19 July 2013

More PC, Feminazi Stupidity


I know I sound like a broken record, skipping CD, or malfunctioning MP3 file; I know I always say that I cannot make this stuff up, but I cannot.  Here, we have an instance of more PC, feminazi stupidity, because some, feminazi bitch says that the new University of Connecticut (hereafter UConn for brevity's sake) husky logo promotes rape.  I was like, WTF?  Are you KIDDING me?!

Self described feminist, UConn student Carolyn Luby, says that the new logo promotes rape.  She says it disempowers women.  Uh, come again, Rampart?  How does it disempower women, exactly?  Miss Luby does not say.  Miss Luby also forgets (conveniently, I might add) that UConn fields among the best women's basketball teams of all time, and that they too will be sporting uniforms with the new Husky logo.  Oh, and before I forget, it was a fellow WOMAN who proudly announced the change!  As university president, Susan Herbst had to give her blessing to this effort.  What do you say about THAT, Miss Luby?  Nothing but lots of idiotic, brainless drivel, as shown here.  You know, I could fisk that open letter, and I just might do so, hehehe... :)

For those of you who don't know, UConn decided back in April of this year to adopt a new Husky logo and wordmark; the old logo, which had been in use for about ten years, was replaced with a newer, and I think better, logo.  The change was also undertaken to bring consistency to the UConn athletic uniforms, which had sported different looks depending on the team and sport.

Just so you know, here is what allegedly promotes rape:

UConn Husky Logo 2013.

Here's a montage of various UConn Huskies logos through the years:

The evolution of the UConn Husky logo.

I think that the two best husky logos are the one used from the 1970s, along with the new one; that said, I prefer the new logo.  The previous logo (i.e. the one that was just retired) looked cute and cuddly-hardly projecting a "can-do" attitude that athletic competition is all about!  The new logo shows a Husky ready, willing, and able to take on all comers; to face down any adversity; do so with an optimistic, can-do attitude; and one who will prevail.

What does the new, UConn Huskies logo mean to me?  I think it represents and embodies the qualities of the real life Husky dog: strong, resolute, aggressive (in a good way), and determined.  It says to me, "here we are, deal with it!"  It says to me, "here we come; look out!"  It says to me that, no matter what you throw at us, we'll keep on coming at you; it says to me that, no matter what adversity we face, we'll charge through it-just like Huskies in real life.  Just as the Huskies in Alaska are ready, willing, and able to face adversity (and it's hard to think of much greater adversity than running for miles and miles on end, doing so for hours, and doing so in the coldest of weather), the UConn Huskies are ready to bring the same attributes to the field or court.

Here's what Geno Auriemma, the legendary WOMEN'S basketball coach at UConn (feminists, take note!) has to say about the new, UConn Huskies logo: “This logo is everything that a Husky is supposed to be – powerful, aggressive, determined,” he says. “It is looking right through you and saying ‘Do not mess with me.’ This is a streamlined, fighting dog, and I cannot wait for it to be on our uniforms and court.”

The UConn Huskies teams embody all these qualities on the field or the court.  Nothing needs to be said about the men's and women's basketball programs at UConn; their records and accomplishments speak for themselves.  On the football field, the Huskies ALWAYS play you tough.  They never back down!  For example, the games between the Rutgers Scarlet Knights and the UConn Huskies are always hard fought, physical affairs that are usually decided by a handful of points.  As a fan of the Rutgers Scarlet Knights (hey, I'm a Jersey boy, what do you expect?!), I know that when we play the Huskies, the game isn't over until the final gun.  Like the Huskies in real life, they keep coming at you; like the Huskies in real life, they don't give up; and you'd better be ready to play a full sixty minutes of football.

In closing, Miss Carolyn Luby is an idiot!  She sees something in the new, UConn Huskies logo that isn't there.  What I and most others see is a logo that more accurately encapsulates everything that the UConn Huskies are about-strong, resolute, aggressive, tough, and, most of all, determined.  I like the new logo for the UConn Huskies; I think it more accurately reflects what the Huskies are about on the field or on the court; and I hope that they keep it.  Until next time...



Just Saying said...

"Miss Carolyn Luby is an idiot!"

Don't let it worry you - most Feminists are idiots. It's part of the requirement. Most women these days pay lip service to all sorts of non-sense. But they still have everything a man needs for an evening of fun. You just have to keep their mouth busy to shut them up - so keep something in it till all they have time to say is "Harder"... :)

Quartermain said...

Feminism was never about doing right by women.

It was for nefarious ends.

Aaron Russo gives background:


Anonymous said...

This carpet bagger feminist wants attention like Sandra Puke er Fluke. The husky has the look of a husky ready to go dog sledding. Funny how even the husky in the 80's had "big hair".

Glad your blog came back. Was concerned when it was awol for a few days.

MarkyMark said...

Well, what were the 80s about, if not big hair?

WooZoo said...

Lots of loonies out there. this one just want attention. perhaps a follow up piece with what she looks like... either way, stupid is as stupid does.

Anonymous said...

A husky is an animal. Any species of animal must contain among its population a sizable proportion of female organisms, or the species will die out. Therefore, statistically, there is a good chance that any given husky is, in fact, female. Why, golly gosh, MAYBE even the one in the logo! And of course, according to the feminists, females can never be the perpetrators of rape.

Yep, Miss Carolyn Luby is an idiot.


Indira said...

This is awesome!