20 September 2013

Deconstructing Women, by Christopher in Oregon


I was reading Christopher in Oregon's comments the Happy Bachelors Forum archives.  I came across THIS gem in which he deconstructs women.  All I can say is WOW-good stuff...



I am luckier than most guys in many respects. Probably the biggest thing in my favor is that both of my parents warned me about marraige and women. My mother was very vocal about women and their nasty ways. For this I will always be grateful. She told me in no uncertain terms that women were pretty much all whores and liars, and that for all practical purposes, there were no exceptions. This view is echoed by the Bible as well, as shown by verses in Proverbs and Ecclesiaistes, for those of you silly boys who still embrace Christianity.

Probably the most important bit of information she gave me was that women do NOT age well. She kept telling me that if I could just get to the age of thirty, I "would be home free", as she put it. At the time, I didn't fully understand it. I do now. It's not just a matter of your sex drive diminishing as you get older, but something far more important. A woman's looks almost always head for the gutter as she ages. The more kids she has, the faster her looks deteriorate. I'm not talking when she hits fifty, or even forty.

Thirty. Maybe sooner.

This isn't just an issue of her face loosing that "youthful glow". I recall visiting a Christian relationship site recently that was tactfully talking about how a woman loses her beauty by forty. It said that she wouldn't turn many heads anymore. I thought, "Yeah; she won't turn any heads at forty. Maybe a few stomachs- but no heads."

This is one of the greatest secrets that few people talk about, and young men are almost never warned about. Women get ugly. BUTT UGLY. Even if she doesn't grow obese, as most women do, they develope cellulite.


Oh, God. Have you ever walked down the aisle in a store and observed the women waddling along in short pants? Have you ever looked at their legs? Their thighs? A ghastly sight. Cellulite jiggling in every direction. It's like the old fifties sci-fi movie "The Blob". Sometimes I'm afraid it's going to jump out and envelope me.


Ponder her buttocks. More cellulite. Lots more fat. You could set up a table for six on some of the female bums out there.

Her belly could handle the overflow. I was watching a show on one of the Discovery channels the other day and they were talking about how a woman's belly can grow and stretch to accomodate pregnancy. Yes, indeed. A woman's belly can grow to resemble a beached whale in short order. (It rarely shrinks back)

Contemplate her breasts. Ah, yes. The twin orbs of pleasure that young men so foolishly lust after.


They're a couple of sacks of fat with oozing nipples on the end. Very few women's breasts look like the one's you see in the movies. Normally, most breasts are NOT attractive at all. They droop. Sometimes they're not identical. Some look like gourds. When children come along, they sag badly. Very badly. Sometimes down to their belly, which by this time is also sagging in a race to hit the floor. In a woman, everything heads south, my friends. NEVER forget this.

I'm going to be blunt. Have you ever smelled a vagina? Seriously. I mean in it's natural, unwashed state? Really stuck your nose right down there and taken a deep breath?


My G-d. The stench could have knocked a buzzard off a shit wagon at fifty paces. To this day I swear there was a cloud of flies buzzing around that portal of doom. Sometimes when riding my Harley-Beasties around the rural roads here in Oregon, I encounter dead skunks. Road kill. We have a lot of them here, and when they've been baking in the summer sun, you can smell them a long way off even at sixty miles per hour.

Vaginas tend to be even nastier.

I have long said that a vagina is a cesspool of filth and disease, and that I will never place any part of my anatomy into such a sewer. With the odds that a woman has herpes or HPV, this statement is even more true today.

Nature has a clever trick to warn us of danger. Smell. If you encounter something that smells bad, or rancid, Nature is telling you to get away.

(Danger, danger Will Robinson!)

You are being warned that something is probably carrying disease, and is filthy. Definatley not fit for human consumption.

Consider what comes out of a woman's vagina when she has a period. It's not just blood, boys. Other nasty stuff sloughes off. If she has HPV, then dead warts (if she's being treated) come oozing out. Or dead pre-cancerous lesions. Scabs. Brown slime that reeks.

Doubt me? Visit any HPV forum and read the stories. It's enough to make a Billy-Goat puke.

And they wonder why so many men don't want to perform oral sex......

Think about her rectum. Yep. Her butt-hole. Think about how close it is to her vagina. Do you REALLY want your gonads slapping up against her poop-shute?


How carefully does she wipe after she uses the toilet? Do you know? Of course not. You're taking it on faith that she is very sanitary, and we all know we can trust women.

Look at her pretty face. Think about her mouth. Can you say gingivitus? Tooth decay? Mucous? Plaque? The human mouth is FILTHY, and a woman's mouth is no exception, bucko. She can also carry Herpes and HPV in her mouth from all those blow jobs she's been giving out to every guy in town. Blow jobs that mysteriously disappear once married, I might add.

