16 July 2013



You know things are changing when ABC News' 20/20 goes sniffing around the Manosphere!  You read that right: ABC News 20/20 has contacted some of us, including Yours Truly.  They've also contacted Matt Forney, Jack Donovan, and Bill Price, host of The Spearhead.  While I cannot speak for the other gentlemen, I have declined to talk to ABC.  I simply told them that I didn't feel comfortable talking to them, and I left it at that.

The young lady who contacted me (and I must say she's been nice) said that they wanted to contact a heavyweight in the Manosphere.  Is she talking about me?!  I don't think so!  A few years ago, this would have been true, but not now.  Now, we have giants like Dalrock, Roissy/Chateau, and many others, guys who get more comments than I get hits.  I'm just a bit player in the Manosphere these days.

In any case, we have national media organizations checking us out.  I was contacted via e-mail by ABC News' 20/20 show for an interview.  Can you imagine that?!  I can't!  When I started this humble blog a few years ago, I never, ever, ever in my wildest dreams ever thought that the national media would be interested in MY blog-never!  Given their gynocentric focus, I thought that they'd never, ever give the Manosphere the time of day, let alone seek us for interviews.  My my, how times change...

With that, I shall wish you all good night.  Until next time...



Anonymous said...

Two White brothers murdered over 'Free Zimmerman' bumper sticker


Carnivore said...

Smart decision on your part. MSM interviews are notorious for taking comments out of context, extracting only parts of long conversations to server their agenda, etc.

WooZoo said...


Sounds to me like fishing expedition. with an agenda behind it to pervert things, twist them.
think you've done the right thing.
and you're not a bit player.

MarkyMark said...


The concerns you all raised are among the things that concern me. Look at how the media took George Zimmerman's comments about Trayvon Martin out of context. They totally deleted the dispatcher's question about Trayvon's appearance! When that question was included, it totally changed the meaning of what GZ said; when the dispatcher's question is included, it's clear that GZ isn't a racist, because he made NO COMMENTS WHATSOEVER UNTIL ASKED! If anyone wants to know what I think, they can look at my body of work-in its ENTIRETY...

The reason I think I'm a bit player these days is because I get fewer hits than Dalrock & Roissy/Chateau get in comments. I don't know about those guys, but it's been my experience that about 1% of my visitors ever comment. That means that those guys are getting tens of thousands of hits per day, whereas I get 500-1000 on a good day. In terms of stats, I'm a bit player.


dannyfrom504 said...

nah, don't sell yourself short. you're pretty well known. and i totally understand turning them down. the MSM will do whatever they can to bend your comments to fit their spectrum.

look at what they did to 3MM.

Take The Red Pill said...

Very wise decision on your part -- the MSM isn't known for being non-biased or impartial. Or for being interested in 'truth' or 'the facts' when it doesn't agree with their pre-conceived agenda.

Their record speaks for itself. They've shown that they can't be trusted.

cecilhenry said...

This is the MSM.

Why are they checking you out.

For ratings, to graft your publicity onto themselves, and to usurp the message and twist it for their own purposes.

Tell them to stop 'reporting' and start telling the truth.

Justin said...

someone just saw you on that old list by the SPLC or whoever it was. you remember what I'm talking about, that stupid anti-feminist list listing everyone as hate sites?

so ABC had no original research involved. that is what I am betting

Anonymous said...

It would be kind of cool if the manosphere as a whole adopted a code of silence policy when approached by the MSM. I say that purely as a marketing strategy, it would make it seem cooler and forbidden and attract the right kind of people who seek out these things. Those are always the ones who control the future.

Anonymous said...

Great news. While I understand that you turned them down since it can get uncomfortable we have no choice but to put ourselves out there. Sure they will twist things but it means publicity and people seeking out our blogs and seeing things for themselves. Gradually over time that will lead to the media taking a different angel. We are sure to be presented badly and come of badly for a long time but we just need to get through it.

Axe Head said...

Sure, the gal from ABC 20/20 was nice. They are all nice, they interview you, you all yuk it up, and when you see the show, you are a monster due to editing.

Scrooge said...

A very wise decision. I can't imagine the MSM having any other agenda than ridicule or worse.

You may not be the biggest player but I enjoy your blog (and envy your freedom!). I've even started wondering if motorcycles might be fun. It's too late for me but I'm glad there are men out there informing other men of what a load of over-rated crap marriage is.

Oh, and keep pestering that Chris guy from Oregon to start his own blog!

Mrs. Anna T said...

I think (but you already know that) that you did a very wise thing by not consenting to an interview. It would only have served to present you as an oddity, so that nothing you say sounds creditable. You know I don't agree with everything you write; I do believe in marriage and family, and in the general goodness of men and women, but there's no denying we're in a VERY serious problem, as a society, and most people aren't interested in hearing this truth.

MarkyMark said...


Though I declined to talk to ABC, I did give the young lady there some leads. A part of me felt bad turning them down, because she's been so gosh darn NICE to me. Anyway, I told her that I would give her some leads, which I did. I told her about Paul Elam's site, Roissy, and a few others. I gave her leads to what I think are the big sites in the Manosphere; these are also guys who can articulate men's issues better than I can. As of now, Paul Elam has agreed to talk to her.

A big reason I turned down ABC is that I'm not that articulate in interviews; neither am I quick on my feet when engaging in banter. I would never make a good air traffic controller, because I'm not quick on my feet. I would never be good as a comedian, because there are times when you have to put an unruly audience member in their place; I can't always do that. However, I can express myself well at writing, so that is where I focus my energy.


MarkyMark said...


Believe it or not, I DO agree with you; traditional marriages and families ARE best. However, marrying in the USA is dangerous, given how the laws favor women.


Anonymous said...

The Avenger was asked to do an interview as well but they didn't like the conditions under which it would be held. He specified that it had to be held at his estate with the interviewer and a limit of 2 technicians for the cameras and lights etc,and that he would have control over the final video with his own editor making and determining the final and only authorised cut.
You can see why they didn't go for it. If they have control they'd edit it down to what they wanted which would be nothing like the interview in its entirety.The Avenger is too smart to be taken in like that.

Take The Red Pill said...

"Though I declined to talk to ABC, I did give the young lady there some leads. A part of me felt bad turning them down, because she's been so gosh darn NICE to me..."

Beware! Women who are 'nice' can turn on the charm when they want to -- ESPECIALLY when they want to get something from you or have you do something that is to ultimately benefit them (and ONLY them).
I think that I can safely say that there are more than a few of your readers who have also been used by such nice conniving, sneaky b*tches.

Remember the old saw: "When the Devil sets out to ruin a man, He sends a woman."

Tiara said...

This is fantastic!

Tiffany said...

Glad to hear you declined to talk to them. I can't imagine anything good coming from it. I'd be shocked if the media didn't take a pro-feminist viewpoint and portray everyone in the manosphere in a bad light by selective editing.

MarkyMark said...


Paul Elam, who hosts the site A Voice for Men, traveled to NYC and did an interview for 20/20. No matter what he said or how he said it, he said that Elizabeth Vargas constantly accused him of hating women, etc. It sounded like a hit piece designed to make the manosphere and its adherents look bad.

Matt Forney and Bill Price (host of The Spearhead) also talked to ABC, though they never got any farther than the pre-interview talk. Both gentlemen related how their comments were twisted; both said that the producer and his intern repeatedly tried to goad them into saying something foolish, etc. This was long before Mr. Elam elected to talk to ABC.

In any case, it was clear that ABC was simply looking to do a hit piece; they were trying to make people disagreeing with them look bad. I knew that they'd do that, so why bother talking to them?