02 December 2012

What Abortion Says about Women


I'd like to talk about what abortion says about women.  It says nothing good; if anything, it says that they're the epitome & quintessence of evil.

Women are the ONLY species of life that kills their own babies-the only one!  Not even rats, the most vile, evil, and disgusting of animals, kill their own babies; even the despicable mother rat does not kill her own babies.  However, women do, and they've done so to the tune of 50 MILLION PLUS since 1973, the year of the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision.

Also, what's telling is that the majority of women are in favor of abortion.  If they weren't, then politicians wouldn't be deathly afraid of doing anything that could be even remotely construed as infringing on what is euphemistically called "a woman's right to choose".  No matter how you slice it, politicians are deathly afraid to do anything about abortion.  Why?  Because the majority of women (who comprise the majority of voters, BTW) are in favor it, that's why.

It should really be called a right to choose murder, because that's what abortion is.  Yeah, I said it! You don't like that?  Too freakin' bad!  I'll call a spade a freakin' shovel; here, we tell the TRUTH.  Isn't it rather telling about women when they dislike the truth so much?

What does it say about women when they have chosen to commit a genocide almost UNPARALLELED in human history?  What does it say about them?  Uh MarkyMark, you're being hateful towards women-wah!  Well, what would YOU call a mass murder totaling over fifty million lives, hmmm?  Sounds like genocide to me, and women have committed it en masse.  Hitler, who some say killed six million Jews, has nothing on modern, American women.  Neither does Josef Stalin, who killed at least 20 million Russians during his reign of terror.  American women have killed more than history's two most evil men combined!  Did you ever think about that?

In closing, abortion says that women are evil.  Sorry, but there's no gentle way to put it.  When you have a genocide unparalleled in the annals of human history, those committing said genocide are evil.  When a group of people have committed more mass murders than Adolf Hitler and Josef Stalin COMBINED, I'd call that genocide, wouldn't you?  What do you call those who commit genocide on such a mass scale?  Traditionally, we've called them evil.  Since women are responsible for over fifty MILLION babies being killed since 1973, they are evil no matter how you slice it.  Until next time...



Anonymous said...

Guppies are a kind of fish.
Guppies are noted for eating their young.

Zorro said...

I think women who support infanticide (that's what it is) are evil. Not all do.

Not all women claim "It's not a person. So it's not murder."

"Really? What is it, shit-for-brains, a fucking ground squirrel? Is that a hippo in there?!"

My two cents.

Anonymous said...

This is one of the reasons that I use women for my convenience. They can kill with impunity - nothing I do to them comes close to that level of evil. So they are for my pleasure, then I ditch them although I do come back sometimes. (They aren't very bright which is what makes it workable.)

Anonymous said...

Stop by HB,and old friend from '08 has returned.

TrueFemininity said...

A few weeks ago, after the election, a woman at work started into a tirade in the lunchroom that included why a woman's "right to choose" is so important. I had to bite my tongue hard not to say, "Oh, you mean a woman's right to choose to murder her child and not do prison time?"

Anonymous said...

thought u were a Leykis fan? he's paid for 4 abortions

MarkyMark said...


I used to listen to Leykis, but I don't know if I was ever a fan. While he had some good points about the War of the Sexes, I had problems with other things he said, e.g. on the immigration issue.

I listened to him about a year; I caught the overall flavor of what he had to say; and, after that, I stopped. I guess I just couldn't take him anymore...

CS said...

Solid post Mark. I would add that just as evil are men who empower women in choosing infanticide. The ability of people to justify murdering the unborn while those same people feel no guilt is amazing.

Anonymous said...

Life begins at conception, not at X number of weeks. If it did begin at X number of weeks, then would the life have begun without conception? The life a woman is carrying is not hers. It is a person with their own identity. Abortion gives carpet bagger women the abiltiy to be judge,jury, and executioner. Remember on judgement day it's you and God alone.

Lucy said...

