12 October 2012

Act Like a Man, Get Treated Like One


Eli Johnson, a stalwart at Mancoat, shared this with us.  He finds examples of women getting their pussy passes revoked, and this is yet another example.  This chick acted like a hellion; she acted like a man, so she was treated like one.  Way to go Mr. Bus Driver!

Women need to be put in their place; they need their pussy passes revoked. Let's hear it for Mr. Bus Driver!


Anonymous said...

video is gone :(

hope you can find it again

Anonymous said...

Awww the video got deleted. :(

Molly said...

Bitch probably deserved it.

Molly said...

I agree with this post. Cheeky women should be put firmly in their place. I never mouth off at men.

The Torch said...

Society would NOT permit this kind of abnoxious behavior from men, why should women get a pass. Too bad he only clocked her once; but notice that she still didn't lose her loud mouth or her attitude.
The driver has my full support; too many urban females of all races have no manners or class because they've been able to get away with this kind of behavior for far too long -- this loudmouth bitch needs a good beatdown or three to change her attitude and learn some manners.

CS said...

Funny how the 'girl card' got played once he treated it/her like she was treating him. Looked like it/she hit him first. Then she/it became fair game.

So typical that bitches use the 'girl card' to get out of spots that their mouth and in this case, fist get them into.

Molly said...


I agree.

And I am a "bitch"!

CS said...

LOL Molly! So you're one of those getting on the bus driver for hitting her after she hit him? Hmmm.... :)

Molly said...

No, CS!

I think he was right to fight back.

I said that.

CS said...

I know Molly. I was kidding, hence the smile icon.

El Bastardo said...

Almost did a post on this. Stuff like this makes me get excited; because I hate little bitches who strike at you because they think you won't do anything. When you do, and firmly lay down the law; she still runs her mouth bragging how she is going to get other men to destroy you via proxy violence.

Ho got what was coming to her!

Molly said...


That is a relief.

Best wishes.

Molly said...

Hi El Bastardo

Thanks for visiting my blog.

I agree completely.

Guys have to stand up and support each other.

Anonymous said...

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Bill C said...

No one will like me for this, but he DID go overboard from what I saw. At first.

After she kept running her mouth and threatened him with jail, I think it would've been perfectly sane and rational to kill the c*nt.
And I would STILL support him getting his job back.

He's 100% correct: You want to be treated like a man, OK - it's on you. But her pride wouldn't let her back down even after she got knocked around, and then she threatened to get OTHERS to harm him, since she was, "just a girl." "Let's you and him fight."

I have the temperament that will eventually get me in trouble.
I decided because of this that if I'm going to go to prison, it's going to be for something worthwhile. Someone assaults me, I'll break every bone in their body. Time permitting, I'll break them multiple times. I'm going to hell for things I've done already; might as well enjoy the trip.

The target being a woman won't slow me down.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Typical male hypocrisy.

Man- stupid c*nt
Woman- "hits man"
Man- "hits woman".
Woman- you can't hit me, I'm a woman.
Man- yea but you stepped up to me like a man so I'm gonna treat you like one...equal rights equal fights. You're a woman so know your place. Women cannot fight men.

So if women can't fight men then why do men treat women like men? Because she's acting like one by getting in your face for calling her a name? So she's a man for getting in your face but she's a girl that can't knock you out? Well which is it? Since you men complain that women act like women when it's convenient for them and then play the " you can't hit me, I'm a woman" but then you men are like "oh, women can't knock me out cause women are weak but if she hits me like a man then I'll treat her like one".
And therein lies the problem

In general men DO NOT want to get knocked out by ANY woman regardless if she was right OR wrong. MOST men do not have the mentality that a woman can beat a man so therein lies the "step up to man, get treated like one".
If in every instance any woman that steps up to a man will get knocked out and that every man can beat every woman then how is she a man? If she's a man then men shouldn't have a problem with getting knocked out by that "man"?
But they do have a problem. So what men are trying to do is put women in their place and if so then men should just say that and stop sugar coating it to make the woman look like she was wrong and he was right for defending himself against a smaller person when he knows damn well that no woman can knock him out. So where's the "oh, he was just defending himself"?

And what makes it even more stupid is once I read a comment on YouTube where this man said he hit a woman because she hit him first. He said he has 2 daughters and if a man hits them, even if his daughters started it, he would knock the man out.
WTF? So....men can hit other women but not your daughter? What happened to equal rights, equal fights? If your daughter is in the wrong, and this goes to all women, then she deserves to get her teeth knocked out.
And that goes to all the men who think their daughter or sister is immune. If you men want equal fights then there should be no favoritism. Watch them get knocked out.
No, I do not care if you teach them right from wrong or if you teach them to walk, act and dress like a lady. There will always be a man that will call her a b*tch, a h*o, sl*t, lesbian, wh*re and they will most definitely try to sleep with her and there ain't nothing you can do about it.

You reap what you sow MEN.

To Molly...Any woman who supports another woman getting knocked out by a man is just playing the " if you can't beat them, join them" card. You don't want to get knocked out either so you blame the woman. You don't want to get raped so you blame the woman. Some man calls you a b*tch so you blame his mother for not teaching him respect. It's a typical female thing.

I bet if a woman knocked her out you wouldn't be so eager to defend her nor would you have blamed either one of them. You probably wouldn't have posted the video.