13 April 2014

Former Obama Supporter NAILS It!


I've seen this video on Mancoat, FB, and other places.  It's gone viral.  It's a video of Carey Wedler, a former Obama supporter, burning one of his shirts.  In the video, she also lists a few of Obama's crimes against the American people.

Though I do wish she mentioned Obama's use of the IRS to squelch political opponents, I think she did a pretty good job. One thing she's DEFINITELY right about is the lack of meaningful differences between the two major parties, something of which I need to be reminded. Thanks, and have a good day now... MarkyMark


Anonymous said...

Let's face it. When I can honestly and accurately say that I have more personal freedom here in Mexico than you guys have in the US, something is very, very wrong in the USA.

And, when Huckabee can say with only modest exaggeration and sarcasm that people have less freedom in the USA than North Koreans, something is terribly wrong in the USA.

I was pleased with the back-off on the ranch out west. Maybe the freedom seekers do have more cojones than I thought.

Anonymous age 72

MarkyMark said...


I remember this guy I used to listen to on short wave; he was one of those patriot broadcasters who hawked gold. Anyway, I remember him saying once how he and some biker buddies took a trip to Russia, and explored the country via motorcycle. He told a story about how at the end of a day's ride they built themselves a camp fire, drank, and told stories. He then said that, if they were in the US, then they would have gotten jammed up for not having a permit for the fire-rather telling, I think...


Anonymous said...

I just want to live long enough to piss on his grave. It's a simple goal. Of course I'll post that anonymously lest I be audited by the IRS or one of this criminal's other goon squads...

rmaxGenactivePUA said...

lol anon, you've done a great job of pissing on plenty of presidents graves & their funded feminists

Guys like us will make sure, you piss on many a presidents grave for years

Seriously you're a heavy weight

How bout putting your views on women, feminism, mens rights, marriage

& how to deal with women in one place

Or a series of posts

I've been thinking of putting the top commentators like yourself, onto a series of sites

Deti did that a while back ...

Im also in the process of hiring a remote server & archiving a large portion of the manosphere, for future generations

As well as retrieving alot of the older blogs, from the wayback machine

I'll be making sure you piss on many graves for years to come