Look at her beady little eyes. Will they look so pretty when she is squinting through glasses that are as thick as coke bottle bottoms? When they're oozing? When they are dull and lifeless as she hits middle age?

Have you ever watched how a woman's skin sags? Their skin ages much faster than a man's. Loss of collagen you know. They soon look like a mummy. Surely you've seen a middle-aged couple walking along. The man is fifty. In shape. Pleasantly greying on the sides of his head. A bounce in his step.


Then look at his wife

She looks like an open-casket funeral. The stench of death is about her. He's just hitting his prime in looks, while she's flying towards death. Yes, she may outlive him. If you can call occupying a rotting carcass living.

Deconstruct the female.

This is a common theme by celibate males who seek to warn men about the realities of women.

Deconstruct the female.

I'm sure sometimes women wonder why I'm smiling as I go about my business. It's not just that I'm friendly. I'm deconstructing in my mind. Many times this has saved me.

Women produce the same filth and excretions as men. They require deodrants both for underarms, and even worse, for down below. What happens when a woman uses the toilet? Do you think it comes out smelling like roses? Think again.

Understand that your sex drive is irrational. It's designed by nature to get you to breed. Once the breeding is done, your sex drive diminishes and her looks disappear. Nature doesn't want her being desireable to other men. She needs to take care of the little children, so nature makes her ugly. The more children, the uglier she gets. It's a normal biologiacl result of breeding.

Stop and analyze why you feel desire for a woman. You're being manipulated by nature to do something that is NOT in your personal best interest. It will not be advantageous in any way to breed with a woman. You will be drained physically, emotionally, spiritually and financially. Consider the other examples in nature of males being used and cast aside after breeding. Once they have served their purpose, they are useless to the female.

Do you think you will be treated any differently when the female has used you for breeding? You will only be around as long as she feels she need you financially. No longer.

Deconstruct the female.

Understand what she is physically. Understand the forces that drive her to breed, and the part you play. Is this what you want? To spend your short life in this fashion? Are you destined to be a slave to your desires? Can you rise above nature? Can you use your mind to control your actions?

Are you better and stronger than the other creatures in the world, or are you a slave to your passions just as surely as a dog?

The choice is yours.

Clear your mind of lust. Avoid looking at women. Avoid porn. Masturbate if needed when yonger- or older. Don't date. Don't socialize with women. Concentrate on your hobbies. Your work. Your exercising.

Buy a motorcycle if you can swing it. Ride. Commune with nature. Contemplate your naval. Read the classics. Take up bicycling. Hiking.


Use your energies in ways that benefit YOU, not some oozing gash. You don't have to be just another cog in the Matriarchy. Live for yourself.


I must end this now, as nature is calling. I'm going to take a much-deserved dump in my newly redecorated bachelor bathroom that no Vagina-Beasty has ever fouled.



It makes you view women in less of a lustful way, doesn't it?  Until next time...



Anonymous said...

Thank you Marky Mark for your informative posts. I've been reading your blog off and on for the last few years. I'm glad it's here.

From one bachelor to another, I wish you peace and happiness.

Anonymous said...

At least in reference to American women, I agree with him on most points. I would like to repeat what I have said in the past. When a vagina smells like he describes, that is one lazy filthy disgusting hog.

Women who use normal, sane hygiene practices DO NOT SMELL LIKE THAT.

Women who smell like that are hogs, and that is being offensive and insulting to hogs. I was raised on a hog farm, and given the opportunity, hogs will maintain themselves cleaner than the average woman. We had hogs in close confinement, and cleaned the manure twice a day. When it was cold, they were so clean I used to make them move and lie down where they had been sleeping to get warm. Unlike women, hogs LIKE to be clean.

There are many suggested tests for women, on the manosphere. My first one is, is she a native English speaker? If so, fail!!!

But, this vaginal odor thing is real close behind! The amount of laziness and poor hygiene it takes to produce a smell like that, approximates a Landrace sow, lying in a toxic mud hole for weeks, because there is not a clean place for her.

I am not saying any woman without a bad odor is worth having. There are many tests to fail, and few women who can pass the basic ones, not to mention advanced testing.

Don't do it! As Paul said, if you can live without a woman, better to do so. MarkyMark and Christopher can live without a woman.

Full disclosure. I have been married to my Mexican wife for 38 years. We married in 1975 when marriage was not yet the act of an idiot. By 1984 it had crossed the line. For me, already married 9 years, it made no sense to divorce to avoid divorce, and to my surprise here I am, living in my personal Third World paradise -- with a wife who SCRUBS that thing every day, yes, I have watched her!

Anonymous age 71

Marcelo said...

I know women 40 years beautiful and better than men the same age.

