14 December 2012

Thoughts on the Election


I meant to comment on the election a lot sooner, but I was busy with post Sandy business at our trashed shore house back then.  I've also been busy at work.  Anyway, I have thoughts on the election, and I think it was a fraud; I think it was stolen.

In 59 voting districts in Philadelphia, there were 19,605 votes cast.  Out of those votes cast, there were ZERO for Romney-zero!  How likely is that?  Consider the following.  One, Mickey Mouse is always good for a few write-in votes; even a cartoon character got more votes than Romney did.  Secondly, even if these voting districts were black; even of 95% of blacks voted for Obama; that would still mean that 5% of them voted for Romney, correct?  If multiply the numbers, (0.05*19,605), we should have had 980 black votes for Romney.  However, we're supposed to believe that there were zero votes for Romney in these 59 Philly voting districts.

The same thing happened in Cuyahoga County, Ohio.  Cuyahoga County is better known as Cleveland, OH.  In certain, Cleveland voting districts, again, we had zero votes cast for Romney.  Again, how likely is that?  How likely is it that a major party candidate gets fewer votes than Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck?  How likely is it that no blacks voted for Romney when the statistics say that he should garner 5% of those votes?

Then, we have to consider the countless reports of vote numbers EXCEEDING the numbers of registered voters in certain jurisdictions!  That's right; in many jurisdictions, there were greater than 100% votes cast.  One jurisdiction had 108% votes cast.  What does this mean?  For example, let's say that a certain city or county has 100,000 registered voters; no jurisdiction will have an even 100,000 registered voters, but play along; this is for illustrative purposes only.  What this means is that there were 108,000 votes cast, even though this hypothetical jurisdiction has only 100,000 voters!  Does this pass the smell test?

How could anyone win re-election with Obama's record?  How could any man win re-election when the prices of food and fuel have doubled?  How could anyone win re-election when incomes have dropped while prices have gone up?  How could anyone win re-election when hit by that double whammy?  How could anyone win re-election when record numbers of people are losing their homes?  How could anyone win an election when presiding over the WORST economy since the Great Depression?

One theory I've heard proffered says that there are more people on the dole, so many don't feel the bad effects of the economy like they would have in the past.  While it's true that there are more takers (i.e. people on the gov't dole), their handouts won't go as far in this economy.  They have to buy food and fuel too, not to mention pay utilities.  Well, their funds won't go as far, so they have to be feeling the effects of Obama's socialist policies too.

What bothers me about all this is that the Republican party isn't contesting the results; they aren't even raising the same questions I raised here!  Moreover, the conservative pundits to whom I listen (mainly Rush Limbaugh and Mark Levin with a little Sean Hannity and Andy David mixed in) haven't made a big deal about this.  Rush, in all fairness, did point out the voting irregularities in Philly; he spent part of one show discussing this one day immediately following the election.  However, he hasn't raised a fuss about it; he hasn't made a hue and cry about this travesty.  Wouldn't one expect him to cry from the rooftops about this?  Wouldn't one expect Mark Levin to raise a fuss about voting fraud?  One would think so, given their opposition to Obama and his policies.

I could go on, but you get my point; the recent 're-election' of Barack Hussein Obama was stolen.  Yeah, I said it!  BHO did not win the recent election fairly.  Sorry folks, but there's too much smoke here; there's too much that doesn't pass the 'smell test'.  Usually, if there's smoke, there's fire MAKING that smoke; usually, if something stinks, it's because something is rotten-duh!  With all that smells here, nothing is being done; nothing is even being investigated.  That's what bothers me.

Folks, if we don't have honest, fair elections, we don't have a republic; we don't have anything!  If we don't have honest elections, people will lose what little faith they still have in the system.  What happens when people lose faith in the system?  I could think of many answers to that question, and none of them are good.

In closing, the recent, American election was a fraud; it was stolen; Barack Hussein Obama did NOT win the election in a legitimate fashion.  How can anyone tell me with a straight face that, in certain jurisdictions, Mitt Romney received ZERO votes out of thousands cast?  How can anyone tell me that a major party candidate received no votes when Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck are always good for a few write-in votes?  How can anyone tell me that certain jurisdictions had more votes cast than had voters?  How can anyone tell me this passes the smell test?  It doesn't-end of story.



Zorro said...

There is a mountain of shit beyond the zero votes issue. Like busloads of Somalian refugees being taught how to vote OBAMA and given a free lunch and $5 each.

