02 March 2013

Barack Hussein Obama Caught LYING about Sequester...


Barack Hussein Obama, our Communist in Chief, was caught in a BALDFACED LIE about the budget sequester that went into effect yesterday.  Fifteen months ago, he was in favor of it, because it would force both sides to make a deal on the budget; rather than face automatic 'cuts' to their beloved programs, both sides would be compelled to make a deal instead-or so went the reasoning.  That didn't happen (no deal was made), so the budget sequester began yesterday.

Leading up to the sequester, the Communist in Chief and the state controlled media (they really ARE an arm of the Obama Administration when they raise NO questions about Benghazi, Obama's original stance on the sequester, etc.) were crying about all the dire consequences that would occur of the sequester took effect; why, the world as we know it would end-oh no!  There's been quite a campaign against the Republicans, so as to make them cave on this; this way, the Communist in Chief (aka Barack Hussein Obama) could get even MORE spending-as if running trillion dollar plus annual budged deficits weren't enough!

What the State controlled media didn't tell you was this: the sequester wouldn't make any REAL cuts; that is to say that government spending would still be more than last year, just not quite as much more.  To put it another way, federal government spending will still be 15 billion MORE than last year!  How is that a cut?  I'll tell you how, and I'll educate you on a dirty little secret in Washington, DC (aka The District of Criminals).

What the federal government does is engage in baseline budgeting.  What this means is that they take last year's budget, then build automatic increases of up to 10% into the new budget.  If a particular budget item is only increased 5% vs. the 10% originally planned, Congress will call this 'a 50% cut'!  I'm serious!  This is how gov't officials can run around talking about 'draconian cuts', meanwhile the budget NEVER, ever decreases year to year.

If you still don't quite 'get' baseline budgeting (who could blame you, since this isn't how YOU do your budgets), I'll put it another way.  It's no different than you buying a new car with a $500/month payment, then getting a $300/month payment and saying you 'saved' $200.  No, you didn't save a dime; you merely spent $200 a month less, but you're overall spending $300 a month more than you had prior to purchasing the new car; all you did was lessen the increased expenditure.  That, in a nutshell, is baseline budgeting.

If you don't believe me WRT the budget numbers, just look at those instruction booklets that come with your tax returns.  Here in the US, we're entering tax season, so you'll either receive them soon or pick them up at your local post office.  April 15th is not far away, folks!  Anyway, in these instruction booklets for your 1040, 1040A, or 1040EZ, they'll have the federal budget in there somewhere; at least they used to.  Compare those numbers year to year, then ask yourself WHY they never seem to go down, even though your Congresscritters always cry about 'spending cuts'.

Now, without further ado, let's watch our-gag-'beloved' Communist in Chief, our Hugo Chavez wannabe, LIE about the budget sequester that began yesterday...

Liar, liar, pants on fire!  Mr. Obama, you and your statist lackeys in the State controlled media no longer have a MONOPOLY on information.  There is this thing called the new media, of which the Internet is a part, so you can no longer hide your lies.  Have a good day now...



ScareCrow said...

"Communist in Chief" - LOL...

Anonymous said...

Paul Elam of A Voice for Men- the biggest conjob in the MRA and disinfo agent


Anonymous said...

Paul Elam, A Voice for Men- the biggest conjob in the MRA and disinfo agent


A short commentary on MRA leaders

The so called "Leaders" of the MRA area are lying to you all. They are telling you that governments make legislation that you HAVE to obey and that they can FORCE you to obey using the police FORCE. This is a lie. They know it is a lie. And they are telling you lies that they know are lies.

The TRUTH is that legislation is NOT LAW and you do not have to obey ANY legislation. Here are links to videos that go into this in detail. This is not a new idea. Many people KNOW that legislation is not law and have been telling you so for a long time.

The excuse offered is usually "well the guvment can hurt you if you do not obey" is just that. An excuse. The only reason that guvments do hurt men who do not obey is because men have TOLERATED these crimes and not formed new courts to put criminals in guvment on trial. Men only have themselves to blame.

Anonymous said...

Ever listen to women conversing? It's never about politics or economics or taxes. It's usually materialistic or superficial personal gossip.
Giving women the vote was the downfall of our democracy, as women are so easy to manipulate. Especially for skilled communist politicians.
White men voted 70% Romney in the last election. Say goodbye to democracy.
George Carlin said the only choice we have left in our illusion of democracy is "will that be paper or plastic?"