25 February 2014

A Fine Example of 'Chyck Logic'


I was reading a thread on Mancoat earlier today. In that thread, someone had a link to an old thread on JDUnderground, a site for lawyers. Anyway, the entire thread is good; I could make a few posts out of the material in it. That said, I thought that this post was particularly good, as it shows American women's 'thought process'-or lack thereof, I should say. This woman is a PIECE OF WORK! I and other guys have known her type; indeed, some of us have been on the RECEIVING END of these fun & games. These are the same ones who, at 30+ years of age, cry out wondering where all the good men are...


Author: al anonTime: June 22, 2008 - 10:32 am

Women in their late 20s/early 30s have to learn to be "nice" and develop great personalities because the aloof/angry-at-the world/depressive mentality many have - and many have used successfully in the past doesn't work as well with the guys who are "left" so to speak.

Being nice goes a lot further than I think women understand. They see being bitchy and elusive when you are young and nubile and then try to replicate it when the dating pool has already weeded out the guys who fall for that shit (plus as women age they lose a lot of their sexual capital and guys just won't put up with it anymore.)

Naw, they don't need to learn THAT, Man! Why if women are nice to their men, or even entertain the mere THOUGHT of doing so, why they're letting down the Sisterhood! That would be weak; that would be giving in to her 'oppressor', for crying out loud! They can't be NICE to no stinkin' man now; why, he might take advantage of her...

That, and these chicks, when they were young, hot, desirable, and carrying less baggage than a luggage factory were 'in demand'; they were wanted, big time, so they were drunk with their power. They didn't have to be nice, since there were 100 guys lining up to replace the one she just blew off. They got USED to having men come down the tracks like rush hour trains, and they figured that this would continue forever. Silly girls...

Al anon is also right that, once men reach a certain point, then they're no longer willing to PUT UP with a woman's crap. Once men reach a certain point, they are no longer slaves to their hormones, so they're no longer willing to anything or put up with anything just to get some nookie. I find that the older I get, the less willing I am to put up with a woman's crap. Shoot, if I even THINK a woman will play head games, I'm G-O-N-E...

So yeah. Here's a rough approximation of a random panicked phone call I got from a close female friend last week to give you a peek into the mindset of late 20s female...

her -I've been crying all night, so and so is getting married. This is horrible. My life is OVER, I have nothing now.

me -Thats great, he's such a good dude. Who is he marrying?

her - some pasty-white 25-year old blond grad student bimbo bitch with bad ears.

me - Wait...Why aren't you happy for him? He was like your best friend in law school.

her - Because I loved him and now I can't have him. Everyone is getting married and no one wants to marry me.

Yeah, Darlin', your best friend is marrying someone else! Whose FAULT is that?!

me - Love him? You guys live five minutes from each other and never hang out. And aren't you dating some other dude?

her - I don't really want to talk about that.

Al anon, my friend, the LAST thing this stupid bitch wanted was to be confused with the facts! She didn't want to talk about HER role in losing a good man now. Why, that would mean she'd have to accept RESPONSIBILITY for herself and her actions! AW can't have that now...

me - I don't know, maybe he assumed since you are dating other people that you weren't interested in him.

Dude, you just HAD to point out the obvious, didn't you? Leave it to a MAN to look at things logically, and to remind this little dearie of the facts...

her - You are a boy, you don't understand. I should have never called you. You don't get it, I can't just be available and hang around him, he'll never like me then. I don't want to look too forward you know. I don't want to be rejected.

Darlin', you didn't waste ANY time dispensing the insults or shaming language, did you?! And I just LOVE the bullshit answer you give to his obvious, yet pointed question...

me - Too forward? Didn't you claim he only moved down here to be closer to you?

her - I don't know, maybe...he was going for his MBA.

Trying to deny past, narcissistic statements, my dear?

me - And moved five minutes away from you. When was the last time you saw him?

her - I don't know, December maybe. We hung out more in the fall. I'm busy, he's busy.

Ah, excuses, excuses. You know what they say: excuses are like anuses; everyone has one, and they ALL stink...

me - Why didn't something happen between you two?

her - He tried, two or three times invited me back to his place and such but I never went. I thought he'd think I was being a slut.

Ah, now we have a GLIMMER of truth trying to break through the clouds of your lies & deception, my dear! Now the truth is starting to come out...

me - We all just assumed you two were sleeping together in law school. You two were always together. He doesn't think you are a slut, he thinks you are the world's biggest prude and tease and after getting shot down he found someone else.

Ding, ding, ding, ding! We have a winner! Of COURSE your buddy thought this chick was a prude and tease; she led him to think she was interested, then blew off your friend when he ACTED on the false signals this bitch sent out. Of COURSE he found someone else; he wanted a gal who wanted HIM-duh!

her - He stopped calling me too, the phone works both ways.

Oh, I just LOVE how you try deflecting responisibilty, Darlin'; I just love how you try saying, "It's not all my fault-waaahhhh!" How freakin' TYPICAL...

me - You shot him down sexually, you think he's gonna be hanging around?

Dude, you're being a patriarchal oppressor; you're being LOGICAL, for goodness sake!

her - We used to talk ALL the time. ALL the time. He was my SOUL MATE.

