07 August 2013

Bridezillas as Aversion Therapy


I couldn't watch this show for long periods of time; a minute or so was too long in most cases-ugghh! However, when I used to visit my mom in South Jersey, I would make it a point to take a gander at Bridezillas once in a while. Why? It's excellent AVERSION THERAPY! Whenever I got sappy & sentimental wishing I had that special someone, watching two seconds of Bridezillas snaps me right out of it...

Having said that, I don't understand WHY these guys (i.e. the grooms) go through with MARRYING these bitches; what are they thinking?! Do they think things will get better after the big day? Come on! Sorry, but these dumb fools get what they deserve. Just watching a few minutes of this wretched show is enough to cure me of ANY longing for marriage. Like I said, it's EXCELLENT aversion therapy!

For those who don't know of the show, Bridezillas is shown on the WE cable channel; it's in its tenth season. WE stands for Women's Entertainment. For the past ten years, they've run this reality show. It's my understanding that the producers had ORIGINALLY wanted to show the joys of getting married, and the process that took both the brides and grooms to the altar. However, when the first season was filmed, only 2 of the 15 couples had a happy ending-only two! The producers and cameramen couldn't believe what the vast majority of weddings were like.  So, they changed the show to its present format. The evidence doesn't lie, does it?

So, fellas, the next time you get any longings for having that special someone in your life, tune in the WE Channel, and watch some "Bridezillas". I promise that this will cure you of ANY such foolish feelings-ha! Enjoy this video sample from the show.

Makes you want to go out and get married, huh?  Just kidding!  Until next time...



djc said...

I went about 20 seconds and already wanted to slap her retarded. Forget about marriage. I don't even want to be around people like that.

Anonymous said...

Mark, on these shows the groom is running a " i don't really care about this -- it's a chick thing, so I'll just do whatever she wants. Zilla is running a "finally I will be queen for a day and I don't care what it costs everyone else! And she thinks the groom will continue his slave-like service after the wedding as well." Most guys return to normal levels of pedestalization after the event and that is one of the first things that the wifey complains about.

Mrs. Anna T said...

I couldn't bear to watch longer than 1 minute of the video sample. You know what I was reminded of? That other video you posted not long ago, about a woman who threw a tantrum because she wanted to go to the lake (?!). Do you know what I would have told my 3-year-old daughter if she wanted juice and there wasn't any? I'd say, "There isn't any juice right now, honey," - and she would have been far more rational about it!

Anonymous said...

I was in a wedding this weekend for one of my friends (he's 45 or so). I was a "Groomsman" and it was an enjoyable experience, the dinner and reception were fun as well. Seeing this all happen made me start to wish I was getting married too. But after reflecting on how lousy a job I've done picking houses and jobs...no way can I trust myself with such an important decision.
Hoping for the best for my friend though, it seems like they are so happy together now, let's hope it lasts.

Steve C