25 May 2012

Barbarossa on Traditional Relationships


Now that we have the closure of my mother's estate well underway, I finally have some time to catch up on my reading.  I was hanging out over @ Mancoat when I came across THIS video by the one & only Barbarossa.  In it, he discusses traditional relationships as they relate to Briffault's Law.  This is some thought provoking stuff...

Hope you all enjoyed it. I found the 28 minutes and change to be worth my time...



P Ray said...

You always pay for sex.
Only the currency changes.

I came up with a saying:
Employees are prostitutes for employers.
So why is prostitution illegal?

Anonymous said...


but I don't like the marriage part

CS said...

Good find, very thought-provoking.

Retrenched said...

@ Anon @ 635

Seven marriages? Wow you think he'd know better by now.

Still, knowing how many bitter old feminists are gonna be pissed about it brings a smile to my face.

P Ray said...

A man pays for any relationship he's in, by not being able to do something else.
This makes a good read.
Remember that women can only offer girlfriend experiences ... when they allow their own sisters to be slave-trafficked.
Otherwise their product would be no different.
I also hold the opinion that if women want prostitution stopped:
pay for those women not to be prostitutes.
for the women CEOs, hire those women to work for you.
Seems reasonable right?
After all, as Beyonce says, "Girls run the world" (they make over 80% of household purchases worldwide - I am sure they could spend some money to ensure their sisters don't end up being prostitutes, since they are both the kinder, gentler sex, and strong and independent and need no man).

Anonymous said...


Note the insults and hostility directed at the man. I don't know how many of you are aware this is just another sign of cultural sickness in the US. In a normal society where men are not hated, but especially old men, a small percentage of women actually are truly attracted to much older men.

And, I am not just talking about the opportunist gold-diggers. I mean really attracted to them. Yes, there is some hypergamy involved, but the type of hypergamy which means a man with assets is actually more attractive to women than a poor man of same appearance.

I have no solid numbers, but my guess is at least 5%. A cousin here in Mexico told me a woman in her late teens asked if she could have his baby. He asked her why not a young man. She said older men treat you better; are more responsible, and are more affectionate. For some unknown reason, perhaps the fact his wife is known as the strongest woman in the world, he told her no, heh, heh. Let me add he is only a manual laborer, builder, not a rich guy at all.

In my village, the man I call the rich old bastard lost his wife several years ago. He is 78 and his 20 year old live-in is pregnant, and happy. Except for an occasional light joke, there is not much negative response by other people. They realize both are getting what they want, and they sure understand him wanting a young girl.

I get hit on maybe once a year, usually by a woman in her early 20's. I am beta that it took me quite a while to know when a woman is hitting on me. One very cute 22 year old married with 2 daughters I adore, has been hitting on me for nearly 2 years. My best friend, a mature woman, says that woman can tell I am turned on even though I do not respond in any way that I can tell, or she would not keep on like that. This one is hypergamy in which I seem more attractive than I really am, as opposed to being a gold-digger.

Let me add betas are hot in rural Mexico. They have more macho guys than they need.

I cannot emphasize too much this hostility toward the 64 year old is not found in Mexico, and I am betting in other countries as well.

Anonymous age 70

Anonymous said...

By the way, that video was a masterpiece. It affirms what men have known for ages, that we are meal tickets to women, period.

And, angry claims by men that child support and property settlement actually encourage women to divorce is all too true.

Anonymous age 70

Brendan said...

The diagnosis is obvious, but there isn't a cure offered, and that is where the problem lies. it's very true that female economic emancipation (which, to me, is intrinsically linked to freely available contraception and abortion) leads to many women rejecting a traditional pairing arrangement in the end, even if they are married for a time. That's clear enough.

The issue, though, is: what is the "should be" state? In other words, it seems to me that the traditionalists are advocating for a "should be" state. It's fine to say that "this state cannot apply today due to circumstances X, Y and Z" (which I personally consider a valid critique of traditionalist perspectives on these issues), but without offering a viable alternative that actually builds civilization *up* instead of further atomizing it *down*, nothing is really added to the discussion beyond stating the plainly obvious.

Anonymous said...


This was brilliant. Doesn't it confirm what I've always said, and what The Predatory Female states that NO woman will EVER love a man?

I have always said, and will to my dying day, that not one woman on the planet ever loves a man. It is always, always, always about $$$$$.

NO exceptions.

Women are whores, one and all.

Christopher in Oregon

Anonymous said...

Welcome back MarkyMark.

While I have checked this page waiting till you are back, I do want you to take all the time to recover. Hope things are better now.

Love the comment from Chris in Oregon. Based on my experience, I happen to agree with him 100%. Women really don't love men, but need men to do their bidding: provide for them, take care of the kids, etc. The biological urge to reproduce is the price men have to pay to be with women. Otherwise, if most people don't want to reproduce, I don't see why any man would want to spend time with women other than for casual sex once in a while.

Once again, welcome back.

Anonymous said...


The Happy Bachelors at Happy Bachelors miss you. Please feel free to pop in sometime and say hi.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back Marky Mark!

The statistics are undeniable! Women don't like marriage as much as men do, they love divorce!
I think Westernization has to do with the lesser influence of religious and spiritual values on societies. Materialism replacing spirituality.
I have never fallen in love with a man because of his assets. Two platonic loves and one reciprocated. In fact I don't like talking about money and wages, I feel very unconfortable talking about such issues.
Of course a man must be hardworking or at least searching for a job very hard or being serious about his own business, the same goes for the woman.
What I really don't appreciate is this disgusting female shallow materialism. I feel ashamed of being a woman.

Brazilian Woman.

MarkyMark said...


Don't be ashamed of being a woman; just don't be LIKE the typical woman. You already have that covered, so hold your head up high, girl...


Mrs. Anna T said...

I haven't watched the video, but just wanted to pop in and say it's good to hear from you and to know you're doing alright.

MarkyMark said...

Thank you, Mrs. Anna T...

PC Geek said...

Same here MM - another reader who (besides being interested in the subject matter discussed in your posts) wants to just see how things are going for you...you have a community of bloggers/posters/lurkers behind you out here, and (none of my business of course) hopefully you have other family to help you pull through.

God bless + I will (and have) been keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.