struggle to make his business as success, his business was finally on track to real growth, and he was happy and as fiery and enthusiastic as could be. It's a damned shame that he's been struck down just before he got to see the fruition of his plans.

I talked to him only yesterday, and I have a feeling he knew what was coming. We spent an hour and a half talking about the Obamanation's seemingly purposeful destruction of our economy and culture. We talked about getting prepared for the worst. We talked about his business and our respective religions. At the end of our conversation, he told me how much he was glad that we've been able to talk so much in the last several years, and that he was proud of me for becoming the kind of man I've become. He told me to give his love to my family, who he had not seen in years.

For the last several weeks, he's been ending his calls with me in much the same way as he did yesterday. In hindsight, it looks as if he might have been having problems and knew his time was short. I don't know for sure, but that's sure how it looks now.

I know for a fact that this forum and it's members meant a lot to Randy. The MRM and MGTOW movements were philosophies he agreed with wholeheartedly. He always did his best to confront the enemies of men and fathers, and delighted in annoying the hell out of every feckless faminazi douche he could find. When we talked, he'd always tell me about whatever angry fembot he'd pissed off lately, and direct me to the site where it happened, and then he'd laugh that loud belly laugh of his while he recounted the story. He was a funny guy.

No doubt there will be a lot of feminazis who will celebrate his passing with glee, should they find out about it. Personally, I hope they don't. But I think it will be inevitable. He was too outspoken and combative for them to forgive.

So thanks, fellas, for being a sounding board and an ally to my uncle. I appreciate the support for him that many of you had all these years.

I still can't believe he's gone. It hasn't really hit me yet, although I know there's going to be tears later when I try to sleep.

Keep up the good work, men. Heaven knows Randy would have wanted you to keep going your own way, to pursue your freedom, and to fight those who want to take it all away.

Have a good one, guys, and tonight, lift a glass in a Viking toast to Randy Shake. May he rest in peace.



Khan had just divorced his, er, troubled wife.  Khan had just regained his freedom, and he had a glorious life ahead of him.  What more can I say?  We have indeed lost a giant among us...



djc said...

The guy WAS a giant. Literally. I always enjoyed his writing. I don't know how much stress he was going through with the divorce of his second wife, but it had to have some effect on him. Not to mention the stress of running a business. RIP Randy.

Anonymous said...

Rest In Peace Brother!

Burton said...

Khankrumthebulgar was a real inspiration to all of us.

He will be missed.

P Ray said...

My condolences to TileDan. Too many times men build things up to have them taken away under false pretexts.

patr333x said...

Randall was an inspiration to others. I think we are all better for having read him and many will carry on with what they have learned from him.

Anonymous said...

Khankrumthebulgar was one of the very first MRA's I became acquainted with.

I enjoyed his flamboyant style.

I am deeply sorry he went so fast.


Anonymous said...

Aw, man!

Anonymous age 69

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear of Randall's all too soon passing. His was a distinctive and unforgettable voice for men the world over.

It's fitting that a veteren blogger like Marky Mark should be bearing the memory of another veteran blogger like this.

RIP Randall/Spartacus/Khankrum,

Rob Case

Anonymous said...

I knew Randall and am proud to say that he was my friend. We spoke on the phone many times, about men, the USA, Obama, and other topics.

I just found out about his passing, and I am stunned and deeply saddened.

I think that a beer or two is in order.


MarkyMark said...


I knew you guys had met at least once, but I never knew the two of you were friends who talked regularly.

I thought Khan was too young too die. I thought he'd be with us many years yet...


ILiveformenot"WE" said...

Never found out about you til now..Wished we coulda had a chance to chew the fat. Sleep well man.

Carnivore said...

OT - Hey Marky, did you see you made the SPLC's list?


Congratulations are in order, sir!

WooZoo said...

Never, met him.
Read some of his posts.
Nonetheless... kinda feel like shit.
Though, on a positive note, I think he's at peace.

Solaris said...


Thanks for helping to spread the word. For those who don't know, there's a memorial topic here for everybody to pay their respects.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your kind words, everyone. I'm going to miss him too. I already do.