Anyway, I voted once in my life and will never vote again. The system is a scam. I don't care who wins or loses, the method of electing our officials is an open sewer. There are countries where the rival parties loathe each other, but all are dedicated to proper elections. Delegates are sent to oversee the implementation of top of the line computer tech and people to verify that, no matter who wins, there is no corruption in the system.

But not here. We can land a man on the moon, but we leave our public official selection system in the hands of union goons, the mafia and scumbags who profit from corruption.

The US has one of the most pathetic voting systems in the world. That's a fact. Remember those purple fingers in Iraq? That system worked BETTER than ours!

Christina said...

I've been pretty outraged. My dad has been depressed. The entire thing has disconnected us from the rest of the world around us and we're just focusing on making our individual families a little bit better.

I've heard an argument on the "more ballots cast than residents", but I don't know its veracity. I do a lot of research into a lot of odd-ball topics, but I haven't felt very compelled to look into this one (what use?)

The argument was that each page of a ballot is counted as 1 ballot. So a ballot of 2 pages is counted as 2 ballots. Which explains the discrepancy in ballot counts. If the vote total for president were double, it would be a different story...

I don't know how accurate that is. I do know that Florida had 2 pages with all its (ridiculous and pointless) ammendments, but maybe you'd be willing to find out.

sth_txs said...

I agree with your analysis Mark, but in the end even Rush and Hannity are also establishment mouth pieces.

I stopped listening to Rush years ago given that the Republicans are just as socialist/communist as the Democrats. Bob Dole and McCain have a voting record more in common with Nazis and Communist than a free people. Romney was just another Northeastern Republican liberal that loves big government and hates guns.

The Republicans would not have abolished Obamacare; they only want another talking point for the next election. They have no desire to end the corporate welfare for defense or any social programs.

Also, don't forget the delegates and rule changes made to deny Ron Paul his rightful number of delegates, so they deserved to lose anyway.

MarkyMark said...


There have been enough allegations about the surplus of votes vs. residents that I think there is something to it. Again, where there is smoke, there is fire...


Anonymous said...

One small county in Texas had no votes for Obama and CNN sent a crew down there to report on it. Nothing about the other counties where Obuma got all the votes. Even Mao or Staling or Hitler would have gotten a few votes.

Remember when the Russian elections were going on in the spring and H.Clinton was mentioning voter fraud.

Remember both leaders of the main parties always attend the Bilderberg meetings.

Anonymous said...

The Russian elections were more honest.EVERY polling place had video cameras watching the scene for any fraud.In fact, I believe that Putin wanted them there so he couldn't be accused of any fraud.

Mrs. Anna T said...

I don't live in the US, but since your government has an effect on the whole world, I was majorly vexed by the re-election of Obama, and couldn't figure out how this was possible. You provide some disturbing possibilities.

MarkyMark said...

Mrs. Anna,

I, along with many fellow Americans, were dismayed by Obama's reelection. Nobody with any brains thinks it was a legitimate, honest election. What's even more disheartening is that the Republican party did nothing to contest the results or the widespread fraud that occurred.

And yes, what he does affects the rest of the world. Please remember that there are millions of us who support Israel and her right to exist. Your nation is one of our best allies, yet Obama treats you like you are anything but. It's just disgraceful.


Anonymous said...

Boofuckinghoo. Obama won, legitimately, despite the best efforts of crooked Republicans trying to take away the vote from the poor.

MarkyMark said...


I was INCENSED by what the Establishment RINOs did at the convention; I was incensed! Though I cannot remember the exact details, I can remember the end result: short circuit the power and influence of the Tea Partiers. Those RINO bastards basically made it impossible to go against The Establishment's wishes and dictates.

This has been borne out with the recent committee purges in the House of Representatives. Good men like Congressman Heulskamp were canned from their committees because they didn't go along with what Boehner, Cantor, et al wanted; they actually represented their CONSTITUENTS! Who would've thought? A Congressman doing right by those who elected him.

I hate to say it, but more and more, it looks like the GOP is just another wing of the Democrat Party. They may as well be, because they go along with everything they want. I and other Tea Partiers voted for them because we did NOT want them to go along; we voted for them to FIGHT the Democrats and their agenda! I'm just disgusted...


Giorsal said...

I don't know who told you that Romney got no votes in Cuyahoga county, OH. Romney received 184,475 votes in Cuyahoga county. If the sources you are reading have lied to you about the vote total in Cuyahoga county, perhaps they have lied to you about other things as well. Check your data before you get so incensed.

MarkyMark said...


I should have said that Romney got 0 votes in nine voting districts in Cuyahoga County. The same thing happened there as in the 57 Philly voting districts, but on a smaller scale. That said, my original point about massive voter fraud swinging the election towards Barack Obama stands.