09 February 2013

90210 Stars' Pics


Here's a gallery of recent pics of some of the stars from Beverly Hills, 90210, one of the biggest TV shows of all time.  Remember that the show started in 1990, and it ended its run in 2000-a ten year run.  To put it another way, over 20 years have passed since the show began; over 10 years have passed since it ended.  While all the guys have aged well, I can't say the same for the women.  Jennie Garth looks the best, but even she isn't the perky, young cutie she once was.  Tori Spelling looks matronly now-ouch!  The others-well, you get the idea.

The point is this: women age like sour milk, while men age like wine.  The second point is that women are beautiful for only a brief time; after that, they go downhill faster than the Titanic!  As our sage friend Christopher in Oregon would say, this is living proof that this is Mother Nature's dirty trick to get us men to do something clearly against our best interest: breed with a woman, then care for her and her children; that's it!

In closing, don't get taken in by a woman's pretty face, nor be taken in by her taut, hot body that has curves in all the right places.  This is an ILLUSION, Fellas!  It's a dirty trick by Mother Nature to lure us in, breed, and care for her & her kids; that's all it is.  Don't fall for the trick; it's a trap!

Now, if you're going to have a relationship with a woman; if you insist on marrying her; then, for goodness sake, PLEASE look beyond the exterior!  Please look at what, if any, inner qualities she brings to the table, because THAT is what you'll be living with over the long term.  Better yet, stay happy, single, and free; then, you don't face the risk of losing everything.  Thank you, and good night...



Mrs. Anna T said...

You know what? Not all men age well, either. I personally have had several occasions in which I perused a friend's wedding album, and I'm like, "OK, there's her... my, she didn't change at all... but who's this BOY? No way! It's her husband?! He sure put on some weight..."

But like you said yourself, this is beside the point, since it's all a big fat illusion. The fact is, we all age. We all put on weight, get wrinkles, lose the shape of our bodies. There are other things that matter in a relationship, and the MOST important of these - sadly lost in this age - is commitment to each other's best, to pull it through in the long haul, which isn't easy. We'll be celebrating 5 years of marriage this month, which perhaps isn't very long yet, but I can tell you there have been ups and downs. So what? I'm thankful for being married, and it's totally beside the point, for me, that my husband is losing hair, because for me, he's the most handsome man in the world.

MarkyMark said...

Mrs. Anna,

You've been married FIVE years already?! Wow, congratulations! It doesn't seem as if it's been that long; it seems like it was just a few months ago you were making the announcement of your then upcoming wedding...

Yes, we all age, but overall, women age worse than men do. If you take a man at 35 and a woman at 35, the man will probably look better. Of course, it depends on how well one takes care of himself, something many women don't do these days-not when they live hard like they do.

What you're talking about with your husband being the most handsome man in the world (he no doubt thinks you're the most beautiful woman in the world too) is having 'love goggles'. If a couple marry young, no matter how old the husband and wife get, they'll still remember one another from their younger days; they'll still have a memory of when each was handsome and beautiful.

If the couple divorces, then other men will NOT see the woman with the love goggles; they'll just see a 35 year old woman; to put it another way, they won't have the 'love goggles' that her ex husband had. I use the wife in this example, because women file for the majority of divorces.

Congrats on the five year anniversary; it doesn't seem as if it's been that long-wow! To me, it only seems like it was a few months ago you were making the announcement that you & Mr. T were getting married. Have a good day now...


Mrs. Anna T said...

Thanks a lot, Mark! Yes, I can hardly believe it either! Five years, two kids, three house moves and several unemployment periods later, I can sure tell you this road has had bumps in it (and sometimes the bumps were on my head from banging it agains the wall, just kidding, LOL). Still, I believe being married, in the long haul, is the best investment a couple can make.

Again about aging: I have noticed that misery and very, very much unrewarding hard work makes people look/act/feel older. I have seen some men waste themselves away working very long hours to buy expensive houses/cars their wives insisted on, and always worrying because no matter how much they earn, they are always in a debt/mortgage. That isn't very rejuvenating.

Of course I don't mean to say every man who works long hours is exploited by his wife. My husband worked very long hours even as a single man, because that is how things work in his profession, at least here. But generally speaking, a man has a profound desire to please his woman, and her duty, the way I see it, is to be wise and be pleased with what her husband can *reasonably* give her (while living within their means).

MarkyMark said...

But generally speaking, a man has a profound desire to please his woman, and her duty, the way I see it, is to be wise and be pleased with what her husband can *reasonably* give her (while living within their means).

THAT is gold! My blog and others like it would disappear overnight if a majority of women understood this truth, especially in this economy. Many people are having to adjust their expectations downward to be more in line with what they CAN get vs. what they want.