10 March 2012

Alcuin's Hidden!


Alcuin has HIDDEN his blog!  When you try to visit his blog, you get a note saying that it's open to invited readers only.  I don't understand why he hid it, because he's over in Asia; he's not subject to any actions the SPLC can take, either direct or indirect.  He's orginally from Canada anyway, so the SPLC can't do anything to him in his homeland, either.

That's a pity, because Alcuin puts out some of the BEST material out there.  He has powerful, thought provoking posts.  He's the blogger I WISH I could be; I'm serious!  Now, we cannot even access his fine blog.  I don't understand it, because he's in Asia, far away from the SPLC's reach or the reach of the American government.  I hope he changes his mind, and that he once again opens his blog to everyone...



Anonymous said...

Hey congratulations you made the SPLC's list of misogyny sites


it's official you're a hate group! So is your buddy Alcuin, maybe that's why he went hidden?

Anonymous said...

No sweat. If he does not want anyone to read his blog, we simply don't read it. It ends up being a personal diary, which is cool, I guess.

Anonymous age 69

ScareCrow said...

I mentioned this on my blog already.

If anybody wants to look into a slander or liable lawsuit against the SPLC - I would be happy to assist with attorney fees or whatever it takes.

Personally - MARK - calling your blog a "hate" site is like calling a salad junk food.

There has to be something we can do about the SPLC.

And, sorry, but Pauls idea - and letter IMO - I think there is a way to make it more effective:

1. None of the blogs/sites listed on the SPLC page mention anything about murdering 90% of the female population.

There are feminist sites that do in fact mention murdering 90% of the male population.

Why not point this out to them - get them to add a "misandry", and possibly even a "heterophobic" section to their site.

Then, sue the crap out of them for adding the ones that they did add to the misogyny section.

R.P. said...

Hey congratulations you made the list. I knew it was only a matter of time before the feminazis mobilized their hate speech rhetoric against the manosphere. It won’t be long before they start attacking individual bloggers in some financial way but I predict the whole thing will backfire on them by drawing more attention to what we have been saying.

Anonymous said...

If anybody wants to look into a slander or liable lawsuit against the SPLC - I would be happy to assist with attorney fees or whatever it takes

The person who was defamed would have to bring the action but since no one is using their actual names that would be impossible to do.You also would have to prove that you were damaged in some way by what SPLC wrote about about you and that's assuming you were using your actual name.
The SPLC was merely quoting things written by anonymous people from blogs and saying it was hate speech. That's not defamation under the law.And btw, these people are all lawyers and know what they're doing.

Anonymous said...

Being in Asia, or Canada for god's sake! is no protection today.The "hate speech" laws are even worse in Canada and these groups like SPLC are allied with their sister groups in other countries. I don't know all of the nuances of the "hate speech" laws in Canada but I'm pretty sure that public hate speech, as on a blog open to all people, is different from private speech on a members only forum which may be why Alcuin made his blog private.

Anonymous said...

How the hell can I contact alcuin then?

ScareCrow said...

@Anon 18:47.

Sorry, but rather than listen to an anonymous poster on a blog, I would suggest the people listed on the SPLC think about talking to an actual lawyer.

In other words - shut up.

Legal advice from anonymous. Brother.

MarkyMark said...


If you can figure out how to contact Alcuin, let me know! I've been trying to figure out the same thing...


Anonymous said...

@22.19-by all means go see a lawyer, spend your money on lawsuits because no lawyer will take these cases on contingency. Like all naive boys you need to learn the hard way.

Elusive Wapiti said...


Congrats on making the hit list. Have these folks visited feministing?

Anonymous said...

Search for SPLC at frontpagemag.com, and you will see articles responding to BS smears by the SPLC. One article has the title "Southern Poverty Law Center smears the Family", another starts "I was slimed by the Southern Poverty Law center - a group that dresses it leftist agenda in tolerance cliches."

The SPLC looks like it gets its kicks making enemies. Perhaps it is time for people attacked by this organization to contact each other to exchange advice.cnioe

jfr said...

Congratulations Mark.

Have you gotten more hits since the SPLC announcement?

P Ray said...

Sorry to hear that Alcuin's blog is hidden.
But on the minus side he had a huge blind spot about Asian women.
If they were so accommodating and gracious:
why are marriage rates dropping in Singapore, South Korea and Japan?
I point out here as I pointed out on his blog, that Caucasian guys seem to think the special treatment they get is the same treatment that local men get from those women.
It's not.
Just because she is a sweetie to you, doesn't mean she hasn't been beastly to other guys ...
and just because it seems a woman was "wronged" e.g. Elizabeth Edwards ... nobody seems to ask about how many decent guys she turned down to be with John Edwards.