Not all women agree with abortion, in fact I totally agree with the sentiment of your post. But to anonymous who said that he "uses women for his convenience" because "they can kill with impunity"... does this mean he only sleeps with women who have had, or would have, an abortion? And would avoid sleeping with a woman who disagree's with murder? That's a bit interesting...

Oh and yes don't forget the literal MILLIONS of men who coerce women into having an abortion because they're "not ready" for a child and "Don't want to bring a child into this world" and who threaten the woman with single-parent-dome if she goes ahead with the pregnancy.

One guy I dated, after he found out that I was against abortion, told me if I got pregnant he'd push me down the stairs.

My ex-husband, father of my (living) child, also said he wouldn't stay with me if I kept the baby. I told him there was no choice for me. Killing something, anything, just wasn't an option. So he said I was selfish, and that I obviously didn't love him. He then walked out and didn't come home for a few days. He did stay with me during the pregnancy, although was angry with me all of the time and frequently wouldn't even talk to me.

My child is two now, and my husband left us six months ago, saying that he "fell out of love with me when I was pregnant". He has regular contact with his son, and sends me 2/3 texts every day calling me a "moron", "idiot", that he wishes he never met me and that he hopes I die.

So... Not all women are murderers, and some men are.

MarkyMark said...


While not all women may agree with abortion, obviously a majority do; otherwise, why would politicians be DEATHLY AFRAID of doing anything about it? They're deathly afraid of doing anything, because they don't want to piss off the majority of their voters: women.


ScareCrow said...

Instead of "My Body My Choice", the more truthful phrase should be:

"My LIDESTYLE My Choice".

I heard the number was way more than 40 million too...

Anonymous said...

Human women are not the only species that kills their own babies, not by a long shot. Females of Pretty much any Hypergamous species are capable of killing their own babies.

For example, when a pride of female lions becomes dissatisfied with their alpha male, they will invite a new male lion to challenge the alpha. Should the new lion pass this test and become the new alpha, all of the females will compete to be sired by the lion as soon as possible. Lions with young cubs will literally eat their own young just to increase the possibilities that the new alpha lion will sire them... Just to increase the chances for a fuck.

So too with American women, who will kill their kids for the chance to fuck new alphas. What you describe is not new or unique but instead is an abandment of divination and a return to law of the jungle animal instincts.

Molly said...

I agree completely.

My sex are hypocrites. It makes me ashamed to be a woman sometimes.

Guppies! I suppose that means women are the moral equivalent of guppies ...

MarkyMark said...


Your comment reminded me of a billboard I used to see alongside the road years ago. On it, there was a pic of a baby laying on its back. Below the pic was a caption that read: Kill her now, it's murder. Kill her before, it's abortion...


MarkyMark said...


I don't know about lions eating their cubs. I do know what happens amongst bears though. When a new alpha dethrones the old alpha of the bear herd, the FIRST thing he will do is kill all the cubs. Why? Because they're not HIS genetic line...


Mrs. Anna T said...

I used to write a lot against abortion. That was before I became a mother. Then, I stopped writing about abortion because I just couldn't wrap my mind around the HORROR of it anymore. After having been pregnant, and embracing my babies, I just couldn't get it into my head how anyone could go and have an abortion. It's too terrible to contepmlate.

About Guppies: ours never kill their young. Because we FEED them well, and provide plenty of space. But, I agree with you that humans are probably the only species which kills their young while being well-fed and having all the necessities of life.

Anonymous said...

I don't care to go into my own personal beliefs regarding the matter, but I will say that the U.S. is better with abortion legal than it is without it.

Some people just should not have kids. In some ways, it's almost worse when those people choose to anyway. Let me give you an example. Or two.

I grew up in a small farm town that didn't have a particular drug problem. Not until I was coming out of high school, and all of these "pill mills" (technically called 'Pain Management Clinics') started popping up, and prescription opiate abuse skyrocketed. Along with it went heroin usage.

