08 August 2013

How to Treat Women Until Things Change


I was looking for something else over @ Dr. Helen's place on PJ Media when I decided to read her response to Rush Limbaugh's on air review of her book, Men on Strike.  I heard him that day, and what he had to say was dead on target.  After reading her piece, I decided to peruse the comments as well, and I found THIS gem by Gawain's Ghost; in it, he discusses how he treats women these days, and why.  It's good reading, so I thought I would share it with my readers...


Well, Dr. Helen, as you point out in your interview, the great irony here is that this issue harms women more than men. And there can be no resolution until women realize that fact.

That begs and obvious question: will women ever realize that?  Given women's solipsistic, gynocentric point of view (i.e. everything is about them), are they capable of cause and effect thinking?  I'm not so sure, given women's penchant for choosing cads repeatedly, then complaining about the dearth of good men afterwards.  Women will ride the carousel for years, yet never seem to figure out that they may be doing something-gasp-wrong...

I suppose a resolution could be accelerated if more and more men treated women the way I do. I mean, I'm not a cad or a pick up artist. I treat women with respect. I'm polite and courteous, fun to be with. It's just that I understand the law and know that I am held accountable under the law.

Yes, yes, yes, a THOUSAND times yes!  Men should understand the law and our inferior legal standing therein.  One of the best investments in time a man can make is to take a day off, and spend it in his local family court; he'll see how gynocentric the legal system is, how biased against men it is.

My solution to the problem is really very simple. Marriage is out of the question. I do not allow her access to my property. I certainly do not allow her access to my money. We both have jobs, houses and cars. We both have money. So if she wants to get together, we'll agree on a place or an event, and meet each other there. If she wants to get intimate, we'll agree to share a hotel. After the date, or in the morning, we go our separate ways.

Keep 'em at arm's length, absolutely!  If you do this, then she cannot burn you.

Is there any romance in a relationship like that? No, not really. Is there any future in a relationship like that? No, not really. Would I prefer be in a relationship that involved romance and a future? Yes, I would. But unfortunately this culture, this marriage contract, and this legal system prevents it. So I came up with the only solution I could think of, separate lives.

THIS is what feminism led to.  THIS is what women wanted, via their support and/or their silence, i.e. their lack of opposition to feminist policies while they were being implemented.

She can take care of herself. Ever since I was 12, I've had girls tell me, "I don't need for you to take care of me." Okay.

Those of us over a certain age can remember Helen Reddy's battle cry: "I am woman, hear me roar in a voice too loud to ignore!"  We've also heard about how women are strong, independent, and how they don't need no stinkin' man, how sisters are doin' it for themselves, etc.

If I'm on a date, say we're having dinner at some restaurant, and she starts making snide comments or belittling remarks, which happens quite often, I just stand up, throw $20 on the table and leave. She can drive herself home.

Hear, hear!  Don't put up with her feminist bullshit...

If she comes to my house and knocks on the door, I step outside and close the door behind me. What can I do for you? "I wanted to see where you live." You don't need to see where I live. No way am I going to allow her into my house, because I know for a fact that the minute she leaves all she has to do is say "He tried to rape me!" And I will be in a world of trouble.

This is true; all she has to do is point the finger in YOUR direction, and you are toast.  Remember the Duke lacrosse team?  Remember the boys at Hofstra?

I once had this friend who was dating this girl, and he broke up with her. She called the police and said he was a major cocaine dealer. Saturday morning, we were kicking back on his couch, watching TV, and this tactical SWAT team burst in, held us at gunpoint, and ripped his house apart. They found nothing of course, because it was all a lie. But it did scare the hell out of us. This is what I'm talking about. All she has to do is make an accusation, and law enforcement comes storming in.

I only meet with women in public places. I only have sex in hotel rooms. Since she pays for half, there can be no question as to why she was there.

Absolutely-have a paper trail so you can prove your case.  Unfortunately, when it comes to men accused of anything these days, it's no longer innocent until proven guilty; it's guilty until proven INNOCENT!  That's a subtle, yet important distinction...

