20 February 2013

Dog Reunited with Owner-Ten Years AFTER Bitch Ex Wife Took It...


As I so often say here, I CANNOT make this stuff up; I just can't.  Emanon found this and shared it with us on Mancoat; I am sharing it with the larger world.  In this story, we read about a man who got reunited with a dog he'd lost ten years before-in a divorce.  Here goes...


Man reunited with dog after 10 years apart

Shortly after his pet boxer passed away, New Hampshire man Jamie Carpentier wasn't looking to take on another dog. He went online anyway—who doesn't like to browse?—and looked at pictures on the Humane Society of Greater Nashua website. But then he saw a familiar face: his old basset hound, Ginger.
Ten years ago, Carpentier's ex-wife got Ginger in the divorce. But, according to CBS Boston, she gave up Ginger a short time later.

Note what it says guys: Mr. Carpentier's bitch ex wife gave up the dog a SHORT TIME AFTER the divorce!  She didn't want the dog-not at all; she only wanted it because Mr. Carpentier wanted the dog, so she took Ginger out of spite.  Aren't women wonderful?  Isn't divorce wonderful?

I don't know what the policies of the shelter are where the former Mrs. Carpentier surrendered the dog; I don't know if it's a no-kill shelter like we have in my area.  It's rather telling about Mrs. Carpentier in particular, and women in general, that she would: 1) take the dog she didn't want in a divorce; 2) potentially put the dog's life in JEOPARDY; 3) and did so all to spite her ex-husband.  For those of you thinking about getting married, think about THAT before walking down The Aisle of Doom!

The dog was adopted, but 10 years later had become too much work for her elderly owner. (From the looks of this face, it's hard to imagine Ginger giving anybody much trouble.) The owner surrendered Ginger to the Humane Society—and Carpentier happened to log on to the right site at the right time.

At least Ginger found a loving home after the divorce.  I don't think Ginger gave her elderly owner too much trouble, either; Basset hounds are mellow, easy going dogs.  I think that the elderly owner's health had failed to the point where he/she could no longer take care of the dog; for example, the elderly owner had lost the ability to walk, so he/she couldn't take the dog out for the walks it needs.  In that case, putting Ginger up for adoption was the right thing to do-especially since she was reunited with her original owner!

He spoke with Boston's WCVB-TV about the unexpected reunion. "She seemed like she knew it was me," Carpentier said about picking up his old/new dog. "It was me and my father who were there, and she just ... she just recognized us." He wasn't planning on taking another dog, but come on. How could anybody say no to this face?

 How could anyone say 'no' to that face, indeed?  Ginger looks like a sweet dog; she gives off a good vibe even in the picture.  That begs and obvious question: how could Mrs. Carpentier say 'no' to that face?  How could Mrs. Carpentier take Ginger from her loving owner, Mr. Carpentier?  How could Mrs. Carpentier endanger the dog's life as she did, hmmm?

"She was stuck to me like glue. It was awesome,” Carpentier told the Nashua Telegraph after seeing her again "I have her now, and she has a place to live and stay,” he said. “The end. It’s awesome.”

All's well that ends well.  Now what would REALLY be a good ending is if his bitch ex-wife were to end up homeless, broke, and in failing health-ha!  We can only hope...


Fellas, what you have just read is indicative of women and their natures.  Mrs. Carpentier didn't let Mr. Carpentier keep the dog he loved and who loved him-oh, no.  No, she spitefully TOOK the dog so he couldn't have it!  We know this because she surrendered the dog for adoption a short time after the divorce; rather than letting Mr. Carpentier have the dog back, she took it.  Again, it's rather telling.

What to do, Fellas?  Stay happy, single, and free, of course!  That way, if you have a dog, cat, or other pet you love, you won't lose it to a spiteful, vengeful woman who cares nothing about you or your pet.  Until next time...



Bonanza said...

Wonderful analysis, sir.

Dog: Man's best friend.

Ping Jockey said...

Both he and the dog were lucky! The dog was lucky that she had another loving owner who was wise enough to give her up when she couldn't have been taken care of properly, and he was V-E-R-Y lucky that he didn't have any children with that spiteful, hateful ex-wife!
(I was going to call the ex-wife a bitch, but it would be an unforgivable insult to Ginger and all of the other loving, faithful canine bitches like her!)

ScareCrow said...

The worst story of spite I have heard - one of my friends wives got an abortion after they were arguing over the TV set they owned.

She wanted him to buy a new one, he wanted to keep the old one.

He insisted they did not have enough money to afford a new TV.

Out of spite, she went and got an abortion over the incident.

Anonymous said...

Scare Crow, Thus saving him child support after the obvious divorce. Hope he bailed before she had kids.

Anonymous age 70

Anonymous said...

Little miss little miss can't be wrong.

Like to play "stab the heart."

So rewarding!

Rinse and repeat,you go grrl.

Mrs. Anna T said...

Mark, this story is truly heart-breaking. Poor dog.

The helpless ones are the ones who are harmed the most in divorces: chidlren and, as you said, pets.

I believe I have received tremendous damage, through growing up entirely without a father, but perhaps in some ways I was better off than children caught in the midst of squabbles of divorced parents.

MarkyMark said...


In all fairness, the two no-kill shelters (that is animal shelters that will not euthanize the animals, but rather keep them until homes are found for them) are mostly run by women.

Though my parents were divorced, they didn't squabble much; it was about as civilized as that could be. Dad didn't try to take the dogs or anything like that.


ScareCrow said...

@Anon - actually, when the divorce occurred, he fought for custody of the 1 kid, and got it.

He was able to use the abortion she had against her in court, claiming, "She obviously does not want children".

Sorry "MRA dud", sometimes abortion is not a good thing.

Nice try though - I give you an A for effort, but an F for attitude.

Abortion is for feminists.

Take The Red Pill said...

Scarecrow: "Abortion is for feminists."

It's too bad that we can't abort more of them.

Since getting an abortion shows how woemyn have so little regard for life and how much they hate their own children, it truly is unfortunate that woemyn who have abortions cannot be forced to be simultaneously sterilized.

Anonymous said...

I would not in the least be suprised if the ex showed up for the dog again with the original court order after reading this in the paper.

Sophia said...

I somewhat agree. In my humble opinion, abortion should be allowed in extreme cases such as incest, rape and if it greatly threatens the life of the mother.

Unfortunately, I hear of many women getting abortions as a *typical* form of birth control...when it should be something inconceivable under anything but the most dire of circumstances. We have numerous contraceptives at our disposal in Western society. Male and female condoms, the Pill, progesterone patches, a 4 month "sterility" injection, IUDs (which I don't recommend) and even the "morning after" pill just in case one of these fails.

I have no understanding of why people continue to have casual/promiscuous sex without using birth control AND protection from STDs like condoms and dams. It's illogical, honestly.

Sophia said...

Well, I suppose it is easy to tell who the true bitch is in this story. Apparently not all of them have fur, eh?

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