14 February 2014

Global Warming, My Ass!


We've had yet ANOTHER snow storm-a record setting snow storm.  Where I am, we got over a foot of snow!  Where I am, even in North Jersey, we don't usually measure our snowfalls in feet.  That's for places like Buffalo, NY; Chicago, IL; Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN, et al; that's NOT for locales where I am.  You have to love all that 'global warming', folks!

Secondly, during the last couple of summers, we have had only a handful of days over 90 degrees Fahrenheit, or 32 degrees Celsius.  Our summers are getting cooler too.  The whole year is cooler.  Ah, but we have global warming-not!

Thirdly, what's telling is that the language WRT this issue has changed.  It's no longer called global warming, because there IS no warming-duh!  Now, they call it 'climate change'.  That's the de rigeur name for it now, since the original is BS.

No, what climate change is about is not the environment; that is just a red herring.  What it is is an excuse by gov't, control freaks, and wannabe tyrants to oppress us with more regulations.  Under the ruse of protecting the environment, the federal government tells us what light bulbs we can buy, what toilets we can use in our house, and what cars we can buy.

For example, under the ruse of protecting the environment, the Obama Administration has gone after coal fired powerplants.  Never mind the fact that they provide a good percentage of our electricity, and that shutting them down will give us rolling blackouts.  That's great-not!  Now, we can be like every other Third World country without a reliable electric supply.

Another example is the cars we drive.  Thanks to the new CAFE (corporate average fuel economy) standards, our cars are becoming smaller, less powerful, and more expensive.  The government wants US riding around in Smart Cars, while they enjoy their limos-fucking hypocrites!

I could go on, but you get my point.  Global warming isn't happening, so they call it climate change now.  Global warming proponents like Obama demonize private jets and those who have them, while they fly around on Air Force One.  Air Force One, the President's plane, is a modified Boeing 747-200.  The last time I checked, a B-747 burns about 3, 200 gallons of jet fuel per hour; that's one HELL of a carbon footprint!  Ah, but Barack Hussein Obama wants to chastise private citizens for having private jets, though his jet uses an order of magnitude more fuel per hour more than any private jet does.  There's a name for that: hypocrisy...

In closing, global warming is a ruse; it's not happening .  If it were, then those pushing the global warming fantasy wouldn't have to change what it's called; they wouldn't have to call it climate change now, would they?  No, this is just a ruse to take away more of our freedoms, more of our rights, and usurp even MORE power for the government-as if they don't have enough already!  If global warming were happening, we wouldn't be measuring our snowfalls in feet.  Have a good day now...



Anonymous said...

Environmentalism is a cult. These people have no faith and this is their religion. Satellite photos from the Antarctica from the last 30+ years show the ice increasing 1-2% a year. Of course huge chunks break off when the ice expands. The Arctic has as much ice as it did in 1990. The sun is quiet lately. Us puny humans cannot affect worldwide climate. Follow the money. But fear not. Once the snow melts, Al Gorleoni will come back from the South Pacific and say it's "global warming"

rmaxGenactivePUA said...

I leave a carbon footprint everytime I smack a chicks ass ...

Those ass prints on a chicks buttcheeks, cause massive carbon footprints when her BF scopes her behind ... lol

Always mark your territory ... with a good ass print, let the beta bux pay for the carbon footprint ...

Game, contributing to fake global warming by spanking a chicks ass for centuries ...

Anonymous said...

It's been over 4 years since Global Warming was exposed to the world as a hoax but they're still at it.

As long as the PTB have loads of money to throw at their propaganda campaign they'll never stop.

I think it's a way to actually keep developing countries from developing. And thus protect the hegemony of the Western global elites.

Take Africa. That continent is loaded with coal. But they're kept from using it.

George Orwell predicted in "1984" that the ruling classes would not sit still for the high standard of living that the industrial revolution afforded common folk.
And that they would want to find a way to put a stop to it.

And they have recruited a whole slew of leftards to help them do it.

Take The Red Pill said...

When they can accurately make a DETAILED weather forecast for five years in the future, that is the day I will believe the libtard "environmentalists" (who probably live in large cities and have never spent more than a week outside of those cities in their lives) and their 'global warming' scam.
Until then, I shall continue to regard their 'global warming' delusions as leftist political posturing based on cherry-picked 'facts'and wrapped in enviro-double-speak.

Also -- if these "environmentalists" are SO concerned about 'global warming' and 'carbon emissions', they ALL should be REQUIRED to maintain their credibility by "practicing what they preach" and live like the Amish: i.e., NO modern conveniences of any kind (NO cars, NO electricity, NO computers or Internet, etc.).

Mrs. Anna T said...

It's extremely hard to predict how and when climate will change, if at all. It's hard to predict the future. By now both Arctic and Antarctic ice caps were supposed to have melted, and we were supposed to be saddled with huge overpopulation... but both overpopulation and global warming are myths promoted by the same group of people... those who believe the best thing you can do for the planet - besides all sorts of unreasonable restrictions - is have no kids. Obviously we should be mindful of the environment, but the point those people are missing is that *people* are important... we don't worship the earth. They are delusional and I have long quit arguing with them.

rmaxGenactivePUA said...

Anna makes a good point

Climatechange & the ecomovement is really an offshoot of nazi eugenics

Its all designed so you dont reproduce & if you do you're taxed to death, ie penalised & punished for raising a family ie you're carbon footprint

The carbon footprint is realy a massive tax on large families & traditional family based businesses

Basically if you only have 2 children, you're family's a looser, thats whats really killing the west & driving the decline

Most families've been brainwashed into having only 2 kids, ie its trendy & fashionable while destroying their ability to reproduce in under 1 or 2 generations