21 February 2013

A Great, New Blog!


While reading comments over @ PM/AFT's place, I saw a new blogger who I checked out.  The blog is: This Is Why MGTOW.  Go check him out and see what he has to say; it's good stuff!



Anonymous said...

I found that blog accidentally.For what it's worth, I concur that it is a very neat,clean, and smart blog. The blog owner is a very intelligent and amiable gentleman,and the topics he writes about are relevant to anyone who participates in the manosphere.

Everyone should definitely check "This is why MGTOW" out if you haven't already.

By the way, MarkyMark,welcome back to blogging. I hope you are doing well. I read your blog often,and you've always been one of my favorite writers on men's issues, but I haven't checked up on you since you took your hiatus a while back. Now I'm trying to catch up on everything I missed.

Eman said...

I'm still here, too, @MarkyMark--alive 'n kickin' Great find for my blog....Thanks!


Sophia said...

I would have a lot more respect for this blogger if he actually allowed women to post comments. I've commented on 4 of his posts, and agreed with his views on all 4...one was just about how including seeds in your diet is good!

He has allowed through other posts that came after, but has allowed absolutely none of mine. I could understand this (a little) if I had a dissenting opinion or if I was spamming him. I hesitate to conclude he is sexist...but will repost a comment using a male name to determine this.

Too bad. I like what he has to say, but if he is disallowing female commenters, I'm certainly not going to waste my time.

MarkyMark said...


Perhaps your comments are going to his spam section? I know that some comments I receive go to mine; if I don't check it (and DK may not have checked his), then I won't know that the comment is there, let alone post it. It may be as simple as that...


Sophia said...

I truly hope so, because as I've said...I really like his blog. I feel he presents the material in an unbiased way, and touches on important topics, much like yourself. It's just that I've sent comments from my ipad, my phone and my computer at work after hours...so it doesn't seem to be a problem with my IP address or the time I comment.

Any ideas on how I can try to ensure my comments don't get "spammed", or let him know I'm a serious supporter? Advice is much appreciated.

Anonymous said...

"I would have a lot more respect for this blogger if he actually allowed women to post comments."

I would have a lot more respect for women if they stopped feeling entitled to a presence in men's spaces.

If you're as supportive as you claim, then at a minimum you would have read my posts explicitly stating that my blog is a male space.

I couldn't give a damn about your respect. I'm writing to men. Not women. I do not care about female supporters. Take the hint. And that is the last I will say on the matter.

Sophia said...

I have read your posts about how it is a male space. I have also seen that, at least in the past, you allowed people with feminine names to comment. I don't know why that changed, nor do I really care.

But let's face it...this is the internet. If I created a blog and said "only white people or redheads can post here", there is absolutely NO WAY for me to be sure that's who is posting. Hence, why you let my comment through (now erased) when I posted with a male name.

I just think that if you are going to have a policy where all commenters must "be" male, or sign in with a male name, that you should put that. You did not, otherwise I wouldn't have wasted my time. As it is, nothing I said was in disagreement...it WAS all supportive and in line with what you wrote.

I like the fact that Marky Mark gave the benefit of the doubt, but unfortunately I knew better. Yours is the 12th blog I've found that only allows 1 sex to post. That goes for MRAs, Feminists, and MGTOWs.

I am not entitled to presence in an actual males-safe space physically...though I wouldn't WANT to go into a female one. Were you a brick and mortar building, I wouldn't cry "sexism" and try to go in. But again, this is the internet...you have no idea who is reading, commenting or sharing your words at any given time. It would be like using the gazebo at a public park for your meetings, and getting upset that passerby can hear you.

No matter. I now know that women are unwelcomed, whether they hate misandry or not. I'll not be posting there again or making recommendations. Please, for the sake of your other commenters, just revise your policy to say that you will not post comments written under feminine names.

I'm sure it'll save you time, in the long run, at least.

Sophia said...

I'm sorry that this conversation between Cerberus Alpha and myself happened on your blog, Marky Mark. I hope it didn't cause any uncomfortableness for you in any way. In my mind, using another person's blog to have a discussion is impolite, but in this case it turned out to be necessary. Thank you for allowing it, the fact you did so is much appreciated.

It's too bad that my gut feeling was correct again...I really did like his stuff, and thought that everyone could benefit from his writings.