Too bad you didn't TREAT him like your soul mate, my dear...

me - He wanted to have sex with you, when you took that off the table he took that talk to someone or somewhere it could actually lead to something.

Dude, you keep pointing out the obvious! When are you going to learn that chicks do NOT want to be confused with logic, the facts, or the truth-ESPECIALLY if it makes them look bad?!

her - But we were like EPIC friends, I've never known anyone, ANYONE in the world who understood me like he did. Or at least tried to understand me like he did.

me - Maybe thats it, maybe he did finally understand you and knew he had to move on. I've been there...

Yeah, your buddy, Mr. NG understood that this stupid bitch didn't want him, so he went and found someone who DID-what a concept! Imagine that, a man finding a woman who actually WANTS him...

her - shut up. You are such an idiot. I suppose I could have called him back more. But I'm busy. And I have canceled plans with him three or four times in the past month or so.

me - So you never called him, canceled plans with him regularly, and shot down his sexual advances, I'm happy for him. He's too nice to date you. He should have moved on long ago.

So, this stupid, clueless bitch blew off Mr. NG REPEATEDLY, shot down his advances, etc., and yet she STILL expects him to be pining away for her?! COME ON!!

her - I hate you.

me - Yeah I know whatever, you have NO REASON to be upset. Really no reason.

her - He LIKED Me! Not some other bitch.

Yeah, but your ACTIONS told him that his love for you was UNWANTED; you told him, via your actions that you were not INTERESTED-duh!

me - Guys aren't that complicated. You are secretly dating someone else, never call him, cancel plans, haven't hung out with him in 6 months and yet you are shocked and crying on the phone with me about your best friend getting married. I can't help you with that. It doesn't compute.

What can I POSSIBLY add to that?! Al anon, you NAILED it, brother! Are you sure you haven't been hanging around MRA/MGTOW sites & blogs?

(sorry for the length but after perusing this thread I just had to share.)

Thanks for sharing with us, al anon...


Guys, THIS is what passes for 'chyck logic'; this is what passes for female 'thinking'.  And to think we allowed these creatures to vote!  No WONDER our once great nation is taking a swan dive into the crapper.  Until next time...



Anonymous said...

I would like to read this, but red and bright white on a black background is vertigo inducing, and leaves a 10 min. mark on the retinas.

MarkyMark said...

What about adjusting your monitor's settings? Play with contrast and brightness, and that should help.

Also, I used to use a different color font, and I got complaints about that too; they said that they couldn't read it on a white background, say if they printed out the post on paper. So, I selected fonts that will be visible against a multitude of different backgrounds.

Anonymous said...

Yep, modern dearies assume they can do whatever they want to the best of men, and when they are done doing whatever they want to the best of men, the man of their choice will be patiently waiting. Hee, hee.

Love it!

If we check in on her when she's 40 and 50, the only question will be: HOW MANY CATS?

From 1984 till 1993, I supplied no-fee counseling to divorced fathers, and a very few divorced mothers as long as they didn't ask me to help them get custody. I finally tired of being constantly attacked. Not by feminists; they didn't fork with me. No, attacked by men, including the ones who sucked up my free counseling services.

In 1997, I retired and started on the Web. Now, my goal is each man I can convince to either never marry or else expat and don't take her back to the US, is a personal victory! And, I have had some personal victories.

We must protect as many gullible; innocent; brainwashed men as we can.


Anonymous age 71

Anonymous said...

There are feminist academics who have obtained old diaries, from for example the 19th Century, written by pioneer women.

Today, feminine thinking is oxymoronic. But, when women were held accountable for their misconduct (and they were in the 19th Century) feminine thinking was not oxymoronic. They actually as a general rule grasped reality.

Anonymous age 71

Mrs. Anna T said...

From my experience, when a guy is friends - especially "best friends" with a girl, it usually means he is interested in her and just hanging around to wait for an opportunity.

I've had two friends like that. It had caused a lot of heartache and, eventually, we stopped being friends. Now that I'm married, having friends of the opposite sex is a big no-no for us.

When we shared this concept with my brother-in-law, he called us crazy and prudish, but I strongly believe friendship between men and women, especially close friendship, can hardly exist without sexual tension at least on one side, and you don't want that.

Seriously. You don't want a friend who's pining after you, and you don't want to be friends with someone *you* are pining for.

Save the "soul mate" for the one you are going to marry.

MarkyMark said...


At least the guy had sense enough to look elsewhere...


Anonymous said...

Honestly, this conversation that you are iterating sounds contrived...it just doesn't sound like how a rational person would represent themselves.

Maybe it's for real, and the woman is that incapable of exercising basic self-awareness.

But her dialogue just sounds so dumb that I find it hard to believe that a person could soberly say what she said without recognizing their own expressed cognitive dissonance...so I'm calling bull.

In the event that it happened, and she said what she said, then she is an idiot, and the man involved did dodge a bullet.

All the same, the conversation, as described, seems far from credible.

Jim said...

"And to think we allowed these creatures to vote!"

Amazing that we allow children to vote.

phoenix said...

Well it should be a giant red flag to anyone if a woman has gone to law school. I don't know what kind of guy would want to marry that personality and that debt load.

There are women like this out there but they aren't quite that common the older people get. That type of thing happens yeah in high school and college, but when we're talking grad school and beyond, I've actually never heard of this type of mixed signals type of BS.