01 October 2014

WTF Are We Doing with Ebola?!


I don't get it.  WHY are we letting in Ebola patients and sufferers?!  Doesn't the federal government know that Ebola is a nasty, DEADLY disease?!  First, we let those doctors back in a couple of months ago.  Now, we have an Ebola patient in Dallas, TX!  WTF?!

Concerning the doctors, they were medical missionaries trying to help Ebola sufferers in Africa.  God bless 'em for it, but, by exposing themselves to the disease, they got it themselves.  What did they THINK would happen?  They put themselves at risk by working with those who have it, and they got it themselves.  If you play with fire, you're going to get burnt.

Ah, but our government, rather than protecting us, the citizens and taxpayers, brought them to Atlanta for treatment!  Why weren't these medical missionaries treated in Africa, rather than bringing them back here?  Our government told us that there was no risk for us catching it; that Ebola isn't airborne, etc.  However, they were brought over on a specially equipped plane; those treating them were wearing special suits; and they were treated in a special section at Emory University Hospital in Atlanta.  If Ebola were not dangerous, why the precautions, hmmm?

Then, there's the matter of the non-medical traveler bringing the disease in to the country.  WTF are we still ALLOWING flights to and from Africa?!  Why are we allowing people to travel between the US (where we did not have Ebola) and Africa (a hotbed of Ebola)?  Why?  Can anyone explain that one to me?  Furthermore, how many people were on the flight and possibly exposed to it, hmmm?  If I didn't know better, I'd say our government WANTS Ebola to be introduced into America...

Those are my thoughts.  I'm glad I'll be leaving this hell hole next year!  Hopefully, I won't get Ebola before I do.  Have a good day now...



Anonymous said...

Then you also probably wouldn't be happy to know that the government authorized 1,400 "troops" to go to Liberia to help set up prevention controls and fight the disease there. I assume at some point these people will return to the US. Imagine the damage that one person with the disease could do on a NYC subway? I would be more concerned with suicide terrorists... but I see your point.

cecil said...

One problem:


MarkyMark said...


You are a DOPE! I'm not talking about that; I'm talking about protecting our nation and its population, stupid! Government's number one responsibility is to PROTECT ITS POPULATION. A government cannot protect its population by allowing carriers of a fatal disease WITHIN our borders...


Anonymous said...

Years ago around 1980, there was a game in BASIC such as used on the C-64 And Vic computers. It was named after an ancient emperor, whose name I forget.

Each cycle of text information, you had to choose how much seed for your people to plant, and how much they could eat. And, rats ate so much. And, at random major epidemics came out and killed a random percentage of the subjects.

Sick as it sounds, a major wipe-out was a victory because there would be fewer people to feed.

I have heard rumors that there are men so beat up by divorce and national misandry that they do not care if 2/3 of the world population dies from Ebola.

Sick? Maybe. But, things like that happen when you start kicking men in the b*lls and enslave them to adulterous women.

Anonymous age 72

Anonymous said...


cecil must be a WN parrot. No point responding to him methinks.

Anonymous said...

I never believed the govt. when they said Ebola won't spread from patients brought to the US. Let the govt. manage the Sahara desert and it will run out of sand in 20 years. There may be eugenics behind this. John Holdren, Obama's mad science czar is into that. Read his book Eco-science. You can find it online.
Anonymous 72. The game is Santa Paravia. A glitch in the Apple version allowed you to buy as much wheat as you wanted, but was never seized by creditors. I always sold it later and got wealthy in that game.
Nice to hear that you can afford to leave the USSA Mark.

Anonymous said...

Yeah...I've got nothing. I've actually been trying somewhat to avoid the news on this score (because what can I do about it anyway?). Once upon a time my career goal was to work for either USAMRIID or the CDC, studying the Level 4 bugs. I know way too much about Ebola to sleep at night. I'm not sure who's making the calls lately, but s/he seems like a post-complete-lobotomy case to me. Also heard tonight that the troops (an engineer battalion of the 101st, I think?) will not be receiving hazardous duty pay for their time in Liberia. W-T-F, indeed.


MarkyMark said...


What can I possibly add to your comment-well thought out and logical, as always?