19 July 2013

Original Post Back Up!


I backed up many of my old posts, and over the summer, I intend to put them back up.  If they were relevant for the time in which it was written, then I'll post it under the original date.  If it can apply to circumstances now, I'll post it under that day's date.

Anyway, I have the ORIGINAL post, the one that started it all back inin September of 2006, back up!  It features my take on the controversial article written by Michael Noer; the article admonished men to avoid marrying career women, because they make bad wives.  Please enjoy the post that started it all at MarkyMark's Thoughts!  Have a good day now...


1 comment:

Anonymous said...


Good to see you up and running, I had a spare moment a couple of days ago and tried to load your site, got a "blog not found" kind of thing and thought you'd gone away. I'm glad to see one thing is right in the world, as everything else goes to hell.
Hope all is going well up your way...

Steve C