18 November 2012

Chris Matthews' Sandy Comment

Folks, As one who experienced the wrath of recent, Hurricane Sandy, this comment leaves me speechless; it truly leaves me speechless. Our family had our grandparents' old house flooded, courtesy of Hurricane Sandy, and this piece of crap is saying he is GLAD that it happened?! He's glad that people lost everything, thanks to Sandy? He's glad, because it helped Barack Hussein Obama 'win' the rigged election?

Oh, but MarkyMark, Chris Matthews qualified his comment; he said that he was only glad for the political impact Sandy had. Yeah, that's true, but-he only did so AFTER someone on the panel GASPED at what he said. Play the embedded video for yourself, and you'll see; Mr. Matthews, that POS, only corrected himself AFTER being called out for the gross insensitivity of his comment. How DARE you say that, Chris Matthews! How dare you!

Oh, and if you've been wondering where I've been in recent weeks, it's been to help clean up the flood damage during my free time, and to help save family memorabilia. Unfortunately, we left some family photos and stuff on the first floor of the house, which was flooded out. Thankfully, it was only two feet deep, but that was deep enough to do some damage. No, we couldn't save everything; we saved the vast majority of photos and memorabilia, but we couldn't save everything.

The house had never flooded out when previous hurricanes hit NJ; even during the last, major hurricane to hit NJ in 1944, the house had never flooded. Also, after all the drama and hype previous storms had received and turned out to be false, we didn't think Sandy would be that bad. We all remember how Irene was hyped up, yet all it turned out to be was some wind and rain. After seeing hyped up storms turn out to be nothing over a period of three decades, few of us thought Sandy would be that bad.

Without further ado, here is that POS, Chris Matthews, saying that he was GLAD that Hurricane Sandy happened, because it helped Barack Hussein Obama win a rigged, reelection. I'll have more to say about that soon, so stay tuned!

Is that not INCREDIBLE?! Can you believe anyone would think, let alone say, something like THAT?! How DARE you, Chris Matthews! How dare you! Do you know there are thousands in the tri-state area who lost everything? Are you aware that there are people STILL without power, thanks to Sandy? You know that that means that they're sleeping in an ice cold house, right? The Mid-Atlantic states do experience cold weather starting in November; you know that, don't you, Mr. Matthews? He is such a POS!

All right, I'm done ranting. I don't have a TV, so I didn't get to see this live. When I heard about this, I couldn't believe it; how could anyone, even an Obama devotee like Chris Matthews, think, let alone say, what he did? Anyway, I did a search on YouTube, and I found Mr. Matthews comment. THIS is what passes for journalism in America these days. Bye for now...



Hardnox said...

Thanks for the visit and comment over at FOTM. Sorry to learn of your loss at at the Jersey Shore. My high school buddy lost his house in Briganteen. It's gone as are dozens of others.

Matthews and his ilk are truthful in what they wish for, and they don't care the cost by Americans.

There's no doubt that the election was stolen. See my latest post.

Also, the GOP won't challenge the fraud. See: http://fellowshipofminds.wordpress.com/2012/11/15/why-the-gop-will-not-do-anything-about-vote-fraud/

We still have a chance if we contact our States' AGs and demand an investigation. The governors need to ratify the Electoral votes by December 11. It's a slim chance but we all know the election was stolen.

MarkyMark said...

Thanks for stopping by. Just going by the enthusiasm factor prior to the election, the results don't pass 'the smell test'. Back in 2008, we saw Obama/Biden signs and bumper stickers everywhere. Prior to the 2012 election, we didn't see any; on one hand, I could count the number of Obama/Biden signs and bumper stickers I saw over the previous year-and have FINGERS LEFT! Conversely, I saw plenty of Romney/Ryan signs and bumper stickers...

Anonymous said...

I was wondering how you are doing. Glad you are personally OK; although, I am sorry to hear this sad news.
These are dark times and it will only get worse. The culture war has been won. There is nothing left to fight for. The country I learned about in my youth is gone. I don't even want to teach my son about how great the nation used to be, I think its best to just prepare him for the collapse.

As a side note, we were out at dinner last night and our 1 year old son was making eyes at the 2 year old girl at the table next to us. My DH said to him...."bad news over there son. Don't even look at her until you read Marky, Wapiti, etc." Tee hee....soooo true.

Anonymous said...

Matthews is liberal vermin straight out of the textbook. I'd like to see him fed feet-first into a bacon factory.

Anonymous said...

There ARE countries where all political parties insist on the most stringent enforcement of voting laws. ONLY people who should vote or are legally allowed to vote do so, and only ONCE.

Not so here. I don't vote at all. The system here is fucking embarrassing. Zaire does a better job than we do. In Philly and Chicago, Romney got ZERO votes. How does that smell to you? Busses of Somalian refugees voted after being coached on how to do so, then were paid a free lunch and a ride back to the refugee center.

This country is fucked.

MarkyMark said...


I'm afraid you're right: the country IS screwed; we are so, so screwed...


cecil henry said...

Chris Matthews is a contemptible and fake human being.

A self-absorbed fool and a traitor.

He's white in color only, he would sell out his race, culture and society for a few more self-admiring words.

Anonymous said...

Maybe this should be posted on Craigslist rants and raves and let people read it, and someone should make Mathews joker posters.

BTW, Obama in some Cleveland precincts won 108%. I didn't know he was that popular. Even Hitler, Stalin, or Mao would have gotten at least 3%, and Romney and independants get 0 votes?!?!

Mrs. Anna T said...

I'm so sorry you were hit by the hurricane. Even sorrier than Obama was reelected. G-d help America... not that the rest of the world won't need help now Obama's here to stay.

Molly said...

Very sorry for your problems.

Most of your problems would go away if they stopped my silly sex from voting.


MarkyMark said...


You're right, but repeal of universal suffrage is about as likely as seeing a unicorn in real life...