My fiance's younger sister got involved. She started using pills, moved on to harder things. By the time anyone realized she had a problem, she had become a major alcoholic and junky. About a month ago she was visiting her parents. So drunk that her boyfriend had to guide her through the doorway. She had a big announcement: she's pregnant.

We were horrified. By that point, it was established that she was binge-drinking on a near-daily basis. She'd gotten a DUI over the summer and had been living with a heroin dealer.

After she made her announcement, we asked her how long she'd known. She'd suspected for two months, finally got around to taking a test a week ago. We demanded to know why she was still drinking, smoking cigarettes, and doing drugs (she denied doing any drugs other than pot, but we know better). Her answer, "Well my friend ____ drank and partied the whole time she was pregnant and it was fine. It's not like this is a big deal. Why aren't you happy for me? Why are you bringing me down?"

Even though it was a god-awful excuse, she was right about one thing: her friend did drink and do drugs while pregnant, and continues to do so as a mother. Many of her friends are mothers who do hard drugs and get drunk all the time. A girl in my graduating class was a junky who was raising a small child, until her live-in addict boyfriend beat that three-year-old boy to death while she wasn't home.

Maybe you think abortion's murder, maybe you don't. I think that when a person is that selfish and careless, it's better that they confine the damage they do to themselves.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you think abortion's murder, maybe you don't. I think that when a person is that selfish and careless, it's better that they confine the damage they do to themselves.

Nothing is more damaging than murder shit-for-brains.

Anonymous said...

'Nothing is more damaging than murder shit-for-brains.'

Well, the way I see it, there's quickly ending the pregnancy early on, or there's prolonging the baby's suffering, torturing it for months on end with exposure to horrendous toxins, and if the child is actually born, continuing to torture it in life by exposing it to further abuse. There's always the hope that someone will have the presence of mind and the ability to remove a child who survives that pregnancy from the bad conditions it will continue to grow up in, but my experience has been that these women get to keep their kids and do with them (or not) as they please.

CPS is horribly ineffective. The murdered three-year-old I mentioned had been looked into by CPS before due to allegations of abuse, and they decided nothing was wrong.

I think it's a lot easier to get extremely angry at abortion itself if you haven't seen the conditions under which drug addicts "raise" their children, who are often fortunate to make it into adulthood, let alone in one piece.

The sad truth is, these women don't care. They don't care if they're pregnant or not, if they are, they don't care if their baby dies, suffers, or undergoes major developmental damage as a result of their drug use and lifestyle. I don't see anyone calling them murderers, or stopping them from torturing their babies in utero. I guess to me, the matter of abortion for women such as these can sometimes be the difference between a bullet to the head and being tortured to death for weeks, months, years.

At least if my fiance's sister has her baby, there is a family who will fight for custody so that she can't keep hurting her child. Many junkies do not have anyone looking out for their baby, and if they have to, they will sell him/her or 'rent' them for money and/or drugs. If her baby survives pregnancy, it's not unlikely that it will have severe problems that may follow him or her for the rest of their life.

In cases where there is not a family involved, and CPS is successful in wresting the child from their mother's "care", the state is left to provide for their wellbeing. One can always hope that a family will adopt them, but with a variety of developmental disabilities in tow that may require expensive, lifelong care, it's not so likely. Meanwhile, funding for the care of such children is not at the top of most politicians' lists. All the same, in cases such as these, those are your tax dollars, going toward the tens of thousands of dollars that it costs to give these kids the care they require.

So what is the gov't to do? Ban abortion so that more cases like these pop up, or start penalizing pregnant women for abusing their bodies and by proxy their children? I prefer the latter, but in the age of 'my body my choice', I don't see it happening.

TaxExile said...

thus Jake Holmes wrote....Lots of people talkin', few of them know,
soul of a woman was created below....which has absolutely nothing to do with this Johnny Wad fiasco, right?

Bill C said...

Many species will kill and eat others of the same species - though most cases I'm aware of, with women eating their offspring, are from the insect kingdom. Preying mantises and spiders come to mind. Siblings do the same, they're just food to each other.

