24 April 2014

A Good Insight in to Women


I heard this song while skating recently, and I thought it was funny.  This song shows the true, VAPID nature of women.  After watching this, you'll have to ask yourself: we let these creatures vote?!

What more can I say?



Spocksdisciple said...

If you want a good analysis of what drives female psychology especially of the rationalization hamster have a look at this link.

Warning it's long but well worth the read.
If you want a flowchart of the rationalization hamster most women possess look here.


djc said...

I must be weird. I have never taken a selfie.

Take The Red Pill said...

I'm beginning to understand how Democrats keep getting elected...

Anonymous said...

Women have no other place in society but to make sammiches and babies. Don't believe me? Look at them! The boobs...the vagina...the womb! What the hell do you think drives men to screw women!? It's au naturel! Why? How? Do you often feel the need to stick you dick into your garbage disposal? No! Nature is pretty finite when it comes to these things!

"Men spend 9 months trying to get out of a vagina, and the rest of their lives trying to get back in" - George Carlin.

"What we've got here is failure to communicate." - Cool Hand Luke, '67

Female psychology is very, very simple. Find the guy with the best genes and the most resources. Fuck him, divorce him, steal everything he has and then go and fuck everyone else with the same or better qualities. Or - OR - marry the man with the most money and fuck the guys with better genes behind his back (cuckoldry).

Women aren't some gigantic mystery, gentlemen. There's no such thing as feminine mystique. They're just a bunch of whores, that we've been genetically programmed to hunt, trying to get knocked up and provisioned for by the richest, most masculine man they can find. They'll marry a beta man with bucks in a heart beat if it means they can screw an alpha behind his back (and get paid big in the divorce). No mystery. Happens all of the time.

It's all so simple. Most guys way, way over think these things.

If you're a good, nice guy (i.e., beta male), you're a target for destruction. You'll be used, abused, destroyed and then kicked to the curb and left homeless. Your value, although monetary, pales in comparison to the female, genetically imposed worship of the alpha cock. The alpha will gladly leave your wife, after he has seeeded her, with his kid for you to raise and finance, so that he can continue fucking other beta's wives.

When I reference alpha - I'm talking about the abundance of modern male sociopaths. You know - antisocial (ASPD) folks.

Anonymous said...

Man driven to suicide by ex wife and divorce courts

Chris Mackney committed suicide on December 29, 2013 because his ex wife was using the divorce courts in America to torture him and kidnap his children from him. He wrote a 4 page suicide note before killing himself.


LATEST UPDATE: The ex-wife is such a psychopath that is she trying to copyright her ex husband's suicide note, in order to prevent it from being circulated on the internet. She is using her lawyers to threaten legal action against websites that published Chris's suicide letter. She is trying to silence him, even in death.

The website "A Voice for Men" also got a letter from her lawyers and wrote an article about it yesterday:

Here's a few more updates:





Anonymous said...

This video is a good artistic representation of what it feels like to return to the States for a family visit.

Anonymous age 72

MarkyMark said...


I hope you read this, because I need you to e-mail me. I'd like to ask you about GTHO of the USA-you know, expatting. I'll say more if I hear from you. Thanks!


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SavvyD said...

We are not all like this. And there are plenty of men who are equally vain. This song is making fun of that subset of people who are totally self-absorbed.

In response to some of the comments, I don't get why guys think women are all attracted to "alphas" when those just sound like the jerks I avoided when I was dating. I married a "nice guy" because he was nice, and because he was clear about what he wanted. And I'll stay with him because he's nice and we get along and we laugh about things together. I think what you call "nice guys" might just be guys who can't work up the guts to ask a girl out, which is pretty lame with the internet making getting dates so easy.

Jim said...


Yeah yeah, we know.

Men made a HUGE mistake by giving women any kind of political power. They've now destroyed our families and replaced it with the government. Destructive creatures.

Anonymous said...

Couldn't watch the video, but googled the lyrics. It seems pretty tongue-in-cheek to me. At least I hope. Oh PLEASE let it be parody. Please...

Something along the lines of this from the Onion:



Anonymous said...

You ARE aware this is a parody written by two MEN right? How would they know what women talk about while together in the washroom?

Also NAWALT is NOT an argument. MOST women are not money hungry whores. It's impossible for approximately 3.5 billion people to be exactly the same.