Anonymous said...

His mother is a beautiful old or ugly as the other? his father swapped the old his mother?

sth_txs said...


Deceitful Woman Deviously Alters Appearance To Give Illusion Of Youth, Fertility


Mrs. Anna T said...

"Women who use normal, sane hygiene practices DO NOT SMELL LIKE THAT"

Very true, and there is nothing more to add.

About aging... I have said this before, and I will say it again. We all age; men and women, single and married, childless and with many children.

I do not believe having children (with natural, reasonable breaks between pregnancies) drains the woman's body so very horribly. On the contrary, hormones related to pregnancy and nursing protect against uterus and breast cancer.

Good looks and what is called "aging well" depend greatly on genetics, nutrition, and exercise. Just today, we happened to have dinner with a family of neighbours. The wife is around 40, the husband perhaps 45. They have 5 children between the ages of 16 and 5 (the two youngest are twins). And well... the husband is balding and pot-bellied, while the wife is slim, elegant-looking, with smooth skin. She happens to take great interest in health and nutrition.

Also, I lived through two pregnancies without a single stretch mark. A miracle? No; a combination of good abdominal muscles (firm muscles will hold the belly in place) and wheat germ oil.

MarkyMark said...

Wheat germ is GREAT stuff! Whenever I have a wart on my hand, I'll eat it with my cereal in the morning; in a matter of days, the warts are gone. The last time I had to do that was years ago, and it works better the Compound W or any other medicine for warts...

Mrs. Anna T said...

Yes, it really is a super food, but to avoid stretch marks you spread it on the skin. :o)

Mrs. Anna T said...

PS: I should add that the woman I mentioned in my example (the great-looking mother of five) is a stay-at-home wife with a very serene attitude and all her efforts are directed towards her home. She is not drained by a demanding career and does not belong to any women's committee, or anything that would require her to run about too much, at neglect pf her or her family's health. She has time to cook good, nutritious meals for her family, and to keep the children entertained in wholesome ways.

Regular family meals received a fatal blow when women got out to work, and this shows also in obesity and other health concerns which, of course, do NOT help anyone who eats at the table of a career woman to retain good health and looks.

Anonymous said...

Mrs. Anna T, one of the prettiest women in my little Mexican village is probaly in her late 30's at a minimum. She has 6 kids from around 5 to 19 or so.

Two of her daughters are in their late teens. I feel sorry for them. In this culture, at that age is when it is most important for a woman to be pretty, because those who are going to marry tend to marry young. That mother is not only prettier than her teen-age daughters, but has a better figure as well.

I agree, it is in part diet. As far as exercise, she lives around a mile from the town center, and I think she goes back and forth two or three times a day, which comes out to as much as 6 miles a day of walking.

Also, while I am not sure of their diet, with a large family like that, my guess is they tend to have a traditional diet. Tortilla's; rice; chili peppers; veggies; a bit of meat usually chicken.

I knew she was rather pretty, but paid not much attention to her figure, until one day I found myself following her up the last steep hill, with nothing else to look at. heh, heh. I looked and thought, "Wow! And, that with 6 kids and nearly 40." So, it can be done.

Anonymous age 71

Full disclosure: I am an evangelist for low carb. I even got the local doctor on low carb, after he approached death with intermittent claudication. He is now a believer! He admitted medicine has no other treatment for intermittent claudication.

Anonymous said...

It makes you view women in less of a lustful way, doesn't it?

Well, no, because it was written by an obvious lunatic whose first-hand knowledge of actual women must surely be close to zero. Why on earth should anyone take this seriousy?

Anonymous said...

"Think about her rectum. Yep. Her butt-hole. Think about how close it is to her vagina. Do you REALLY want your gonads slapping up against her poop-shute?


Umm, about as close as your own gonads are to your own, genius. But of course yours only excretes rainbows and marshmallows and sunshine.

One can only wish that there was, somewhere, a snapshot of the first moment that Christopher heard about the concept of anal sex. One imagines that the horrified expression on his face would be most amusing indeed.

No further comments, though there are many possible. Off to the cube farm with me.


Mrs. Anna T said...

"Also, while I am not sure of their diet, with a large family like that, my guess is they tend to have a traditional diet."

Traditional diets are the best. I've observed things often go downhill health-wise when people forgo their traditional diets for modern, more "fashionable" products, such as sugar-laden snacks, soft drinks, and pre-packaged foods. The result is skyrocketing obseity, diabetes and heart disease. In Israel the Yemenite and Ethiopian communities are excellent, though sad examples. You see the older folks, who still eat the traditional foods, are lean and healthy well into their 60's and 70's, while the "modernized" young people (despite lovely bone structure and a great potential for beauty and health) are obese and of very poor appearance.

patriarchal landmine said...

important facts for every man to study.

djc said...

