11 January 2013

Brent Musberger's Comment


As those of you in the US know, the BCS National Championship game was played this past Monday.  Alabama beat Notre Dame 42-14, which is a blowout.  Even during the first quarter, it was obvious that the game wasn't going to be close, so the announcers had to find something else to talk about; they had to find some filler.

They found that filler in the form of Katherine Webb, girlfriend of Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron.  Miss Webb also happens to be 2012 Miss Alabama USA, so you know she's a beautiful, young woman.  Mr. Musberger's crime was to comment on this, and to discuss it with his colleague, Kirk Herbstreit.  Mr. Herbstreit was a quarterback for Ohio State who didn't play in the NFL; that's important, because Mr. Musberger alludes to quarterbacks getting all the pretty girls.

Well, we can't have that now!  We can't have two men pointing out the obvious: that Miss Katherine Webb is beautiful; why, that's objectifying and demeaning her!  That's what the feminists said anyway.  ESPN felt compelled to issue an apology.  Thank goodness Mr. Musberger had enough stones to not apologize.  One, because he didn't kowtow to the feminists; that's a small victory of sorts.  Second, he didn't do anything wrong, so there was no need to apologize.  Here's the clip in question...

Oh, by the way, Katherine Webb was interviewed on the Today Show.  She wasn't the least bit offended; if anything, she appreciated the compliment.  Take THAT, feminists!

Then, I heard that Kathy Griffin performed simulated, oral sex on Anderson Cooper during CNN's New Year's Eve coverage.  There was NO OUTRAGE WHATSOEVER from feminists, the national media, or their PC fascist lackeys.  Did anyone hear any outrage over what Griffin did?  I didn't.  Ah, but what Griffin did was okay, because: 1) she's a woman; 2) she's a feminist (redundant?); 3) CNN is a socialist network.  It's all right when a socialist, PC fascist does something outrageous.  Here's the clip.  Warning: this is NOT suitable for kids!

Don't you just LOVE the double standard, folks?  Don't you just love how feminists and women (redundant?  Sometimes I wonder) screech like crazy about Brent Musberger's harmless comment?  Don't you just love how they totally gave Kathy Griffin and Anderson Cooper a pass for simulated oral sex on TV?!  THAT was the truly outrageous deed, but nothing was said about that-oh no.  No, what got discussed was the-gasp-'horror' of Brent Musberger pointing out that a beautiful woman is, in fact, beautiful.

In closing, Brent Musberger did nothing wrong.  He and Kirk Herbstreit were trying to talk about something other than the football game, which had already become a predictable, boring blowout.  Shame on ESPN for backing down and apologizing; shame on them!  Messrs. Musberger and Herbstreit, thankfully, had some stones; neither one of them as of right now, has apologized; neither one of them have caved into feminists ridiculous demands.  What really should have been disparaged was Kathy Griffin's trashy act during the CNN New Year's Eve broadcast, but that was swept under the rug.  I shouldn't have expected anything different though.  Have a good day now...



Zorro said...

When a heterosexual man acknowledges the presence of a highly attractive female, he is reinforcing the evil patriarchy.

When an ugly feminist pretends to swallow homo cock on live national TV, it's empowerment.

This culture is so supremely fukt.

Anonymous said...

Ms. Griffin's behavior disturbed me greatly. As a male, the objectification of Mr. Cooper's male organ was highly sexists, improper and highly offensive. I for one, have suffered trauma to the degree that time away from work and immediate counseling would appear to be the most appropriate response(s). Of course said time away from my male responsibilities and income will result in lower tax revenues, and loss of my talents for a period of time required to deal with the newly condoned condition of male sex objectification. This could take years.

ray said...

burn baby


Anonymous said...

Great posting, MarkyMark.

Anonymous age 70

ScareCrow said...

even if he had called her "sexy" or "hot" - what would be wrong with that?

Isn't that along the same lines as saying beautiful?

I just do not understand the fuss over that stuff.

CS said...

What Musberger said wasn't perverted enough for the femnazis. I suspect that most of his critics are envious ugly women.

Take The Red Pill said...

The best way to simultaneously 'offend' women and make them happy as well, is to simply ignore them and GYOW.

You can tell how MGTOW is becoming effective now, by the number of (hypocritical) females who are starting to publicly deny the label of 'feminist' (while simultaneously -- and so typically -- NOT declining feminism's benefits for them), and becoming (phony) 'MRA supporters'.

“To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.” − Voltaire

Enjoy the decline!