03 July 2013

A Sad Story


I've often said that women have been hurt by feminism too, but only in different ways than we men have.  I've often said that modern women don't KNOW that there's another way; they don't know that there's anything but the feminist, PC mindset.  I've been pooh-poohed for saying that, but it's true.  Well, here's the story of Renee, a gal who relates her experience with feminist indoctrination and the impact it's had on her life.  This is a sad story that, truth be told, could be repeated TENS OF MILLIONS of times; there are tens of millions of Renees out there.  I hope that the feminazis and their sponsors burn in Hell for what they've done!  They have a lot to answer for for all the lives they've hurt and destroyed....

To keep things in context, this was posted over on The Thinking Housewife's blog.  That'll clear up the intro and conclusion of Renee's thoughts, since she alludes to things that Mrs. Wood has said.  Without any further ado, here are Renee's experiences with feminist indoctrination, and how it's impacted her life as a young American woman...


When I was twelve years old, my orchestra conductor told us that when she was young, women were not allowed in professional orchestras because they would have to be replaced with they got pregnant and it seemed more practical to just hire men. To me that seemed very sensible, though my opinion was something I knew not to share.

Throughout my life I have had many moments like that, knowing that the prevailing wisdom was wrong about matters of discrimination against women, but not feeling secure to voice my opinions because of fear, and, more importantly, not knowing how to frame my opinions in a manner that would even satisfy me. For, though I sensed that it seemed justifiable to discriminate against women, I still felt on some level that it was not fair. And the desire for fairness is what I was taught was the basis for any perspective on matters of gender.

So what did I do? I avoided feminists as much as I could, dressed very feminine (even in the winter when most people wear pants I would wear knee-length wool skirts with wool tights underneath), and tried to support all the women I knew who had chosen to be housewives. However, I still remained someone who was relatively silent on matters of gender and basically never fully committed myself to my God-given role as a woman. It even feels strange for me to write “a God-given role as a woman.”

I am now at a point in my life where I just want to say, enough is enough. Feminism has never gotten me anywhere. I know it makes no sense. My problem is that I have grown up knowing nothing else and it is extremely difficult for me to change. I have purposefully sought out traditional men and then broken it off with them for being traditional! In short, I have not been taught how to be a woman. I think that is what makes it so difficult for women in my generation to see that there is nothing wrong with being a housewife and that it is what most of us should aspire to. We think that if that was what we are meant to do then it would be the easiest thing to do and we wouldn’t need any help. I have realized that that perspective is wrong, and I am now trying to train myself to be what the world thinks I could never choose.

Your blog has been a blessing. I found it this weekend and I have gone through almost the whole thing. It makes me feel that there is a community out there that can support me, and with God’s help I will undue a lifetime of damage from the feminist indoctrination I received.


That's a sad story, isn't it?  How many millions of Renees are there out there?  How many young women are hurting like this?  We'll never know, but we can rest assured that God does, and we can rest assured that God WILL mete out justice to those responsible for this human tragedy.  Have a good day now...



Mrs. Anna T said...

I don't know how old Renee is, but at least she is able to say "enough is enough". I have a friend who is my age (I'm turning 28 this weekend) who is at her second year at dentistry school, and told me not long ago "we had a lecture from an endocrinologist who told us our ovaries are about to expire". She laughed, but truly, when 28-year-old women are just *beginning* to think it would be nice, at some point, to be settled, and when it doesn't really click 'till they are in their 30's, it really might be too late for some of them. Here they are, after some 8 years of very expensive schooling, probably in debt (like my friend), totally unprepared for marriage and family life, and financially unable to commit to stay home even if they wish, and many do wish, once they have a child. THAT is sad.

sacredwinslow said...

Where is the story? This has commentary and recollections but no arc that could be called a story.

handbanana said...

the result of feminism on women is that it makes them confused at why they are unhappy in life.

the result of feminism on men is suicide.

San Mack said...

That's a very sad story and I've heard similar. I've met several women who have told me in confidence that all they ever wanted to be was a housewife and to keep a home.

They'll never voice this to their friends because it just isn't done. I've seen women shamed by their friends for just wanting to stay home and be a mom. If more women would just very vocally defend what they really want, they would feel much more free to pursue it.

Ken said...

Wow, that is sad. She seems very intelligent and thoughtful. I have worked in an office full of women, where at times I was literally the only male in that immediate workplace, and some of the things my female coworkers would say exposed Left-leaning feminism as something most women disagree with. These were women in their 20s and 30s with Masters degrees. I remember them being irritated with a boss we had because our boss was a new mother and we knew for a fact that her husband made more than enough money that she could stay home with their baby, and yet she didn't. My unmarried coworkers WANTED to get married and have children and actually raise their own children, and here was a woman who could raise her own child, but CHOSE to work. I let them complain in front of me and didn't chime in.

Anonymous said...

I also have the question on her age. Did she finally decide to speak out ONLY when she experienced her Wiley Coyote moment? When she realized her expiration date has passed?

I get the impression whatever her age, that she is not going to be a housewife, ever, and only when she realized this did she break away. As long as she still had the fantasy that any minute now Prince Charming was going to wake her with kisses she was silent.

Anonymous age 71

Anonymous said...

I'm not going to lie. The only time I've ever overhead fellow women complain that, 'I wish I could just be a housewife/stay-home mom,' has been in the context of not wanting to actually have to work for anything.

Tired of having to try hard in school, or do their jobs, the bottom line is that women who opine to this effect are basically just lazy, or don't feel like having to do any kind of work.

These women don't want to keep a house and raise a child any more than they want to have to work a job or study for a test. They just want to be free to sit at home, watch tv, play internet games and chit-chat on facebook in between shopping for clothes and household bullshit, all while putting in the bare minimum effort required to keep a household from falling apart (if that much).

I personally enjoy both my job and keeping house for my fiance and I, and I intend to give up exactly neither upon marrying, or when we have kids. I love to be active and busy, no matter what my setting is. And my experience has been that women whine about how much they wish they were just stay-at-home moms/housewives whenever they are working on something and would prefer to be doing nothing.

I've even heard it from one or two men. Last week, in the middle of a tough job, a male co-working sighed and said, 'you know, I think I'd actually be pretty happy to be a stay-at-home dad someday.'

Anonymous said...


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Anonymous said...


These women are lost precisely because theres no red pill for women

Also because women dont know how to stand up to stronger women, which is why they bat for teamwoman

MarkyMark said...


Until you brought her up, I TOTALLY forgot about what's her name... ;)

Seriously, I've gotten more involved with skating, been working on my bikes, and doing other neat things to be worried about some flaky chick.


Take The Red Pill said...

"Until you brought her up, I TOTALLY forgot about what's her name... ;)"

I've learned that womyn in your past (no matter how long ago) should be left there. The majority of Modern Womyn deserve to be forgotten.

Mark said...


Another great post as usual!....Thanks.I bit off topic here.....have you seen this?.....One of our idols Christopher in Oregon seems to be taking some heat....and your name is mentioned also.....Imagine that?...L*....Anyhoo....just wanted to make sure that you seen this....I have not seen any CIO comments lately?....please tell me that all is good for him.....eagerly awaiting your comments!

Masculist Man said...

This may sound really fucked up but I don't give a shit about women. They've mistreated me my entire life so I don't fucking care. May they rot in hell.

Anonymous said...

Another great post....Have you seen this?