08 September 2014

Thoughts on Joan Rivers


I don't know about Rivers' history with Johnny Carson, nor did I see any of her comedy routines.  I only knew her from her red carpet commentary..  I wasn't a fan of Joan Rivers.  I didn't like her, nor did I dislike her; IOW, I didn't care for her one way or the other.

That said, she had her own, unique style.  When she opened her mouth, you KNEW it was Joan Rivers!  Even without seeing her, you'd know her when you heard her.  In that sense, she was better and more talented than the cookie cutter actresses we have today.

Finally, I like her comment about Barack & Michelle Obama.  Rivers said that Barack was gay, and that Michelle was a tranny!  She said it unapologetically and without equivocation.  You can find the clip on YouTube.

Those are my thoughts on Joan Rivers.



PhantomZodak said...

you should watch some of her old standup. it was pretty funny.

Anonymous said...

She was actually on the right in most respects Mark, as far as being for small government, low taxes, etc. But make no mistake about it, she was a feminist. After she had passed, there were some clips being shown of some of her earlier stand up performances, and this is all too apparent.

While we're on the subject of late comedians, Robin Williams was one that was pretty far out there in left (wing) field. No disrespect intended towards the deceased, but the man was also painfully unfunny in my opinion. But perhaps my view is tainted from Mork and Mindy; probably one the stupidest shows in the history of television, along side Gilligan's Island and My Mother The Car.