MarkyMark said...

But on the minus side he had a huge blind spot about Asian women.


I can overlook that fault of his, given the QUALITY of work he had up...


Anonymous said...

Hey, yeah, I,m gonna miss reading alcuin's site.

Doesn't he know the real trouble comes with those who have the google accounts?

As for the SPLC, yeah they are looking to provoke, it's their bread and butter.

That feller has never worked an honest day in his life.

First they hid behind a non-profit scheme to immune themselves legally, then also work as lackeys/henchmen for the
FBI to set-up as many stupid patsies as they can.

1.We still have first amendment.
2.The word will get out,each year there are one million false DV accusations,the courts have become an open travesty/joke prosecuting these FA's via extra-judicial and ex-parte actions.

The fems make money,the courts make money,whats not to like?

Oh yeah, if you happen to be
male then you don't get due process,as a second class citizen, yes you are bound to complain a bit, and seek justice in some manner.

All we can do is to warn the young men and boys how not to feed this misandrist system any longer.

"Eliminate the middle man
(the courts) and just give an ugly girl your house and salary for 18years to life."

We need to put a wrench in the SGI's machine real soon.

P Ray said...

All the SPLC are going to manage to do is convince more young men that marriage isn't worth it, and any arrangements for children and long-term relationships need to be carefully discussed with lawyers.

And also that neither person should be receiving mail at the others' house, the finances be separate and at no point in any correspondence the other person be referred to as "spouse/fiancee". Along with the condition that neither person has children, so that there is none of that "seen as a parental figure" nonsense.

After all, the way to ensure that people are together for love is without government or legal sanction, and that way is by making sure both are single, can leave anytime, do not share a financial commitment and stay separately.
Anything other than that is asking for trouble.

Spocksdisciple said...

Hate Speech laws are very tough in Canada and the SPLC can lodge a complaint with Canadian Authorities through local legal firms allied with them.


And there are financial and in some cases criminal penalties.

Here is an enlightening link in the situation in Canada which is no joke.


Anonymous said...

I don't understand why he hid it, because he's over in Asia; he's not subject to any actions the SPLC can take, either direct or indirect. He's orginally from Canada anyway, so the SPLC can't do anything to him in his homeland

I used to think this too until I read about the heavy-handed actions taken against the file-sharing service Megaupload these past few months.

While the legalities of Megaupload are subject to trial, it is clear that a man (Kim Dotcom) who is not a U.S. citizen and living in another country (New Zealand) can be held accountable for violating U.S. laws and extradited to the U.S. for trial in American courts.

This is only speculation, but Alcuin may have received a scare of some sort that prompted his actions in much the same way that prompted MarkyMark to delete his blog postings.

Better safe than sorry.

Judging the direction America is heading in, it appears likely that it is only a matter of time before hate speech laws become as real here as they are in Canada.

Even if something is not illegal now, it might become illegal in the future, and the legal weasels will do their best to make hate speech laws retroactive regardless of any Constitutional protections.

So, exercising caution now is a wise choice.

Anonymous said...

I also thought that extradition was reserved for hardcore terrorists guilty of the most atrocious crimes, but not any more.

In this example, a UK student is being extradited to the United States for trial in American courts under American laws even though the allegations made against him are not an offense under UK law under certain circumstances.


Even though the issue here involves copyright infringement, the practice causes concern for the future: Extradition for violating the laws of a country you neither live in nor are a citizen of.

What is to prevent this practice from expanding into MRA movements and MGTOW blogs under the guise of hate speech? Man-hating feminist groups would love to have this level of power over every freedom-thinking man in the world.

In the worst scenario, the owner of a MGTOW blog living in another country where running such a blog is legal could face extradition to the US where such blogs are deemed illegal under potential "hate speech" laws.

Alcuin may have faced such a possible scenario and acted accordingly.

Spocksdisciple said...

I am also going ghost now and have vanished from the Happy Bachelors forum. Things are becoming more draconian in Canada and I suspect there are active efforts by Canadian feminazis to silence all dissent with their policies.

I will soon be in full ghost mode more for the protection of those I care about from the increasingly repressive atmosphere in Canada.

I wish you well MM and congratulate your for contining with the struggle.

-Spocksdisciple signing off...

MarkyMark said...


I understand why you're going ghost; indeed, I cannot rule out following suit at some point. That said, your wise voice will be SORELY MISSED in the Manosphere, my friend...


revorob said...

I am really going to miss Alcuin's blog. He had some great, insightful ideas to share.

BTW Marky. congrats on making the SPLC's hate list. keep up the good work.

Has everyone nated that there are no feminist hate sites on the SPLC hate list? Go figure.