I've dated women, and after a few weeks, she asks, "Is this all there is? Dinners and hotels sex?" She wants to move into my house or she wants to get married. When I tell her that's not going to happen, she gets upset.

I'm nor going to argue with her. I try to explain to her that the terms and conditions of the marriage contract are unacceptable, and that the law and the court system make cohabitation impossible. She gets more upset and stomps off. Oh, well, on to the next girl.

Never argue with a woman; you'll NEVER get anywhere.  Also, remind her that THIS is the society women wanted; they're the majority of voters, so we, as men, are powerless to stop anything...

If more men treated women like that, it wouldn't take long before women began to understand that this is their problem. When she realizes that all she has to look forward to is work and going home alone, then she will start considering changes to the contract and the law.

Don't bet on it.  Women, given their solipsistic nature, will never draw a connection between X and Y; linear, logical, causal thinking is not women's strong suit.  If it were, then women wouldn't ride the carousel with cads for decades of their lives, then wonder why they cannot find a good man when their looks start to fade...

I doubt there will be an organized men's rights movement. Men just don't do that. I know that women don't have any interest in changing the way things are, because they currently have all the power and advantages.

Women have all the benefits and advantages, absolutely.  Moreover, they FOUGHT for these benefits and advantages.  Why would anyone with a brain think that they'd even think about giving up all their gains?!

So my proposal is for men to make a concerted effort to live separate lives. Oh, yeah, women will complain about it. They want romance. They want love. They want a future. When it becomes apparent that they're not going to get any of that, then things will change.

Again, I wouldn't bet on that, because women don't DO cause and effect thinking; it goes against their very nature.  That said, what have he got to lose?  After all, we're (i.e. men) a minority of the voters, so we cannot and will not change anything on our own.  Ergo, we might as well live our lives for ourselves, while letting women put their money where their mouths are.  After all, sisters can do it for themselves; after all, they don't NEED no stinkin' man... ;)


Have a good day, and I'll be back at you soon...



Anonymous said...

Gawain's Ghost is a troll Dr Helen tolerates for reasons that completely escape me.

I overwhelmingly agree in principle to what he usually has to say, but he goes on and on and on and on...

...and on.

Again and again and again.

Spend some time at Dr Helen's blog and see how frequently he posts forty-seven paragraphs on how

1) women are little children
2) marriage is out of the question
3) he fucks women in hotel rooms to prevent rape charges even though Mike Tyson and that European monetary guy were both charged with rape in hotel rooms.

He will remind you how educated, successful and dedicated to the welfare of his family he is. Over and over and over. He is a pathetic, lonely little man who should really get his own blog and stop consuming Dr Helen's audience.

Like I said, I agree with most of his points, but I don't need the repeated word-beating that is his specialty. If you told me that smoking was bad for my health, I'd agree with you, but I don't need a novel-length sermon every goddamned time you put your fingers on a keyboard.

Just sayin.'

Anonymous said...

Posted just today by Gawain's Ghost:

Will the Millennials have the lowest marriage ever? I don't know. Probably, but the reason why has to do with the law, which the Baby Boomers wrote.

Technically I'm a Baby Boomer, but I don't consider myself one. I consider myself a member of Gen L, the lost generation, born between 1960 and 1970.

Everything changed while we were growing up, and we had a large part in that. We were just kids, but rock and roll, skateboarding, the whole American scene. we were there.

The one thing that didn't change was the law. It wasn't too difficult to figure out when you were 15. All of your friends' parents are getting divorced. Every girl you ever dated already had a boyfriend. He was nobody when the new kid came into town. Exactly what is there to lead me to believe it's going to be any different when she has a husband?

Oh, that's right, the law. The one thing we didn't change in the 70s.

If she is your wife, they are your children, you will pay child support, period. The court does not allow evidence of any kind to question paternity in a marriage situation.

So, exactly what is a guy from Gen L, Gen X or Gen M supposed to do? Forget the Baby Boomers, they've already everything up. What are we supposed to do?