The reality is, if women are moral actors - IE, ADULTS - they KNOW that they are doing something wrong and evil. If they aren't moral actors, then men must "step up" and take control of these irrational, amoral creatures, for the good of the species - and in ALL Arenas. Financial, legal, medical, everything.

But they demonstrate their evil through so many things, not just the murder of the unborn - which IS a distinctly HUMAN trait.

Anonymous said...

I was born and raised on a farm. We raised hogs. And, I assure you that some sows will kill and/or eat their babies.

The analogy is amazing.

Anonymous age 70

Anonymous said...

Zoology fail.


Anonymous said...


Zoology Fail

Marthafreejinger said...

You really hate women. I guess Mommy didn't hug you enough when you were little. You remind me of Zachary Quintos character in this seasons American Horror Story: Asylum. Have fun playing with your skin mask!

samithemage said...

You're clearly right. Women are terrible, evil people. Mass murderers should never be allowed to raise children, so I propose that men be in charge of every bit of child rearing from birth onward. Clearly women can't be trusted with their babies. They're worse than Hitler and Stalin combined. Men should be solely responsible for every feeding and diaper change, every projectile puking and pooping up the back of their onesie, every screaming for hours for no reason and every terrible bout of gassiness, ear infection, cold etc. that an infant has. Enjoy yourselves men, it's clearly the only way to protect teh babiez from the ebul womenz.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to echo what others have said about other species killing their young. It's actually incredibly common, even rats do it.

I would also like to say something to whoever wrote this anonymous comment:

'This is one of the reasons that I use women for my convenience. They can kill with impunity - nothing I do to them comes close to that level of evil. So they are for my pleasure, then I ditch them although I do come back sometimes. (They aren't very bright which is what makes it workable.)'

Loath as I am to buy into the stereotype that all men who frequent MRA (all women are callous B-words) websites and blogs are dateless, undersexed, losers, I could not help but laugh as I read this comment. It is so clearly a fantasy. It reflects a genuine lack of awareness about what other people will, realistically, believe to be true. It's like a child's fib: 'My daddy drives a spaceship, I'm allowed to stay up as late as I want, I have chocolate ice cream for dinner every night, I'm secretly a super-cool spy, I have a pet dragon', etc.

It's just so silly!

Anonymous said...

I have personally seen a hamster kill her own infant. It was disturbing.

Lioness said...

From what I can see, no one wins here. If there are abortions, it's all the woman's fault. It couldn't be that the man who got her pregnant is forcing her into it. It couldn't ever be a man that raped a woman. It couldn't ever be the male doctor who cranks through them, because at one time most doctors were male.

I think men have just as much of a steak in keeping abortion around as women - in fact - since it keeps many men from having to deal with paternity suits and shotgun weddings, it sure looks like a great many men are just as interested in keeping abortion around as these "evil women."

Let's talk about how males of the species kill off the young to get the female into the pack or herd and without the male cubs/pups/young which she may have had from another male. But conveniently you can only think of females killing their young. Just to be fair - they are WILD ANIMALS and they work on basic instincts not rational thoughts or morals. Sometimes when a female of as species eats its young it is because it is diseased or lame.

Here is a video which includes MALE lion killing cubs. And FEMALE elephants protecting their young. Meanwhile a MALE bull elephant kicks a baby around because he doesn't get to mate with a female. Yes, a jealous female also kicks the baby-but it's not the mother. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Y2XeSj4J6s

Here's another MALE LION killing cubs. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xZRw0IYdf3g

Here's a MALE bear killing and eating a cub.

Thank you "Lucy" for telling it straight. You've got amazing strength.

For good measure, here are two 9 year old MALE lions killing a 4 year old MALE lion apparently for sport. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aA8YiZrYBg0

Lioness said...

Lucy - Thank goodness you had the sense to get away from a man who said he would push you down the stairs if you were pregnant. What kind of man is that? That's just a beast.