Christopher always had a way with words. LOL!

sue said...

marky, so you are not a follower of Christ! why does that not surprise me! by the way, if you truely despise women, remaining celebate is the way to go - otherwise, your personal politics is nothing but stark raving hypocrisy.

Anonymous said...

well if i ever had any doubts you were a weird angry freeeeak, i have none now.

thanks for being up front about that. :)

blue ribbon of weirdness for you!

Anonymous said...

This guy is gay surely? I've only ever heard gay men talking with such disgust about vaginas.
His mother really fucked him up didn't she?!

Robert said...

This is pretty much the gayest thing I've ever read. The guy clearly has never seen a pussy, and wouldn't know what to do with one if he did. Seems to have many hangups. Pretty fucked up guy. His saying he doesn't want anything to do with women or sex just comes off as "sour grapes."

The Truth said...

Christopher has already addressed the shamers years ago:

"I've never had a girlfriend. I have never actually spent the night with a woman, although I have had extremely limited sexual experience. (the smell of a vagina was a rancid turnoff that I never recovered from). I have never dated. I have never spent one red cent on a woman. No gifts. No dinners. No movies.


Now, before your mind starts wandering about my sexual persuasion, let me assure you of the following:

I'm not gay.

I'm not bi.

I'm not into children, dead bodies, sheep or other deviant forms of sexuality. I'm as straight as an arrow. I'm not ugly. I'm not fat or obese. I don't suffer from poor manners. I'm not socially awkward. I'm not poor. I'm not mentally unbalanced. I'm not bi-polar. I don't suffer from Borderline Personality Disorder. I am not depressed- ever. I am not lonely- ever. I'm not psychotic. I'm not violent. I am no threat to women from a physical standpoint. I'm not a momma's boy. I'm not impotent. I don't have an Oedipus complex. I don't have fears of sexual inadequacy.

I have a lovely, large home that is beautifully maintained. I have a gardner who tends to my lawn and flowerbeds. I buy new Harley every six months whether I need one or not. Short of winning the lottery, my life couldn't be better.

In short, I can't possibly exist.

According to women, that is. The female mind, such as it is, can not understand that a man could possibly survive, even thrive, without the company of a woman. I simply don't and have never needed one."

Anonymous said...

Feminism reduces woman to the same level of man. So the rule of supply and demand upholds. Not morality or/and tradition that actually binds and protects marriage and womam as the smallest unit of a country.
So with rule of jungle.in effect, the alphas get laid most but he wont settle with ample supply of woman, beta males refuses to get the leftovers. Some of the females are clueless riding the merry go around.
Some settles for a willing beta male. Plummeting marriage rate, and child birth, increase divorce rate all around the world.
In my opinion Feminism and female sexual liberation is THE way to population control.
And the worst thing that have happened to conservative man and woman.

Anonymous said...

I'm the same guy as above. You know, I have been wondering for a while now. I agree with some of your point of view mark, but not all.
The problem with no female is.. No progeny. How do you solve that? Also how about prenuptial agreement to annul some or if not most of unfairness in current institution of marriage?
Thanks and wish me luck.


Anonymous said...

I think that the problem is the culture here, in the US, for some reason...

being raised as 1st or 2nd generation certainly makes me different from American women... in Central & Eastern Europe, & former USSR places, women are very differnt from here, and are more happy! I thank my grandparents & father who raised me right!

- loo girl

Anonymous said...

oh! the thing I want to say here is:
"thongs? really???'

I think much of problems Chris described is because so many American woman wear thongs! I wear underwear panties! who wants elastic running from front to back?!! gross! no wonder bad things spread & smear!

I had a doctor growing up who was lady & wife of other family doctor. I liked her because I could ask her questions, and she would answer me honestly, and with medical facts (some things I just didn't want to aks my grandmothers - and I didn't trust other women teaches/adults)... and she told me she was glad I wear proper undies & other things.
Only now in adulthood do I understand she was not exaggerating!

-loo girl

MarkyMark said...

Loo Girl,

I was in the Navy, so I've traveled overseas. When overseas, I noticed a HUGE difference between women there vs. women here-and that was 30 years ago! Even back then, I could see the feminist virus taking hold here...


Anonymous said...

Chris sounds like he had a mother like that one in the film, Carrie.
And I hardly think that having seen a pussy of some backwoods female once in his life qualifies him as an expert.

Anonymous said...

@14 October, 2013 15:11

This is the Internet which is full of bullshitters so we have no idea who Chris is except what he has claimed.He could be some fugly looking poor slob sitting in his stained boxer shorts in some run down trailer drinking Kool Aide for all you know.

Anonymous said...

I discovered Chris' address in Oregon.He's not exactly living Large lol