Is she going to be my life partner? No. Is she going to be my helpmate? No. Is she going to be the mother to raise my children? No.

Therefore, the answer is no.

These young guys, these Millennials, are starting to get it. Marriage is a losing proposition for a man. The contract is exploitative and the court system is discriminative.

Why get married? I can't think of one good reason. I believe in the sacrament, but the sacrament is not the contract.

As a man, you have to know that she's going to break up with you eventually--no fault divorce. And divorce is expensive; it's very expensive.

Why get married if you're only goint to get divorced? What, she has go go through some elaborate ceremony so that she can put you on the hook?

It's ridiculous. The whole thing, it's beyond ridiculous

She is not worth 50%. She never was. She certainly is not deserving of presumptive paternity. She never was. End of story. So she's worth dinner, drinks and one night in a hotel room. And now she doen't like it. I really don't care.

These young guys, these Millennials, they get it. Marriage is a loser's game. Why play if you're only going to lose?

These young girls, these Millennials, they don't get it. They run around, jump in and out of bed with every guy who lights their fire, and then they turn around and expect 50% and presumptive paternity?

If I were to ask a young womam today who she wanted to marry, she would say, of I don't know, let met guess, a tall, dark and handsome man who is intelligetnt, educated, successful, and rich.

The question she cannot answer is, why would a guy like that want to have anything to do with a girl like you?

It comes down to the law. It always comes down to the law. And until people understand and accept that, nothing is ever going to change.

No. She is not worth 50% She has her own job and salary. No. She is not deserving of preumptive paternity--in other words I refuse to agree to pay for another man's bastard. No, she isn't worth anything, unless she gets married.

And if I don't? Well, then, she's on her own. That is the way she wanted it.

She's perfectly free to run around with whomever, whenever, wherever, she wants. And that is the way this story ends.

This guy is a thermonuclear blabbermouth.

MarkyMark said...


GG may have a nuclear powered mouth, but: 1) he speaks the TRUTH; and 2) he does so with power...


djc said...

The title is all wrong. It should be shortened to "How to treat women." Because things are not going to change. They are the same now as they ever were. What has changed is that men have not only become programmed to be pussies, but even if they wanted to, they no longer have any way to straighten out their women without being hauled off to jail. Your only real choice is to abandon them completely. Which is playing right into the hands of the elite bastards who control us. You're damned if you do, and damned if you don't. I prefer the don't approach.

Anonymous said...

Given that TPTB are also engaged in destroying rights, liberties, freedoms and agency while also rendering the populace destitute and dependent on the government and commoditized as a feed lot cow whose milk is data why worry about the m/f dynamic?

The destruction of male/female interaction is but one aspect of the PLANNED destruction of pre-Orwellian society. Like tearing down a block of row houses befoure something much shinier and soulless can be built, you as a human being are being torn down and a person of agency and recreated as an easily controllable and exploitable economic unit.

This is coming. THIS is why you have so little choice and so many enforced mandates.

patriarchal landmine said...

"Well, Dr. Helen, as you point out in your interview, the great irony here is that this issue harms women more than men. And there can be no resolution until women realize that fact."

in other news: world ends, women and minorities hardest hit.

I am 1000% done with female victimization.

Anonymous said...

Yup being a troll on someone else's blog is so powerful.

I'd eat my hat if he actually has slept with any women.

Take The Red Pill said...

"If more men treated women like that, it wouldn't take long before women began to understand that this is their problem. When she realizes that all she has to look forward to is work and going home alone, then she will start considering changes to the contract and the law.

No, women won't. They'll stamp their feet, throw tantrums and whine, then run crying to their nearest representative of feminism/media/government. Once there, they will start bawling about how they are such a 'victim' of evil "male privilege" (whatever THAT is) and demand that men have to give up more of the "power" that they have over poor widdle innocent helpless women.
Of course once THAT happens, men will avoid interacting with women even MORE -- and women will then get upset, throw tantrums, whine and stamp their feet, and go running off...