28 February 2014

Don't Worry about Looks, by Chris in Oregon


There was a discussion on Happy Bachelors about what attracts women to certain men.  Here were Christopher in Oregon's thoughts on this...



Let me hammer this point home:

It does NOT matter what you look like physically. Every so-called ugly man could bed down the most beautiful women on the planet. All it takes is money. Every woman has her price. EVERY woman. You could look like something out of a grade-B horror movie, but if you've got $100 million dollars, pretty much every broad alive will spread her legs for you.

All it ever takes is money. The more money you have, the more available she becomes. If you're rich, ugly becomes "rugged". Fat becomes "solid". Three eyes and horns on your head become...well, I don't know. But if you've got three eyes and horns as well as $100 million, you WILL get laid with any woman you choose.

A woman is a whore by nature. Period.

So stop this useless whining about whether or not your looks are acceptable to these foul, smelly broads. If you just have to get laid, then get rich.

While we're on the subject, I'm reminded of something from long ago. In high school, in my senior year, we all took showers after gym class. Or maybe it was my junior year. There was this guy in gym class, James. He had the tiniest dick I've ever seen on a guy. Like a tiny button mushroom. He used to get teased about it. A lot. He was dull average in the looks department. Wore glasses. Not the least bit athletic. Kind of reclusive. But, his father was the head of some company with several hundred employees. The kid was slated to inherit, and ultimately, he did inherit- a lot.

Guess what this dinky-dick kid's girlfriend looked like? Yeah, she was a knockout. Drop-dead gorgeous to the extreme. I know he was banging her at the time, the only question was "how?" (And with what?) But, she was all over this weird kid. We were all jealous as hell.

So, stop worrying about looks.

Christopher in Oregon


Chris has a point.  Look at Donald Trump.  How many hotties has he married in their prime?  At least three that I can think of.  First was Ivana.  When she accumulated some wear & tear, the Donald went for the busty, blond Georgia peach of Marla Maples.  Now, he's married to Melania Knauss, who was a model.  I have ONE question to ask you people: if Donald Trump were collecting Social Security checks rather than being a billionaire, do you REALLY think that he'd have any female attention at all, let alone from some of the most desirable women on the planet?  I think we all know the answer to that one!  IOW, Christopher in Oregon is right.  Until next time...



Anonymous said...

The real question about Trump is why he marries them. He will get just as much action, maybe more, without doing that.

Anonymous said...

I have never been insulted by being called handsome, but even at my age, I am sure I am better looking than he is. Yet, you hear women on TV saying how handsome he is. Blechhh!!

Anonymous age 71

Anonymous said...

What's interesting about Trump, is that when you listen to him speak, he really doesn't come across as all that intelligent?

Yet, hidden in there somewhere is enough financial savvy to have made him one the wealthiest men in the world?

I'm with newrebeluniv. Why men in such positions marry, is really a mystery?

Anonymous said...

When women say that a guy like Trump or Bill Clinton are handsome, what they are experiencing is their inability to see post the power or status that those men wield.

Power and status (money is one kind of power) are like a veil that descends over a man.

There is an equivalent for men:

Ever notice how heels, makeup, and long hair can make a very average girl look like a knockout?

It can really play tricks with your eye, until you train yourself to see past it.

Ever notice some chick that other guys are calling hot, but she really is just a bar skank with really nice long blonde hair?

Rock stars are often some really ugly dudes, yet women think they are "hot".

It's all about the power and status. Money is important too. But fame is a substitute for money, for some women.

Anonymous said...

I will come into some money enough to buy me a nice Bentley. Will that make me hot!?!!?! i always liked Bentley's and vintage Corvettes (1963-67) but only because I like them, not to impress anyone else. Remember Solomon said "It is all vanity and chasing after wind". My brother's friend bought a 63 vette with f.i. in 85, but he bought it for himself, not to impress women. He still has it. Paid 25 K. How did he do? He is Christian btw.

Mrs. Anna T said...

I think that on a deep-down biological level, women are attracted to men with money because those men are more likely to be able to take care of them and their children. There is nothing inherently wrong with looking for a man who is doing well financially; while I was dating, I *did* look for someone with education, work, and no debt. But then again, I was educated and out of debt myself. Gold-hunting and/or looking for someone to cover one's debts is a completely different story.

Anonymous said...

I'm not attracted to money. Predatory women are attracted to money. These are just a type of women that place money above attraction, sex, FOR THE TIME BEING. I'd always choose a hunky gardener over Donald Trump(Ewww!). Have you seen Donald's ex. She got half in divorce and is now living in Italy with one hunky boytoy after another. This is the ultimate dream of golddiggers.

Sorry, money doesn't make middle-aged, old men sexy. Just attracts scam artist. Donald Trump is ugly and gross with or without money.

Anonymous said...

Looks matter. Every woman once had posters of movie hunks, boy banders on their wall. Women eventually wake up and realize this is unrealistic. Brad Pitts marry Angelinas. Then most women seek out their equal in looks, age, status.
I don't see men having a similar awakening. They hold onto the fantasy of a pin-up long into middle-age, pudginess, balding. Your best bet is your equal. Want young and hot then be young and hot.